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Mc Percy to be introduced

Yes, we’re talking about Club Silk long-time Mc Percy. After over eight years of entertaining patrons at the dance spot, Percy has something to show. Sources close to the emcee told us that he recently completed construction of a residential house somewhere in Busega and also recently acquired a second hand Toyota Kibina. And after all that, Percy is taking another big step; the veteran emcee is making his love life official.

Percy is set to be introduced by long-time girlfriend identified as Jenny Kijjambu. Kijjambu is set to officially introduce Percy to her parents in Kampala on August 29. When contacted, Percy confirmed the allegations and further stressed that “all is set.” Percy, the 411 team is surely waiting for their invites!

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Pras not supporting fellow Fugee Wyclef for Haiti Presidency

Wyclef Jean’s presidential bid in Haiti is receiving criticism from his childhood friend and fellow Fugees bandmate, Pras. The Haitian-born musician says he will not back Jean because he lacks a definitive plan to bring the island nation into the 21st century. “You’ve got 1.2 million people living in tent city right now. What are the plans to get these people out,” Pras said of the survivors of the Jan. 12 earthquake. Pras plans to support Jean’s opponent, Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, who he said is better suited to run the country.

“He’s more popular in Haiti than Wyclef,” said Pras. Jean’s publicist, Leslie Chasky, didn’t immediately return a telephone call Friday night seeking a response to Pras’ comments. Jean is currently regarded as the front-runner in the country’s Nov. 28 election. But he has come under scrutiny since officially announcing his candidacy Thursday. Actor Sean Penn has accused Jean of not spending enough time in Haiti after the quake and misappropriating $400,000 of the $9 million his charity, Yele Haiti, raised after the disaster. Jean told The Associated Press on Thursday: “I just want Sean Penn to fully understand I am a Haitian, born in Haiti and I’ve been coming to my country ever since (I was) a child.” Pras said that Jean uses a private jet for his frequent trips to Haiti and that he wonders why Jean doesn’t take a commercial flight, since the money saved can help displaced families.

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Doctors order Bebe to quit booze

With tension rising and so much to do, doctors always instruct one to be as relaxed as possible. But that was not possible for singer Bebe Cool who had to run up and about to perform while he was in charge of organising some of his album shows in Mukono, Jinja and Luwero.

Shortly, before his Jinja show that was held the previous  weekend, Bebe had been hospitalised for over a week. When Bebe went back to Mayo Clinic for medication a few weeks to the Jinja concert, doctors ordered the singer to stop drinking lest he risked breaking down even before his long waited Agenze concerts.

You will not believe, but Bebe adhered to the doctor’s directive and he has not touched anything alcoholic for the past three weeks. In fact, we bumped into the singer at Steak Out last week and he gave us the sqoop that he will never drink again! But while we choose to follow the cliché that ‘only time will tell,’ for now we consider Bebe’s move a great one. 

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Dancing for dimes ha’s the name of your dance troupe? Kika Troupe.

Why did you decide to call it Kika?
Kika means a clan so I chose the name because I was going to deal with people from different tribes and speaking different languages, so we are a new big, clan.

So what exactly do you do as Kika Troupe?
We perform and entertain and ours is based on cultural music and dances of Uganda. But unlike other traditional and cultural groups, Kika has decided not to be arrested by the boundaries of tradition so we are taking on a contemporary approach.

So you’ve been selling Uganda using culture and dance, what are some of the countries you’ve been to?
The biggest event that sticks out is our tour in Japan when we played at a dome full of  about 3,000 people in a place called Fukuoka and we had to share the stage with some of the best drum groups in the whole world because we also do drums. That was in 2008. The others were in Thailand and England.  We were invited as curtain-raisers but ended up competing because we were a fresh offering to the world stage.

So when did your start Kika?
2004 after leaving Ndere Troupe.

Tell us about the birth of Kika; how were you able to start it in terms of financial s and human resources?
After playing with Ndere, I discovered much more I would do with the traditional instruments and music of Uganda. Ndere had its own way of work and limits and they were not about to move anywhere beyond what they did so I decided to quit. I began a small project as a solo drummer at university where I was pursuing my degree in dance and I was picked on by Norwegian students who loved my rhythms on an exchange programme. They were drummers in Norway so they advised me to form a company under which they would help me so they took me and I played at different clubs and got some little money.

How much money did you get?
I got about $500 (about Sh1m) and came back with about $400 (about Shs800,000); spent some and was left with Shs150,000. So I went back to Ndere and informed friends of my dreams and what I expected to achieve and some of them joined me and we began our struggle but within two weeks we had no money. I had Shs10,000 left and I used this to borrow drums and transport them for our first gig. Milton Wabyona, of Heritage Roots of Uganda gave us the drums and costumes for a month. Every show we got earned us not more than Shs200,000 and yet I needed more drummers and dancers and had to pay members.

So how much would you pay each of the members?
Well, I would pay each member Shs3,000 and they never wanted to come back but I told them that they had to believe in the dream so I also had to borrow money from my father. He was so cross with me; he told me that I had gone ahead to do a wrong course yet I had passed well but as a father, he rethought and supported me. When I performed for Shs200,000 he would add Shs300,000 for me to cater for my members in order for them not to leave.

Where were you playing at the time?
For the first year I played at Ridar hotel in Seeta where I used to be paid Shs100,000 every Sunday yet I had to hire machines which used to cost me Shs200,000. I used to get them from Wandegeya so I had to hire a pick-up for Shs50,000 and then  two taxis to transport troupe members which cost me Shs80,000, as they had to wait for us to perform and transport us back to town. This was killing me and at one point I thought it wouldn’t work.

So what kept you going?
Each single time I thought like throwing in the towel something encouraged me to hold onto the dream, at least for one day. I had to stay standing no matter what happened.

So when was the turning point?
For the first year I wanted to be  like Ndere, but I realised  we were not going to get anywhere by trying to be Ndere. So in the second year, I decided to become new, by trying to become more contemporary using the energy I had because I was younger than all the other directors of groups around. So if I managed not to look like Ndere, Samads and Tebifanana Abifuna then I would get better and fresher.

How much were you charging at that time your troupe got reloaded?
I was charging Shs500,000 for a gig. In 2007, we came up with a new style which we called rhythms of Uganda. In 2008 we staged a show at KCC Grounds called Rhythm Uganda, where we showcased all different drums of Uganda. Things have never been the same again.

So how much would it cost someone to hire Kika today?
For a wedding in Kampala it’s Shs1.5m, graduation Shs1.2m but for unique functions like Goat Races where we are set to perform it’s Shs2.8m.

So have you increased the members pay?
Yeah but they are classified differently.  I have students for whom I pay school fees, accommodation and feeding but after a show they get Shs5,000 and then a monthly salary.   

What’s your advice to fellow young people?
This is Africa and we still have a lot of space to chase dreams but many people are lazy and want free things which are very expensive. It’s important to stand up and discover the dream in them.

Still dreaming?
I am putting up Kika Performing Centre in Kitende with professional sounds, a theatre, and we are moving there in November.

Audi A1
If you asked me to sum up the Audi A1, I would simply say stylish, chic and sophisticated. It may be the smallest Audi in the range but this sporty three-door Audi’s answer to the likes of the Mini and March- is every bit as good as it looks. The A1 is a premium hatchback with a high class interior, superb build quality and impressive refinement. Like most and the biggest comparison being with the Mini, they are quite a number of similarities but the A1 walks a slightly different path with a more aggressive style and cutting edge interior. Plus, like most small cars of this ilk, there’s plenty of scope for personalisation with different contrasting roof line options and a wide range of accessories. The quality and style that Audi has able to bring to the small car market, along with great handling, means the Audi A1 is a cut above its competitors and makes this highly desirable yet cheap to run hatchback a great choice. Standard features include alloy wheels, air conditioning, single CD audio system and ESP with latest differential lock system. Features common to the SE, Sport and S line options available will include alloy wheels, remote central locking, air conditioning, electric front windows and mirrors and a six-speaker single CD audio system with auxiliary iPod connection linked to a 6.5-inch retractable display. Audi hasn’t skimped on standard kit either, making the A1 good value for money. A used audi A1 goes for about Shs13m.

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K’naan’s Wavin Flag Vs Akon’s Oh Africa

When you hear the words to K’naan’s monster jam, Wavin Flag, you would wonder how in the world people come up with such meaningless lyrics.
But Akon’s Oh Africa is much worse. Sounds like nursery rhymes to me! However those two songs have come to represent the kivulu of bivulus Africa has even thrown…the World Cup! However K’naan’s Wavin Flag obliterates Akon’s Oh Africa which features Keri Hilson, to the extent that Wavin Flag has now many remixes…including a Lingala one!
How then are the videos? K’naan’s features great scenery and the aspect of people waving flags, giving it a festive-like look to it. The only problem is that there are too many remixes of the song each having their own video, making it hard for one to have just that one video to remember the song by!
Oh Africa has good paint work in the video creating a beautiful background and giving it an African feel. The inclusion of the Soweto choir in the video adds that African feel to it but not a football feel. I guess it’s because Oh Africa technically wasn’t a World Cup song, but for many the perception was that it was.
Good songs. Good videos but then again K’naan’s is simply for….“World Cup!”

