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Competition is good


They say when a community succumbs to good competition, the consumers can smile their way to quality goods and services at affordable prices while the big guys in the concerned sectors hassle out their issues and egos to stay at the top of the game.

Sometimes when I see such happening, I can’t help but get overjoyed and wearing a consistent killer grin. I mean who doesn’t love variety? Who doesn’t love stuff at affordable prices? Who does not relish the idea of seeing a company that once monopolised a particular sector panicking and sweating to introduce packages and services that favour both the loaded, half loaded and not-so loaded guys in order to deal with the pressure?

First it was the telecommunications sector. We had the so called big boys stressing us with expensive call rates, service fee and expensive phones all in the name of mobile technology. By then, holding a Nokia 5310, 3310 or any other that was has heavy as a brick felt like heaven on earth, regardless of the expensive maintenance costs. But, look at the situation now: We have cheap rates, no service fee, free calls, calls on credit, affordable phones, cheap Internet services, what can I say?

Keeping in touch is a fun affair of late. Enjoying a good TV viewing experience coupled with a variety of interesting programmes came at a high cost too, creating a huge headache as far as television is concerned. Of course watching the same old boring line up from the then existent local stations created need for variety.  It came to us finally like manna from heaven.

And my, oh my! Weren’t the high costs intimidating? In the end, being exposed to a variety of channels became an affair for the loaded guys to handle. I mean, remember dem days when each time one passed by a house, gate and saw a satellite dish hanging high up at the corner or in one’s compound, it would immediately evoke thoughts like that is a rich family who live a lavish lifestyle.

And even with the grievances of having too much, sometimes a bunch of irrelevant channels staring at you in the face coupled with the high monthly subscription exposed to us, we succumbed all in the name of variety and status. The so called monopolistic company then enjoyed sheer comfort until competition kicked in, offering variety at affordable prices. They have now woken up and are introducing packages to suit all sectors!

So now, tell me, with the ever evolving Pay TV companies, how can one say, that they cannot afford to have Pay TV in their homes? And the cool offers keep coming.

Take an example of one of the Pay TV compnaies that has recently joined the family and is adding a new twist by having a competition for the viewers.  I mean, sometimes a little bit of  difference is all that one needs to spice up their life at home, work, name it and what better way than to have fun while watching exciting programmes?

I mean now more than ever, one does not have to stick up to any form of annoyances since they can have the option of paying for what they actually need to watch in the comfort of their own homes at their convenience.
I think minus the high cost of living that has had a number going bananas to the extent of pulling crazy stunts like walking to work, intended hunger strike protests as if the bodies that are being stressed out in the process are not theirs, I like the direction that my country is heading to, in terms of the development of sectors. I sure longed for such opportunities and now that they are here, let s enjoy people!

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