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Mind your dressing girls

What is it with the crazy dress codes that certain girls have embraced for their nights out? I understand, gone are the days of madness when onlookers would punish indecently dressed babes by stripping them naked, but does that mean that girls have to move half naked as if to celebrate the end of the past era?

I mean whoever said that words like sexy, chic, fashionable, blah, blah, blah means nudity? Seriously, these girls are just so going nuts. On different occasions, I have had to watch a number dressed in annoyingly skimpy ways.

One incident though, made me think …. “She deserved it banaye”.  Well, this babe, came riding on a boda boda to this happening spot at Sheraton Hotel. And as she hopped off, my jaws dropped because I could not believe the sight. In her dress, tiny enough to fit a four year old, she held her head up high, paid off the boda boda dude and started to pad her way to the spot. Please note that her entire body was screaming, “Somebody, please get me out of this dress!” with the hips, evident cellulite on the thighs and backside, all out for optical nutrition for anyone that cared.

Like they say, pride comes before a fall. This girl, slipped just at the entrance and fell, face down leaving everything that was not supposed to be viewed by the public exposed. I cannot begin to express how disgusted and embarrassed I was at what I saw, but I did not feel sorry for her in any way… hell no!

Instead, I kept on hoping that she had learnt her lesson. And this goes out to the rest who lie in this category. It is just too much. Why would a normal human being, with a properly functioning brain, step out in the wrong attire, like ill fitting shoes, wrong under garments, or a dress, skirt, that is so short that it lives nothing to imagination and expect to take liquor, dance vigorously and head back home with the same respect and a good reputation?

I just do not get it. This is an era where women are exposed to lots of fashion trends, hence dressing according to one’s body type or mixing ideas to get one appealing look should not be such a hard task. But this business of spotting a babe in an open back dress with the entire bra out is simply ridiculous. Or one dressed up in a dress top as a dress alone and boldly coupling it with high heels is just insane. Whatever happened to leg wear, or proper under garments? And why insist on wearing something if it just does not favour your body type or situation? I’m all up for confidence and all but some people just take it too far.

And I wonder, do they ever wonder what such maddening appearances can do to them or those around them? Eeeish, and why persist when there are several other clothes that can play the trick?

I believe that if worn right, anything, short or long can exude class and decency. It is a pity that many girls are lacking the logic lately and find joy in making most of us go “eeewwww!” each time they step out. I hope that they may continue to get lessons like the Sheraton babe, until their senses come back, that is if they keep on being big headed and forget that revealing too much is not the best way to make heads turn for the right reasons, I mean!

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