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Mazda MX-5 Miata

When the Mazda Miata was introduced in 1990, it was nothing less than the rebirth of the affordable two-seat sports car. MX-5 Miata is a two-door, two-passenger convertible sports car, available in two trims, the Cloth and the LS. Over the years, the car maker has improved what now is a fun, supremely capable, well-engineered car that starts every time and runs forever. It’s been thoroughly updated twice, including a full remake in 2006.

Quality, solidity and safety gear were upgraded in the 2006 re-do, but its lighthearted spirit was kept intact. The attracting feature on the baby sporty car is what Mazda calls the Power Retractable Hard Top, or PRHT, which features a solid roof that lowers in seconds at the touch of a button, just like those found on pricey two-seaters from Mercedes and Cadillac.

It provides the advantages of a hardtop overhead, with reduced wind and road noise and a sense of increased security and solidity, yet folds down completely out of sight for stylish cruising. MX-5 Miata, soft top or hard top, still puts a big grin on your face whether you’re on a twisty road or just cruising down to the hardware store to pick up some molly bolts. Fun is what the Mazda MX-5 made its reputation on, and that’s exactly what it delivers. This is a car to love if you are about class and economy and might spend no more than Shs50m.

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R Kelly didn’t know Uganda

When R Kelly was told he was to perform in Uganda, he thought it was a big stadium somewhere in South Africa.

An insider in Zain told Sqoop that the legendary singer was excited on finding out he was wanted to perform in Africa for the third time in a short period, but he didn’t know that Uganda is a country.


“His last trip was to South Africa, and the country was on his mind. He asked if the stadium called Uganda was as big as those in Johannesburg,” said the source whom we met at the Zain-organised Pursuit of Journalistic Excellence workshop held at Kati Kati last Friday.

The source, however, says R Kelly was told Uganda was an independent country and he was happy to know he was to perform in yet another African country.

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Mase Consult upgrades

When former Celtel marketer Joseph Masembe, returned from a kyeyo stint in the UK, he surely didn’t expect a quick rise. But just a year into the experiential marketing business, Masembe has managed to scoop good deals under his Mase Consult.

Mase was the company behind the Guinness 250 years celebrations. The same company did the Senator beer country activations. As you read this, Mase recently took over Pilsner Lager activations. And this time round, Mase was not the same; Masembe took some time off and showed us some of his new acquisitions.

We came to understand that during his recent trip to the UK, Masembe acquired a strong PA system and strong stage lights. Masembe put his new acquisitions to use during the Pilsner Fresher’s Ball held at Mak last weekend. During an exclusive chat with the Mase boss, we also learnt that he’s headed to China where he will shop for more sound and stage facilities. Way to go!  

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Have Zuena, Barbie defied hubbies?

What we have here folks is a beautiful photo of Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie and Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena together – so pay close attention because some of these stories can get a little interesting!

As you may all know, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool are not friends and they have been trying to keep their wives far from each other. Um, in case you need to jog your memory, check the Sqoop of October 2.

Bebe Cool said Barbie was friends with his wife and he wanted her to help talk to Zuena return home but Bobi stopped him.
Bobi was also furious, in the interview, saying he didn’t want Bebe Cool to involve his wife into his family matters.

Since then, Bobi and Bebe have been at loggerheads insulting each other on different occasions.

But we don’t think the ladies feel the same about each other – rather, they got friendly again at the Beenie Man show at Kyadondo Rugby Club on Saturday.

As their husbands exchanged hot words on stage and avoided crossing each others paths, Barbie and Zuena were having a good time. Sharing jokes and laughing together. Someone could pick a leaf from them.

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Bidandi ssali rejects yellow cake

Well, we are aware of the fact that Taata Bebe Cool, Hon. Jaberi Bidandi Ssali quit the ruling NRM party, but we thought the emotions could have limits. 

Well, Hon. Bidandi, the Peoples Progressive Party leader is not one you will catch associating with anything close to the NRM party. Forget about being friends with a couple of the party members, Bidandi hates anything that bears the NRM features.

We were shocked when we received the Sqoop that Hon. Bidandi chose to stay hungry during a recent kwanjula ceremony of Farouk Kirunda, Minister Daudi Migereko’s secretary, held in Lugazi. Bidandi’s decision came after seeing the cake was designed in form of the NRM party symbol of a yellow bus popularly known as the Movement Bus.

On seeing the cake, Bidandi’s facial appearance switched from a smile to a frown and he swore not to taste even a crumb of the cake. However after prolonged pleas from the likes of Gen Kale Kayihura, Minister Daudi Migereko, Bidandi got a very small crumb of the inside brown part of the cake and ate.

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Kato Lubwama to open new theatre

Well, looks like the re-opening of CBS FM is taking a little too long. Being the hustlers they are, some of the employees of the radio station that was closed during the Kayunga riots about two months ago have started getting innovative by venturing into other businesses.

First was Abbey Mukiibi who took the popular Buganda quiz show Omumeganyi to NBS TV. The show where the winner takes a land title and a well furnished house by Jomayi Property consultants is currently running on NBS, though it’s not as famous as it was while on CBS FM. In the meantime, the latest scoop we received indicates that actor Kato Lubwama, who is also a former CBS presenter. is also not just sitting and waiting  for CBS radio to reopen. 

Kato Lubwama is set to take his stage work to another level by opening up a new theatre. According to a reliable source, Kato was recently sub-leased a huge hall on a building located along Martin road adjacent to Metro FM.

“He (Kato) recently kick started renovations and already has theatre equipment which are ready to be fitted in,” the source added.

Kato Lubwama needs no introduction in the theatre world. The Diamonds Production boss has owned two theatres before; Riverside theatre formerly behind the defunct Kyaggwe Road primary and Cooper Theatre, near the Old Taxi park. The stories of both theatres leave one wondering how long Kato’s new theatre will last.

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WBS’ Nambaziira pops a tot

Welcome, dear readers. In this news item, Nuliat Nambaziira is the proud mother of a bouncing baby boy. The WBS TV news anchor gave birth last week on  Wednesday night at Mulago Hospital and her husband Hajji Abbas Ssemujju was at hand to show her and the new baby some love.
Don’t we sound like Nambaziira during one to those news bulletins?

Anyway, Ssemujju married Nambaziira following his controversial break-up with another journalist Lamula Nandugga, who worked for Voice of Africa radio.

Nambaziira and Ssemujju tied the knot in December 2009 leaving Nandugga cold, disappointed and heartbroken. And you can understand – because it seems like the TV lady was already pregnant, eh?

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Sheila a now full timer at Kasangati

We’ve always known that Sheila Kangwagye is more than just a publicist. And her versatility doesn’t end
on publicising airtime but food too. We also want to think she is a good manager too given the fact that her mother has trusted her with the family restaurant, Kasangati Resort. We want to reveal that Sheila, who quit MTN Uganda a few weeks ago, has taken the general manager post at her parents’ resort.

She is now works full time atthe place where two of her othersiblings are the junior bosses.You may think that running a family business is less demanding but Sheila is not one to rest on her laurels and she’s putting the name she made with MTN to good use; she contacts the people she conducted business with at MTN to come and support her at Kasangati. She has also made the place popular amongst her friends that almost all of them go there for lunch and dinner.

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Mamas go to Nigeria, againMamas go to Nigeria, again

We’re struggling to hold back the tears… Uganda has missed out on hosting the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) 2010 after the organisers decided to take the event back to Nigeria, according to a reliable source. Remember we were the first to tell you about the meeting between MTV base president Alex Okosi and the awards sponsors Zain, now under Bharti Air-tel on a possible Kampala event.

Well, the meeting which took place in Kampala a few weeks ago had the sponsors and organisers agreeing that the awards go to Lagos, Nigeria and they would come to Kampala in 2011. The reason for the move is, according to the source, majorly because Nigeria is a bigger market compared to Uganda and Bharti want to have a bigger impact as it launches in Africa. The awards ceremony will take place later this year at the Victoria Island in Lagos. Meanwhile, a selection of international stars will perform in different countries including Uganda as they promote the 2010 Mamas. We’ll keep you posted.

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Kabaka outsells Obama

We’re not talking politics here because Kabaka is not political, so may all the politicians leave the room.
Alright, a source at Aristoc Bookshop informs us that Charles Peter Mayiga’s book King on the Throne is proving to be the bestseller in Uganda at the moment.

The book that reveals the inner details of what goes on inside Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s life and empire is said to be on top followed by Barack Obama’s Audacity of Hope in terms of sales.

“We’ve not had a Ugandan book sell like this in a long while,” said the source at Aristoc adding that people have even nicknamed Kabaka as “the boss” as it’s written in the book.

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Bebe and Zuena: Are they fooling us?

We’re a bit confused here and we need either Bebe Cool or Zuena to clear the air for us. Firstly, we were eager to see Zuena come on stage at Kyadondo to declare that she is officially back with Big is Big, like the shows adverts promised, in vain.

But just before we concluded that it was another hoax for Bebe Cool to get in as many people as possible, the beautiful Zuena went and threw us a curveball which we’re still trying to figure out. She rushed backstage after the show and first had a sweet chat with Bebe Cool before driving off.

