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Accidental Husband


Whenever there’s a vengeance mission, people get hurt especially when it concerns matters of the heart. But New York fire-fighter Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) had no idea that his revenge towards a love expert Dr Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) would leave him regretting. No wonder, he is quick to act when thanks to her (Dr Emma) his seemingly idyllic life goes up in smoke and he is jilted. When Patrick finalises his revenge plot, Emma gets entangled in a dangerous love triangle without knowing that one of the men is out for revenge. Before long she learns that even an expert of love needs a second opinion but unluckily she can’t seem to get one and has to listen to her heart. The title of this movie gives away almost half of the plot so as it ends, it leaves you with mixed feelings. There are no twists so you can watch, walk away without pausing come back and continue and still get it. This is one of those romantic movies whose comic aspect fails and you shouldn’t go out of your way to hunt for a copy.

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