But guess who she left the venue with? Bebe Cool’s Kenyan companions Nazizi and Wyre!
We understand, Zuena drove the Kenyan singers to their residence on Bebe Cool’s request and to make matters more interesting Omunene followed them in his Baffudde Range Rover.

Now, we want to know, did Zuena come to help as just a friend; a wife who is back or a chauffeur of sorts? Over to you, Zuena! For the moment all we have for you is the pictorial evidence.

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Bebe invites Bobi to Kiwatule

We told you the verbal exchange just started; following last week’s Sqoop where singer Bobi Wine attacked Bebe Cool for publicising the foundation of his apartment, Bebe promptly called us and fired back.

“I wanna give that bigmouthed boy a Christmas present. Let him just visit my site in Kiwatule. Work is moving at rocket speed and I’m yet to start on my first floor. I’m operating like a real big-sized company, so he should visit and know how heavy my pockets are,” Bebe said. Bebe further bragged that he’s building a real mansion and not something that looks like a mansion.

When contacted, Bobi welcomed the invite and said that he’s glad to be inspiring an artiste like Bebe; “No disrespect, but we were really facing some kind of unknown humiliation for Bebe not to own a house. His [Bebe’s] house construction is moving at rocket speed because it had to come before mine, but I built mine eight years ago,” Bobi added.

Whether Bobi is serious about honouring Bebe’s invitation is something we’re yet to witness.

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Club owner in trouble over huge loans (Patrick Lubowa, Club Palui)

We rarely do this, but for cases such as this particular one, we request that we reserve some details until further notice.

We recently received the Sqoop that a nightclub owner whose first name starts with P, is on the verge of losing his business over a huge loan.

According to a close friend to P, the club owner is said to have borrowed huge sums of money and made a try at organising concerts. “He paid all musicians before the show, but not even 100 people turned up for the show,” the source said.

The source further revealed that loan sharks have since taken over P’s business as he looks for money to clear the loan. As you read this P is allegedly left with just a few days to clear the loan or he loses his shares in the nightclub. In the meantime P’s business partners have turned a deaf ear.

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Desire Luzinda chucked at 4 a.m.

We love seeing people fall in love, so our keyboard is wet with tears as we write this. Why? Desire Luzinda is so heartbroken after being chucked by her boyfriend Ken!

We discovered this as we drove home after watching Big is Big Vs Mazzi Mawanvu, where Luzinda herself was among the curtain-raisers on Friday. On our way home, as we approached Naalya, we spotted Desire standing by the road side.

As we prepared to walk up to her and ask what was wrong, there came a green car which parked and a sobbing Desire entered.

We couldn’t follow them because that would be stalking but we stayed behind and investigated the matter. A relia

ble source close to Desire told us that there had been a fight at Desire and Ken’s house.

The source doesn’t know what caused the fight but says the pair exchanged insults and blows before Ken told Desire to leave and never go back to him. “She was crying and said she had been beaten up,” said the source.

However, when we checked with Kiira Road police, Desire had not filed any case. Looks like we might not here Desire Luzinda sing her Nze Niina Omwami, her duet with Ngoni in the near future.

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Bebe Cool insists Zuena returns today

We don’t know who to believe and who to doubt! A few weeks ago, Bebe Cool told us that Zuena is set to return to their marital home today.

However, a few days back, Zuena assured us that she didn’t know of any such arrangements with Bebe. But during TV and radio interviews last week, Bebe emphasised that Zuena will be publicly accepting his apology during his album launch concert at Kyadondo Rugby Club later today.
“We’ve discussed all our differences and everything is okay now. It’s time for all critics to shut up because Zuena returns home at Kyadondo Rugby Club show,” Bebe said in an assuring tone. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

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Kenyans ‘œforgiv’ Akon

We could do a remix of Akon’s Mama Africa here; boys and girls sing with us… Nairobi can you feel it? Alright, a source at our sister paper in Kenya, Daily Nation, tells us Kenyans have “forgiven” Akon. Our neighbours had vowed to boycott any future Akon shows in Nairobi after he dodged performing in Nairobi on three different occasions last year.

Akon made the Kenyan promoters cancel his concert on three attempts before performing in Uganda, on a third attempt by Zain (then Celtel Uganda). However, Akon has been confirmed by MTV as the latest US superstar to sign up for the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) with Zain and the Kenyans can’t wait to watch him perform in the country for the very first time.

The Senegalese-American multi-platinum artiste and producer is set to headline at the 2009 MAMA Awards in Nairobi, Kenya on 10, October, performing alongside Wyclef Jean and a host of Africa’s celebrated contemporary artistes like Wahu, Batman Samini and our own Blu3. Wyclef and Akon performed separately in Uganda last year, both courtesy of Zain, and they had fantastic concerts. DJ Benny D who came with each of them will also be in Nairobi. So much to see on stage at the Mama awards!

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We clearly know that The Friday Nyte out with Sqoop is no longer news! But the event organisers, UG Records and Daily Monitor have some sqoop for you. You can get into Kampala’s flyest party free of charge.

The first 150 guests will access the party at Blu Haze Bar next to Steak Out Bar this evening free of charge by just flashing a copy of today’s Sqoop magazine at the entrance. 200 regular contributors to Sqoop through email and texts, have also won themselves free tickets to tonight’s event – it surely pays to be part of the Sqoop family. In addition, party goers will have a chance to get sqoop from the night’s star performers that include GNL, Bobi Wine, Grace, Estar, the Nu Lyfe Dancers as well as the hosts Zuena and Richard of Theatre Factory.

Meanwhile the Sqoop team is also looking forward to getting Sqoop live from all of you. There will also be photo opportunities for you to become a celeb for a day on top of taking pics with other celebs. In case you’re late, 5k is still not a lot of money to be part of Kampala’s flyest night ever! See you there!

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We are a Gospel group of five young men: Lincoln, Gilbert, Dannie, Steven and Ssendy. We all started out in the same high school (St. Lawrence Creamland campus) in 2003 miming and dancing to the then contemporary R n’ B dancehall music till when we all left high school at the same time and looking at the competitive music industry we decided to take our ministry to another level by recording two videos and our very first album at Goodenuff studios with a hit single Byonna “Biblical.”

This got us to big stages, performing with stars like Kirk Franklin, Papa San among others in Nairobi and Dar es alaam, also getting us to the two time best gospel group Buzz Awards 2007/2008. We appreciate the great works of our good Lord who does great and mighty things. Stay blessed. We are all currently employed and we like reading, music and swimming among other thing.
One luv.

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Prince Wasajja seen at campus

We always find it quite hard when we have to write about the royals, especially in the Kabaka’s lineage.

This time round we bring you sqoop about Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s younger brother, Prince David Wasajja. We received sqoop that the gregarious Buganda prince has been a regular at Makerere University in the recent past.

In fact during a visit at the campus sometime last week, we happened to bump into Prince Wasajja moving from the main building to the main library with a black bag that seemed like a laptop bag.

We are yet to establish whether the social prince is pursuing further studies at MAK or if he is simply carrying out some research. However, for now, in case you bump into the prince with campusers, don’t get shocked!

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Nabakooba feels a pothole pain

We all agree, Kampala may very soon become popular for its monster potholes but there is an interesting twist to this theory – actually there are areas outside Kampala with worse potholes than the ones in the city.
For instance, there are huge potholes in a town called Kyengeza in Mpigi district – if you’re arguing please ask the police spokesperson Ms Judith Nabakooba.
Why her?
Because she tasted the mercilessness of one of these potholes just a few days ago and she has been telling a few friends about it.
The famous policewoman had gone for duty in the area when her car got stuck in the water-filled pothole, which could pass for a little lake.
The pothole is in the middle of the road and cars usually struggle to pass, according to witnesses/residents.
Her escorts and other good samaritans came to her rescue by pushing the police car (registration number UP 1342) out of danger.
After about 25 minutes, the car was out and everybody was sweating including Nabakooba, who – mind you – never got to push the car

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Chameleone, Bebe, Good Lyfe US tour

Violence and a war of words is what comes to one’s mind when artistes Jose Chameleone or Bebe Cool come face to face with the Good Lyfe duo of Mowzey and Weasel. At least that’s what crossed our minds when we learnt that Good Lyfe kicked off a tour in USA last week, and Bebe and Chameleone are also on their way to the US.
In fact Bebe, who will also undergo further treatment in Boston, left the country earlier this week. According to reliable sources, Bebe will first hold a couple of shows before he goes for treatment. Meanwhile Chameleone will also be leaving next week to kick off a tour that will last him a couple of weeks. 
All the above artistes are expected to attend the UNAA Convention that is due next weekend. While, the organisers of the annual event are excited, they are also aware of the possible brawl that might come out of the Chameleone, Bebe and Good Lyfe rendezvous! Our sources are on ground and will surely feel us in!

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Friday Nyte out with Sqoop

VENUE: Blu Haze
EVENT: Friday Nyte Out with Sqoop

THE DEAL: Celebs entertaining and partying with Sqoop readers.

The Nu Lyfe dancers entertain the audience. 

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Pallaso not happy with Weasel

Until 2007, we knew him as Pius Lizard, a younger crooning brother to singers Jose Chameleone as well as Weasel. However, Lizard changed his name to Pallaso after he had settled in the US. Well, things have not been all smooth for Pallaso, who was recently released from prison after serving a two-year jail tenure. Pallaso is back on his feet and is still doing music. In fact Pallaso is an in-house name in Maine, a state in US. However, during an exclusive conversation this week, Pallaso told us that he was not happy with his brother Weasel. “During my prison term, my entire family was there for me. They called to know how I was doing and almost all of them contributed to my bail fee, apart from Weasel! Even my younger brother, AK47 went out of his way and sent me Shs2m!” Pallaso said. The younger Mayanja told us that the only time Weasel called him, “He was bragging about his fame and money. He told me he was so big back in Uganda and was making a lot of money. But that’s as far as he (Weasel) could help me, even when he knew I needed money for my bail. Him and I went through a lot me because we are close in age,” Pallaso said.
Pallaso said that he was very hurt by his brother’s braggart behaviour, but insisted he still loves him! “I’m happy he recently sent me $200 (Shs440,000). I love him and all my family and I wish them the best.” 

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Ugandan TV opens in London

Ugandans in London missing Ugandan TV will soon be a fairytale because a Ugandan television station is set to open in London. The station called UGTV goes on air at the end of this month, according to reliable sources in the Queen’s land.

The station will run local Ugandan programmes with footage recorded in Uganda and transported there for airing. The city of London has been buzzing with excited Ugandans given that the station owners have promised to air entertainment and other social activities like sports as they happen here at home.

The station will also have local news aired in Luganda and Swahili as well as English among other languages. We have heard that will also promote tourism and encourage those who have not been back home in so many years to return and invest.

The other good news is that the station is also looking for employees and they should apply online at How about that!

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Bebe cool shot

Top Ugandan reggae musician Bebe Cool a.k.a Moses Sali who was shot at a city hangout on Saturday night is still at Nsambya Hospital.

Bebe Cool underwent surgery on sunday night on both of his legs which were shattered both his legs.
The accounts of the shooting at Effendys, a popular city hangout in Centenary Park, are still contradicting.

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Theres’ a back up plan

Title: Back Up Plan
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Alex O’Loughlin, Eric Christian Olsen, Michaela Watkins, Anthony Anderson
Directed by: Alan Poul
Running time: 98 minutes
Genre: comedy, romance
Starts showing at Cineplex Cinema tonight

Multi-talented singer, fashion designer, dancer, record producer and actress J.Lo this time teams up with Alex O’Loughlin whom she falls in love with. It has been a long time coming till she meets the man of her dreams. Even then, caution has to be taken and after escapades of wild sex, it so happens that J.Lo who acts as Zoe gets pregnant but chooses to keep it her secret though not for long. And this becomes the comedy of errors as she tries hard to hide it from Stan. Little does she know that this is the piece of news that could lead Stan to fully commit to the relationship. And when they get into it, it is a test for them as there is much to discover about each beyond the birth preparation drama.
But do they have to follow the traditional sequence- fall in love, get married and have a baby? It will be fun for any young couple watching this movie that tries to add humour to the tale as Zoe and Stan explore dating, love, marriage and family in another order.

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Give back to Bobi

This year has been for Bobi Wine and one of my favourite songs is Obululu. It’s a good song which encourages us to have peaceful elections come 2011. No musician has done it yet but it’s only him so he needs an applause from the public to go in big numbers today at Hotel Africana. The E.C boss Dr. Badru Kiggundu should be the first person to arrive at the show because Bobi is doing his work in the song. Afande Kayihura tell all your departments to be there. The people of Owino Market should remember when Bobi gave them a whooping Shs10m when they lost property. All streets like Ben Kiwanuka, Burton, should lead to Africana today when Bobi is lauching Mr Money. All people in Workers House, Uganda House, Crested Towers, all arcades like Mutaasa Kafeero should have people in Africana. All Makerere Alumni should be represented. Bobi has sung about politics, health, education and so many things and so he needs our support for his good art. see there.

Ben Ssebuguzi, Ntinda

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Bobi Wine dragged to court over trespass

This might not be good news for all Bobi Wine fans, especially after his successful album launch, but we have to let you know. As he still plans to reinstate the vandalised sections of his One Love Beach, Bobi Wine just got another hurdle to jump at his most recent recreation venture.

The hurdle comes in form of a court case where the Ghetto President will have to answer to allegations of trespass on a one Christopher Mukasa Kisitu’s land.

The sqoop is that Mr Mukasa who is represented by his daughter Lydia Kisitu, recently dragged Bobi to court over allegations that the singer is illegally trespassing on their land situated on Block 273, plot number 2585, Kyadondo along Busabala-Kazi.

The said land is part of Bobi’s One Love Beach. Bobi who was busy with his album launch concerts rubbished the claims referring to them as “absolute lies.”

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Bobi escapes shooting

Think of all the nightmare scenarios that went through Buchaman’s head as an armed man fired in the air and threatened to shoot him while Bobi Wine was on the run. Let’s bring you up to speed now: Bobi Wine was involved in a brawl with a soldier only identified as Corporal Wasswa at Chogm Pub in Namuwongo last weekend.

Wasswa is a bodyguard to Makindye Division deputy RDC Mulowooza Kayondo and he had gone to Chogm Bar for Bobi Wine’s mini concert. However, the army man confronted Bobi Wine for smoking at the pool table, according to a source at the scene.

The source says that Wasswa “ordered” Bobi Wine to drop the stick because the RDC was in the vicinity and deserved some respect but Bobi Wine told Wasswa to leave him alone because even the RDC had come to see him (Bobi).

A scuffle ensued and the singer who is also a part-time boxer did what you think he did sending the officer flying from around 20-ft to the ground.

As Wasswa was rushed to the hospital, one of his colleagues came with a cocked gun and started firing in the air and Bobi took off through the fire exit at the bar, which is located 100 metres away from our offices.

The Mazzi Mawanvu singer even abandoned his Toyota Surf at the scene, leaving a hapless Buchaman behind but revellers rallied behind Buchaman who was later helped away from the scene. Bobi Wine’s car was taken to Kabalagala but we’re yet to hear of anything like lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the story from Bobi’s camp is that soldiers shot at Bobi Wine simply because he had refused to greet their boss, the Deputy RDC of Makindye. Bobi Wine’s Manager, Lawrence Labeja,says that the soldiers were drinking and looked drunk. “At first, they were friendly, but when Bobi refused to go and greet the RDC, the soldiers became very angry and stormed out of the pub. When they returned, they had guns and started shooting at Bobi,” Labeja says.

Bobi and other Fire Base crew members scampered for dear life, Labeja narrated. According to Labeja, Bobi Wine didn’t abandon his car but the soldiers took charge of it and it is said to have been driven and parked at Kabalagala police station.


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Blue Cube’s Dr Nahabwe is landlord

Things seem to be moving so well for sms firm Blue Cube director Dr Innocent Nahabwe. Although Dr Innocent Nahabwe recently resigned from Red Pepper where he was sales manager, he seems to have little regrets about his move. Since the start of the year, Blue Cube has bought several musicians’ songs to use as Caller Ring Back Tones (CRBTs). In the past two months, Blue Cube has acquired quite a number of additions ranging from cars to hi-tech equipment. And the boss didn’t go empty handed; Dr Nahabwe recently shocked several of his friends on Facebook when he posted a picture of three nice looking houses.

The pictures were followed with a call for potential tenants! Several questions were raised and although Dr Nahabwe refused to agree to ownership of the houses on Facebook, we caught up with him and he gave us some details. Dr Nahabwe told us that the houses that are situated along Entebbe Road, belong to him. In fact he told us that all of them were recently rented out! Way to go Dr Nahabwe!

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Ex-Wafagio girls attack Emma over nude photos

Things recently turned bad for talent manager Emma Mulondo, when yet another set of his Wafagio group girls quit. Before they quit, sources within the group had told us that the split was due to poor pay and “sexual harassment by the bosses”.

The sources further told us that Emma had threatened to release nude pictures of the girls if they went ahead and quit! And a couple of weeks after the group split, semi nude pictures of Sheila, one of the former Wafagio members, ran last week in one of the tabloids. At the end of the pictorial, there was a note promising readers more nude photos!

The pictures sent Sheila and all her former group mates into a panic. One of the girls called us and told us that the nude pictures were all Emma’s sabotaging tactics!  “That’s Emma; he’s trying to tarnish our images like he promised. He cheated us and we moved on but why does he do such a ruthless act? We’re all scared and we don’t know who will be next,” the girl who begged for anonymity told us!

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GNL gets cheeky with it

Things are running smoothly for GNL Zamba and girlfriend Ruth, according to the rapper. The Kikankane singer made it a point, during his Club Beer-sponsored Unplugged show at Club Silk on Thursday, to tell the public that “rumours in press that I batter my girlfriend are not true.”

Actually, he did what Chameleone, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool have previously done at the Unplugged show – dedicating it to his “loving” girlfriend and his loyal fans; only that Zamba didn’t bring her on stage to say a thing.

The show started at 8 p.m. with GNL showing up 30 minutes later, launching his act with an acapella before getting down to serious business for over an hour.

As the show went on, GNL became cheeky and he, at one point, employed a gangster attitude, dwelling next to the likes of Snoop Dogg, to deliver a few lines.
“Abandaba bagamba nti ndi wannyo…gwe atayagala GNL sinikira muli ebinnyo…” he ranted, basically meaning, “Those who see me respect me, so haters shut up!”
He made sure he put all his tales in form of a song (acapella style) and the full-house crowd seemed to love his swag and bragging as they greeted his words with loud cheers.

He also sang a few songs off his upcoming album.
There was that Message song which had almost everybody nodding.

He also did a number of his old songs but it was Kikankane which brought the best of drama on stage as it featured a girl who shook her booty aggressively, like she had soldier ants in the skirt. And it was not surprising that it was at this time that everybody had their eyes either on stage or on the screens.

But yet another spanner was thrown into the works, and it was none other than Rabadaba who teamed up with GNL, Nick Nola and McKenzie on their collabo Sembera. Aziz Azion and Diamond Oscar also had a share of the limelight as they came to do their respective duets with GNL. Good Lyfe was missing as they were in Zambia at the time of the show but nobody missed them, anyway, as GNL’s backup singers perfectly filled in on their collabo Mr Right.

The show ended at around 11.30 p.m. and most people left sweaty and satisfied.

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Silk DJ drags Tigan, Suudi to police over car

They might have split and don’t even speak, but singer Henry Tigan and promoter Suudi Lukwago still have a pending case to answer. 
News coming in from Jinja Road police indicates that both Tigan and Suudi are wanted over a case of car theft.
The case was opened by Club Silk disc spinner DJ Kaspat who claims to have paid Shs4m to promoter Suudi Lukwago as payment for Tigan’s car a Toyota Caldina.
However, on contacting Tigan, the singer told DJ Kaspat that he is the owner of the car and had no knowledge about his dealings with Suudi. Besides, Tigan had sold the car to Bobi Wine a couple of weeks before.
In our Sqoop last week, Suudi said he had fired Tigan from Suudi Entertainment for selling the car in question to Bobi Wine, but Tigan called us and contested the story. “I bought the car using my money, I bought it at Shs9m and not Shs12m as Suudi is claiming. As my manager at the time, he only topped up with Shs4m, but he paid himself off the money he got from selling my song to Sony,” Tigan said.

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When the waiter gets drunk before the customer!

They are the seemingly nice people that welcome us and ensure that all our needs are catered for each time we visit the bar. Sometimes they smile if it is a good day and if they have not had such a great day, they may make you wish you had never visited the bar. Call them the waiters and waitresses.

But in the line of their duty as they smile and ensure that their customers are satisfied with the quality of their service, is it in order for them to consume alcohol while at work?

 Just the other day while at the counter of some popular hangout joint in the heart of Kampala, I was startled to see the waitress mixing a cocktail and while she poured it out in another glass for the customer, she left some and later filled up her glass too from which she kept sipping  while serving other customers.

As the night went on, this waitress kept up with the habit. For which ever cocktail that she mixed, she left some for herself in the glass. Now just imagine the mixture of cocktails in her stomach? Before she could realise it, she was dancing to every beat, smiling endlessly and it looked like she was so in love with her job until she started messing up the orders.

Now I wonder why someone would consume that much liquor while on duty. And that is not all. Some of these guys think that by working at the bar, it gives them the opportunity to cheat their clients when they presume that the liquor has got to their brains.

They may wait, and choose the perfect moment to throw in the bill and keep their fingers crossed for the supposed drunkard to pay without giving much attention to what’s on the bill. Whatever happened to transparency? I mean if every employee seized opportunities to abuse their customers in such annoying ways, then this world would be such a miserable place to live in.

Paying for a drink that one has not consumed is like a punishment for keeping at the bar until the wee hours of the morning. But should it be that way really? For starters, none of the clients drew up the whole working schedule with the managers so if one is expected to stay at work until 7a.m. then they should do so with a cheerful look, in a very sober state so that both the drunk and sober individuals  leave in a good mood and satisfied with one another.


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Rouge to admit members only from November

There’s been a load of closure rumours surrounding Club Rouge recently. The media types have been studying the nightclub’s situation for signs of closure in vain as its owners insisted the club is here to stay.

And now we have landed on some important information showing that in fact the club will be closed to the public starting November 1. In a statement posted on Facebook, it is stated that Rouge will officially become a private members club starting next month.

When contacted, one of the club’s owners Ali Alybhai confirmed that it will be open to members three days a week and to the rest of the public three days a week. He was too busy to give us details as he was organising the Blu3 concert but we got to the club’s manager Alice Namatovu who gave us more info. 

She said the club will be opened to the public on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays while it will be opened to members on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday. She couldn’t give us the details of what it takes to get a membership card. We shall keep you posted.

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Somebody is dreaming, says Weasel

There’s a rumour sweeping through Kampala – that Weasel and Mowzey Radio have separated but you should hear what the pair says about each other.

“Someone somewhere, whether in Ntinda or Sseguku must be dreaming,” said Weasel when Sqoop asked him about the stories that the duo parted ways after a fight in Juba two weeks ago.
He said that him and Mowzey have never had any disagreements and he doesn’t even think they can ever fight. “Haters have failed to find any dent on our music yet they need something bad to talk and write about,” said Weasel. “Why are they not talking about the reality that we’ve won awards outside Uganda instead of creating stories of us fighting?”

“We’re here preparing the next hit and somebody starts talking nonsense,” raged Mowzey, “I’m fine health-wise but I read ‘Mowzey has diarrhaea’ that is rubbish.”


There was also a rumour that Weasel was planning to return to Chameleone’s Leone Island but the Bayuda singer said he wasn’t aware of that.

“I don’t think that’s true (that Mowzey and Weasel fought). I have not heard anything like that, and it’s really of less concern to me,” said Chameleone.


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Chilli, Leila reacquire Simba deal

There was gloom amongst Universal Entertainment personnel when Simba Casino cancelled The Chilli Galz/Leila Kayondo contract following the arrival of a Russian dance group at the casino about five months ago. But now the Chilli Galz and co. can afford to smile again after they managed to reacquire the contract with the Garden City-situated casino following the departure of the Russians.

A source tells us that Chilli Galz and Leila, plus new girl group Cyclone will resume their weekly act at Simba starting next month. The shows will be taking place every Wednesday of the week. And with the scarcity of concerts following the twin bomb blasts, this should come as a relief to Universal Entertainment.

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Peter Miles and Cleo sighted

There has always been a rumoured affair between singer Peter Miles and African Woman’s Cleopatra Koheirwe.

The two have always insisted that they are just good friends and had never been seen together in public until last weekend.

The pair were spotted together at Beenie Man’s concert at Lugogo on Friday and they were together again at Sylvia Owori’s 10th year anniversary show at Serena.

Our sources also reveal that Peter Miles spends a lot of time at Cleo’s pad in Ntinda and he has almost abandoned his Entebbe base. These are very good friends indeed.

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five Steps You can Take Right Now to Repair Poor Credit

There are many easy methods to repair your credit. Everybody has had at least a couple of damaging accounts within their credit score reports. It’s difficult to not have ever experienced a blemish. Life occurs and we must react accordingly. A temporary rating setback is common for nearly everyone. The key is to not stress too a lot about it. Just as your credit score scores could be damaged effortlessly, they may also be repaired. Following are five suggestions that you can implement today that will reflect positively in your scores.

•    Tip Quantity 1:Know what you are dealing with. You’ve a right to request an annual report free of charge, from every of the three major reporting agencies (also recognized as a tri-merge). Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are the 3 big players. Requesting a revised report each and every four months will empower you to catch errors early on, thereby allowing you to investigate and request erroneous information be eliminated. In the event you are not aware of these damaging objects, you are able to do little to repair them.

•    Tip Number 2:Dispute credit score report items. Federal laws dictate any damaging objects on your credit reports that can’t be substantiated or verified within a 30 to 45 day window of becoming disputed, the item should be eliminated. If for any reason within the chain of verification the process fails to complete, you may then insist its immediate removal. Roughly 40% of all disputes aren’t verified!

•    Tip Number 3:If you’ve active bank cards, a few sacrifices may be required to spend the balances down to either a zero balance or perhaps a lower stability. The second most important variable for computing your credit score score is how much of one’s obtainable credit score is being used. If your credit cards are maxed out and you make only the interest funds – even if these payments are made on time – it can still reflect negatively in your credit score report. Keep your credit score card balances at around 30% of your available limits and pay the balances in full each month. This really is a fantastic method to repair bad credit score scores.

•    Tip Number 4:Guarantee your monthly funds for credit cards, bank loans, mortgages, utilities and others are made on time every month. This is by far probably the most important variable in the algorithm that calculates your scores. The best way to ensure you are able to do this is to not extend your self into situations which will stop on time payments. 1 single late payment can drop your credit report score by 100 points or more! It appears incredible, but it is true. The reality that a negative mark is so easy to acquire should tell you how essential this really is. Guarantee timely payments are created as component of your efforts to repair and then maintain your credit score scores.

•    Tip Quantity five:Reside below your means! In the event you cannot afford it, do not buy it. It’s unwise to go into debt for unnecessary extravagances for example large screen televisions. Save your money after which pay money.

Repairing bad credit can definitely improve your abilities to live the lifestyle you desire. You must be proactive, patient and possess a solid plan. Protect your credit score rating! This really is one of the most significant aspects of survival in a capitalist society for example the U.S. Begin your efforts to repair your credit score scores today.

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Police want shows ended by midnight

The Uganda Police has asked artistes and show organisers to start winding up concerts by midnight, we understand. There have been several occasions where police has been forced to use force and stop concerts in town; Chameleone’s concert at Kati Kati last year and last week’s Spin Master are examples.
Accordingly, police and the show organisers have been in some kind of misunderstanding but there was a meeting on Friday to make things clear once and for all.
The meeting was mobilised by the IGP Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura himself and attended by a number of top policemen and several artistes. We had not gotten all the other details from the meeting by press time but the main issue of show timing was resolved and it was agreed that all shows be ended by midnight.
Actually, it was then that it was also revealed that the R. Kelly show had been scheduled to end at the time it was ended as per police directives.
Over to you fans who go late for shows.

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A cocktail of people

The traffic jam is very tight. I cannot wait to cross over and kick-start my day. Yes, the cars are hooting as the impatient drivers cruise past paying no attention to the pedestrians. I look over desperately at the traffic officer, just to make sure he has some of us in mind, well, I mean those who are not cruising but just need to cross the road!
He does not seem to care. Instead he is busy disorganising the traffic light’s orders. Where it flashes the green light to say Go, he raises the red cards to stop the cars, and vice versa. Why the heck do they do that?
Suddenly as I look, left, right, left again to cross, a truck passes by and the driver yells out loud in Luganda, “You always show off while wearing shades, now let the scorching sun teach you a lesson!”  Not only was that comment irrelevant to my situation at the time but it was totally uncalled for.
I start to grumble and while at it, one of the cars starts to slow down while flashing the lights to the car on the opposite side. Suddenly they both stop. It does not matter that the traffic officer is blowing his whistle impatiently for the cars to move, the gentleman in the first car waves at me, beckoning me to cross. Oh! I pull the people next to me and we walk over and no sooner do we do so, than the two cars drive off after  the drivers’ hooting at each other as if to pat their backs for a job well done!
As I walk to my destination, another guy steps on me real hard and before my face can cringe to create a wrinkle in my forehead, he apologises, and immediately I forget all about my hurting toe.  I forgive him and walk to the car to carry on with my day.
Wow! And who knew that in a period of 20 minutes, I could learn a thing or two about human beings? I mean that they can be humble, disorganised and rude at the same time?
First, look at the traffic officer who created more disorder and wasted time by rendering the traffic lights useless. I mean, I thought the initial purpose of those lights was to guide both the drivers and the pedestrians, and unless they are not working, I see no reason as to why the officer should distort the whole system. The funny, yet annoying bit of it is when the officers arrest a few drivers for doing what is right according to the traffic lights. On top of that the officers waste a lot of the road users time as they may forget one lane and concentrate on two other lanes. Now somebody tell me, what is the reason for all this? If the traffic lights are meant to serve as decorations, and not their supposed purpose then I suggest they clarify it to us or better still, take them away.
Then there is the rude fellow that yelled at me as if it I had committed a crime to wear a pair of shades under the scorching sun and that standing by the roadside was my fault, eeh! I wonder what his problem was. And together with him came the impolite drivers who kept accelerating with their noses in the air as if leaving some space for their fellow human beings to cross would scratch their car bumpers beyond repair.
Jeez, it surely takes all sorts to make the world!
Anyhow, I will sum it up with the groomed, humble and sweet people who have feelings, are sensitive and considerate like the two gentlemen, who allowed us to cross over, chap, chap after the long moments of wiping sweat, hurting our neck muscles as we looked left, right and centre in search of space and a chance to cross the road.
These guys proved that even in a society where we can have, disorganised, rude, inconsiderate beings, there is still a lot of room for order and humility. And I mean, one does not have to act selfish simply because others are doing so. 
Letting that desperate woman, man, child cross the road, will not take anything away but instead might get one a lot of blessings and also for the pedestrians despite the hurry to get to your destinations, keep those manners in mind and say sorry when it is necessary (just like the dude who noticed that he had hurt my toes) or hold the someone’s hand especially if it is a child and help them cross over. Right?


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Straka wants a wedding sponsor

The Sqoop Sherlocks are aware of Straka’s struggle to make her wedding take place after publicly announcing that she would get married to Caeserman before the end of this year.

Now, we’re told she has moved the wedding to early next year but the couple is not in (a financial) position to fund the type of wedding they wish to have.

So, Straka has been moving around looking for big companies or any rich individuals who can help put money into her wedding plans. The most interesting thing, though, is the fact that the WBS TV presenter has been giving companies and businessmen written proposals seeking sponsorship just like how it is done for concerts.

She indicates the benefits of the company at the wedding and after the wedding – talk of mentions and so forth.  Pass us a hankie…

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The Spin Master II grand finale at Kyadondo Rugby Club had lots of issues but what amused us most was the showdown between a tabloid photographer and Kenyan songbird, Amani. Of course, we’re not for fighting as a solution but who doesn’t want to see a celebrity react to anger?
Back to the fight: the snappa and the singer went for each other’s throats after the snappa started taking pictures of Amani. She first took the snappa for just another photojournalist until one of the girls in her company told her that the photographer was from the same media house that put her (Amani) in the papers half naked (remember those Amani Unplugged controversial pics).
Well, upon hearing this, the Kenyan singer got off her seat and attacked the chap on the camera and it took a few onlookers to separate the fighting pair.
She then called him some Swahili words like mujinga – there are no prizes for translation.

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Amani fights snappa

The Spin Master II grand finale at Kyadondo Rugby Club had lots of issues but what amused us most was the showdown between a tabloid photographer and Kenyan songbird, Amani. Of course, we’re not for fighting as a solution but who doesn’t want to see a celebrity react to anger?
Back to the fight: the snappa and the singer went for each other’s throats after the snappa started taking pictures of Amani. She first took the snappa for just another photojournalist until one of the girls in her company told her that the photographer was from the same media house that put her (Amani) in the papers half naked (remember those Amani Unplugged controversial pics).
Well, upon hearing this, the Kenyan singer got off her seat and attacked the chap on the camera and it took a few onlookers to separate the fighting pair.
She then called him some Swahili words like mujinga – there are no prizes for translation.

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Amani fights snappa

The Spin Master II grand finale at Kyadondo Rugby Club had lots of issues but what amused us most was the showdown between a tabloid photographer and Kenyan songbird, Amani. Of course, we’re not for fighting as a solution but who doesn’t want to see a celebrity react to anger?
Back to the fight: the snappa and the singer went for each other’s throats after the snappa started taking pictures of Amani. She first took the snappa for just another photojournalist until one of the girls in her company told her that the photographer was from the same media house that put her (Amani) in the papers half naked (remember those Amani Unplugged controversial pics).
Well, upon hearing this, the Kenyan singer got off her seat and attacked the chap on the camera and it took a few onlookers to separate the fighting pair.
She then called him some Swahili words like mujinga – there are no prizes for translation.

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CONNIE’S TIFFS: Men acting women

The rate at which some men are behaving like women is simply devastating, if you asked me! They have taken over the ladies’ most irritating habit of gossiping and even their ways of life in some cases.

At their places of work, some keep busy by talking about who is envious of the positions that they hold, making judgements as to who deserved the promotion they got and who did not, who is trying to hitch who…the crap goes on!

Others rush off to congest bars hoping to add bulk to that incomplete story from work and also irritate the first lady that walks past them as they compare notes about her shoes, hairstyle and outfit!

Seriously, the last time I checked, all the above characters were typical of some women in society!
The most shameful habit that is eating up this male specie is the way that some of them choose their girlfriends and later marriage partners! They endeavour to see that all their relationships are characterised by ‘powerful’ names. Okay I understand this existed in the traditional days where one had to get married into a good family; one where the parents were either known for their good hunting skills or positions in society, like, attachments to the royal families. But even then, it was upon the girl’s family and not the other way round, banange!

Today before some men attempt to date a babe they take time off to do research as far as her family is concerned. They pry and hide behind curtains of dropping her home, or by cunningly asking endless questions about her parents.
If the girl’s parents are deceased, then the questions are tilted to who they were in society before they passed away. And to that effect, they hope to get answers like he was a former MP or a wealthy somebody! To the few lucky ones, the homes will speak for themselves nanti unlike the many double storied houses today on average plots of land, a typical wealthy home from dem days is large with rich iron sheets so this alone can reveal that the parents were loaded!

Should the answers come out as expected, these men will establish a point of no retreat no surrender and rush off to announce the news before their friends that they are dating so and so’s daughter and with pride, the friends will serve their loyal purpose of spreading the news to no end!

 So is it so hard to work and make a name instead of spending endless evenings gossiping and searching for the next wealthy lady from a rich family to marry with or without the involvement of love?
 Truth be told, a name is just made! This business of thinking that if one got married to a daughter from a wealthy family they will automatically become rich is ridiculous. Maybe you could have a fairer life but what is better than working hard and making a name of your own? I mean when people like Gordon Wavamunno, Katumwa or Sudhir Ruparelia, embraced small beginnings to reap big and who thought they would ever become household names?

Remember a name can also be made through fishy means. It is pretty clear that through scandals, permanent failure to speak English correctly and endless physical fights with colleagues, some people whom I presume we all know have made their names too. Either way, a name made through one’s own sweat creates more confidence, pride and esteem rather than one that is lazily made by riding on the success of your spouse’s parent’s hard work (I almost run out of air saying that) as if you were born disabled.
What a disgrace to manhood!

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Have some self respect girls

The previous week was a mixture of sad and happy
moments. The soccer fans were excited and eagerly
waiting for the official opening of the Fifa World
Cup, yet on sad note we also lost Marvin Isley from
the Isley brothers group and oh! this brings tears
to my eyes … Oliver Ngoma! It was a shock to me
because I was eagerly waiting for him to visit East
Africa at least one more time so that I could get a
chance to watch him live. May their souls, together
with all those that passed away last week, including
Mandela’s great grandchild rest in eternal
And since only a few people noticed these sad
incidents, I guess because of the World Cup hysteria,
my friends and I sat down at some interesting
joint to grieve pakalast. No sooner had we sat
down than a group of about six girls, dressed to
kill, walked in and stood in conspicuous
positions. After standing for about an
hour, drinking nothing and feasting
on mere kaboozi, they ordered
for sodas. Then a guy walked
passed them, said hi with all
his teeth in the air only to be
snobbed by the babes.
He did not give up and went
ahead to ask what each one of
them would like to drink. It was like
the sun had risen up in the dark. The girls
then softened, smiled and went on to unleash
tough names from the world of liquor after which
one of them invited the new saviour to join the
Okay, I will spare you further details but just know
that as my friends and I drove out, we came across
this very group, stranded by the roadside and evidently
confused probably about how they were going
to get home. In fact, one of them even dared to
wave her arm as if to beg us to stop, which was so
not gonna happen. Obviously words like do not talk
to strangers have never existed in their vocabulary.
Just the next day, while stuck in traffic, some guy
pulled up next to me, hooted and I turned impulsively,
thinking that he wanted some space. Then
he winked and using sign language requested that
I give him my number. I was disgusted and without
saying a word, pulled up my window. Fortunately
for him there was a girl waiting for a taxi.
So he drove up, in his sleek BMW and made the
same move, hooted, gestured
that she waits up and hops in,
which she did with a smile … jeez!
As I tried to digest these two incidents, it hit me,
slowly that all that rubbish that I read about girls
being so cheap lately could have some truth to it.
I mean the sort that says, have a nice expensive
ride, reputable job, flash some money around and
girls will come running to your feet although the
stranded lot looked like (the ones I talked about in
the beginning), they did not require an expensive
car because they seemed so desperate. Sorry if I
sound rude but I don’t understand, how a generation
like this one that has been blessed with so
many beautiful girls (who are gifted with brains
too) have a number of them lacking in character.
I would expect the female specie to be proud of
what they hold, value it and not waste it to such
trivial extremes in the name of cheap drinks,
lifts and dating loaded lads.
For starters, I do not click how a normal
human being with brains would get
ready for a night out, dress up very
smartly, dare to even hold a clutch or
purse, without establishing how they
are going to get through the night!
I think this totally reduces the position of
the lady in today’s society because I doubt
any man could have respect for a girl of such
repute. And what is so cool about hitching a ride
in guy’s posh car? Duh! It ain’t yours, chances are
there is little you know about him hence are risking
that precious life, so is it worth it anyway?
Painfully, the men are using this sick mentality to
their advantage. To some, it is even an incentive to
work harder and swallow up the enormous masses
of cheap girls out there. And who could blame
them? If having a car and little dime to spend on
drinks can get you the girl of your dreams then
what’s there to hold back? I wish these girls would
wake up and realise that those beautiful faces
(which are so many today), backed by intelligent
brains, focus, hard work and the love of God, could
get one anything that they want in life. However
a pretty face, with brains and no character at all
might get one little or nothing at all except nicknames
like a total waste, air head and the like.

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Pam Awards starts in Burundi

The Pearl of Africa Music (Pam) Awards Burundi edition could be the launch pad of the event on this year’s calendar. In its second year running, the gala night was held in Bujumbura last Thursday, at the city Centre Culturel François (CCF) where Pam awards franchise holder, Isaac Mulindwa was special guest. In a special interview with this reporter, Mulindwa revealed that Uganda will not have to wait a lot longer.

“We are in the final stages of the 2010 Pam Awards. We only have a few details to sort out with one of our sponsors; the other is already on board. So we are ready to go. By the end of next week (this week), we’ll be making an announcement,” Mulindwa disclosed. The awards were not held last year due to legal battles with one of the shareholders Gordon Wavamunno but Mulindwa says all that is in the past.

The event was privately sponsored and made possible by Menya Media which is run by Jean-Luc Kesch, one of the local French investors. And for an inaugural event, there were loose ends that needed to have been tied up, but overall it was fair enough.

“We are happy Burundi did their 2009 events. We delayed them and they kept on waiting for us until we let them do their things. We gave them autonomy to host their country awards as we await the regional awards,” Mulindwa further highlighted.

The gala night was a good highlight for the rather withdrawn Bujumbura where the main three awards went to crowd favourites Steven Irambona alias Sogo who took the Male Artiste award, Riziki Uwinyota who took the Female Artiste of the year award and the all-reggae Lionstory who scooped the Best Group Award.

While handing out the awards, the Minister of Sports and culture Jacque Nyenimigabo promised government support with considerable financial and moral support, as a way of building the budding music industry with issues of production and grooming still a wanting area as evidenced by the quality of music that the land’s best performed.

Black Snakes, Abagumyabanga, Shazzy Cool, Salsa Groupe, Chouchou, Kendo Groupe and Lionstory entertained guests at the three award event that ended in a cocktail at the CCF quadrangle.

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Barbie the philanthropist

The other day we were at
Bethany High School in Naalya
during their World Cup kick-off
party and Barbie was among the
invited guests.
While other guests handed out
stationary material and food
stuff to the students, the First
Lady of the Ghetto Republic gave
out hard cash. She came with 10
envelopes each with Shs20,000
for every student who got a
World Cup-related question
right. You can do the little mathematics
and get the total but she
promised to return to the school
and give more.
Meanwhile, her stay was cut
short after her maid called saying
that the baby was crying.
“I have to drive back fast because
my baby is missing me,”
said the new mum as she cruised
away in her Range Rover.

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Help Blu3 to bring home a Mama

The MTV Africa Music Awards (Mamas)are on in Nairobi next weekend. But we are sure this year’s Mamas are indeed promising to be even more exciting considering that we hope to see our very own Blu3 trio do what they do best on stage.

The girls, Jackie, Lilian and Mya join names like Akon, Wyclef Jean, Wahu, Lira, M.I., Samini, Lizha James, Da L.E.S, A.Y, and Congolese star Fally Ipupa on one stage. And besides performing, Blu3 boast of two nominations in the awards that are considered to be the annual celebration of African contemporary music slated for October 10, 2009 at the Indoor Arena, Moi International Sports Centre in Nairobi. So to every patriotic Ugandan, this is our chance to try and boost Blu3’s chances to earn more than a performance.

In case they win an MTV award, they will make history as the first Ugandan act to bring home the coveted award. To help them do this, go to or sms BP blu3 to 7070 for the best performer category and BG Blu3 still to 7070 for the best group category.

The girls are up against continental heavy weights like Nameless, P Square, D Banj and Samini in the best performer category and P Square, Gal Level, Mo Hits All Stars and Gang of Intrumentals for best group. Our fingers are crossed.

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WAPI show on tomorrow

The monthly WAPI event that attracts young people to their own spheres of creative interest through words and pictures, is taking place tomorrow at the People’s Space at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

The event will feature writers, poets, rappers, film makers and graffiti artistes who will showcase their artistic talent under the theme; Integrity. Normally, different themes are used ranging from human rights, justice to lighter themes like traffic jams depending on the artist.

WAPI, which is an acronym for “words and pictures” is designed to develop a relationship with young audiences and performers in both visual and verbal styles. The participants are normally the kind that who by design or exclusion are not part of the mainstream. WAPI is their forum to exhibit their Art. 
The event, which is piloted in Nairobi and recently extended to Daresalam, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda, will take place from midday till 8.30 pm. For artistes who would want to participate and show off their various styles of art, they should pick up registration forms from the British Council offices at the Rwenzori Courts. 

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Did Bobi really quit?

The late Paul Kafeero sang about closing de beer dipos but he did not quit de system. It’s good that he passed on de message and many abandoned dipos. Now Bobi Wine has announced that he has closed Uganja.

That’s good and a good message to the public especially the youth coz many have already quit weed. But de question is, do u think Bobi really stopped smoking sada? What about Bucha? Did he advise him also? I heard that he has an agriculture minister in charge of growing the sada. Now what is his new cabinet post? Ebibuzo bingi naye answer ntono. Let’s just watch these guys. If it’s true, then God is coming back soon, people should go and confess. Ggrtgs 2 Ronah (J. modern), and BLC studos.

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How Online Fashion Schools Work

The internet has certainly changed the way we do things. It has completely revolutionized our way of living. It has changed the way we shop, the way we converse, and even the way we earn degrees. What was that again? Ye, the internet today is used to earn various types of degrees. One of the more popular degrees you can earn online is a degree in fashion design. Because of this, more and more online fashion schools keep emerging and keep trying to attract students.

How exactly do online fashion schools work?

Getting your degree without actually attending school is not really a new thing. In the past, this type of learning was called correspondence studies. A person would earn his degree through the mail. Basically, this is how online fashion schools work. People who want to earn their degrees do so by communicating with the instructor through the internet.

First of all, a person registers via e-mail or through a website. Students pay through credit card or by electronic transfer. Once registered, a student will be sent a manual/ workbook. He or she studies the subject through the use of this book and through other media sent by the school. The pace of learning is dictated by the student and he or she can stick to a personal schedule. This is quite convenient since most people today cannot get enough time to study. Most people who enroll in online fashion schools have jobs that they are trying to hold. Because of this, they try to take all the time that they can in order to study.

How are tests taken? Well, tests are often included in the manual and answers can be sent to the school for checking through email. Some people may question the validity of such tests as students are given ample opportunity to cheat. Because of this, online fashion schools employ another system. Some online fashion schools schedule tests to be taken by students. The test is often under time pressure and scheduled so that a student will not be able to cheat. Sometimes, an administrator may watch the student through a webcam.

It is often the case that an online fashion school will design its tests to be simple practical examinations which a student cannot cheat in. Some online fashion schools may create tests that have no standard answers. Thus, the answers to the test can be as diverse as the personalities of the students.

When you think about it, an online fashion school can create this type of test easily. This is because fashion involves the creativity of the student. If an online fashion school asks a student to submit a design of a certain article of clothing, the design that the student sends will certainly be unique. A student cannot really cheat since cheating can be easily detected.

Once you have completed all the necessary activities and once you have overcome nameless burdens, you will receive a certification from the online fashion school saying that you accomplished this or that task and now have the degree of this or that.

As you can see, online fashion schools aren’t really complicated. In fact, these schools make all our lives a little bit easier. Online fashion schools often understand the plight of the student and will help you reach the top of your ladder.

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Divas launch thrills Arua

The Independence weekend in Arua was a good mixture of music, booze and fun thanks a bevy of female artistes from Kampala and the region.

Perhaps a good timing, the Northern launch of the Afrika Divas Awards (ADA) got good receptive qualified by a good crowd that turned up at the Hill View Gardens in Arua town.

From the first performer, the call for Cindy kept ringing in the crowd whose Ayokyayokya hit is all the rage not just in Kampala but almost in every corner of the country.

But the best was kept for the hour of climax; minutes to three o’clock when the free-spirited and talented star came on stage, doing her Mbikooye and then her new dancehall tune One and Only before she finally engaged fans in a cappella chorus, line for line, of Ayokyayokya, which the full house seemed not to get enough of.

Cindy’s performance was preceded by the Chilli Gals, who also put a wonderful show. Then on came Crystal Babes, the defectors from Wafagio, Leila formerly of Dream Gals, Ruth Kurt, Miss Confident – all being a line up of luminaries who shared their love with fans through their fair stage presence and skimpy outfits. Some of the fans got a photo opportunity having notified their local cameramen, just in time to snap shots when they got on stage.

But the night’s other stage acts came from supporting male performers, Ngoni and Maurice Hasa who were crowd darlings and fans could sing their songs quite impressively.

The Divas Awards, which celebrates female talent, now heads to Lira on Sunday in what promises to be yet another great musical show.

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Good Lyfe hit back at Bebe with Ability

The Good Lyfe crew surely know how to keep beef burning! Just weeks after Bebe Cool released a song titled Boom Bark, in which he barked back at his critics, the Good Lyfe boys have also answered back in a new song titled Ability. In the song which also features upcoming singer Rabadaba, the Good Lyfe hit back at Bebe by saying that their music career is by ability not opportunity. They go ahead and say that Bebe goes around posing that he is a minister’s son yet he is broke.

In the last verse, Weasel in a mixture of patois and English says that the Good Lyfe might be “Cartoon and Baboon but they will not drown.” Cartoon and Baboon is another Bebe Cool song hitting at Mowzey and Weasel. Bebe Cool told us that he expected the Good Lyfe boys to answer back because they ride on him, “This was like a golden chance for them, but I don’t have time for that now. I’m concentrating on my first album launch concert in Mukono today and will be busy for the next two weeks,” Bebe added.

However Mowzey and Weasel gave us sqoop that they are on a revolution to ensure that they pass a message to “Old Skool” artistes to understand that there are lots of talented “New Skool” artistes and they have to pave way for them to shine.

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Kayihura makes attempt to rescue Bobi Wine

The fire was surely getting too much for singer Bobi Wine, so he decided to seek help from some friends. The first person Bobi approached was IGP Kale Kayihura. And after narrating his woes, Kayihura stepped in and said he was responsible for Bobi’s message in the now-controversial Ghetto Nazigala hit. “It’s me that told him to sing a song that highlights the bad things associated with using drugs.

The people in the slums love him and I told him to sing about the topic knowing they would listen to him,” Kayihura said.

The song, a remix of late Kandongo kamu ace Paul Kafeero’s Dipo Nazigala hit, has bred Bobi a lot of trouble. However while Afande Kayihura took responsibility for the message, he denied having any knowledge about Bobi re-doing another person’s song! Nevertheless, Kayihura said he is willing to mediate a meeting between Bobi and the complainants! “We were supposed to have started doing shows in areas where drug abuse is high. But we were interrupted by the bomb blasts. So if he (Bobi) has a problem with someone, I’m willing to help,” Kayihura added.

The IGP however called upon the complainants not to front money because when he told Bobi to compose the song, he “didn’t pay him”. Meanwhile, CDs with the song Ghetto Nazigala are already on sale. We are yet to establish if the sale was authorised by Bobi or Edward Mutyaba who claims to own rights to Dipo Nazigala!

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Raba Daba in duet with Juliana

The emcees have dubbed Raba Daba Uganda’s version of Lil Wayne but Uganda’s new dancehall sensation describes himself as the king of Uga Ragga – the name he has coined for his style of music. He has featured on the Swangz Avenue all stars chartbuster Mr DJ, he features on Good Lyfe’s monster hit Ability and has a yet to be released duet with Cindy.


Just like Lil Wayne, who needs no introduction when it comes to collabos, Raba Daba just did a collabo that we anticipate will be quite hot. In  last week’s interview with Sqoop, Raba Daba revealed that he would want to record a duet with reigning Artiste of the year Juliana Kanyomozi. And because Sqoop is widely read, Juliana heard Raba Daba’s wish and granted it.


The two artistes hooked up and recorded a duet at Silver Kyagulanyi’s studios in Ntinda.


And going by the success of her past duets like Maama Mbiire and Taata Wa Baana with Bobi Wine, Usiende with Bushoke and current Haturudi Nyuma with Burundi’s Kidum Juliana’s duet with Raba Daba is indeed something to look forward to. We’re yet to establish the title of the song, but we received the Sqoop that the two are singing about love and family troubles and how to mend them.

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The Blu3 girls were the only Ugandan performers at the MTVBase Africa Music Awards (Mamas).

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Thami and Hazel an item

The Big Brother Revolution show is on but our spotlight is on last year’s contestants South African Thami Prusent and Malawian Hazel Warren.

Thami, who was nicknamed Hyena for his trademark laughter fell for Hazel in the house but it wasn’t until his last week in the house that their affair blossomed. Hazel who came second to eventual winner Ricco linked up with Thami and the affair between the two has been growing stronger by the day.

The two are now in a stable relationship. Though they are not talking wedding bells yet at least business is keeping them together. The Sqoop is that Hazel who was known for her cooking in the house is writing a cooking recipe book and it is going to be published by Thami’s company Capital Blaqk Ink. Hazel is also contemplating a cooking TV show. Meanwhile the leaked results of last year’s show indicate that it was a close call between winner Angola’s Ricco who got 38.8 per cent of the vote compared to Hazel’s 38.6 percent. Damn!

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Singer Ray C arrested in Dar

Tanzanian singer Ray C has joined the list of celebrities who are ex-convicts. The singer was arrested in her home country Tanzania recently.

The trouble began when Ray C who was due to perform at Rock City in Mwanza and had been paid about Shs600,000 (UG money) didn’t turn up for the gig.

The aggrieved promoter David Masatu went to police and Ray C was detained at Oyster Bay Police station in Dar es Salaam, before she begged for mercy.


She returned half the advance payment and promised to pay the rest within 14 days before she was released. Poor thing.

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Xenson for Niger fashion show

Talk of one man who can’t be pigeonholed into a singular artistic expression and in Uganda you’ll get Xenson.

Real name Samson Ssenkaaba, Xenson has just finished releasing his maiden music album and now he’s back to what made him the name he has – fashion designing.

The homeboy is one of the 10 selected designers who will present their work during a fashion show dubbed Africa in Fashion. The event starts on Sunday and it will run until November 1 in Niamey, Niger. Over 60 candidates coming from 25 different African countries vied for slots at the event but only Xenson and nine others from Tunisia, Cameroun, Namibia, Senegal, Niger, Mozambique, South Africa, Cameroun and Kenya qualified.

Selections took place in Paris, France by a committee composed of six stylists from different parts of the world.

The organisers of the Fashion Show aim at promoting young creative fashion designers between the ages of 18 and 35 to gain access to the international fashion market. This year, the winners will have an opportunity to showcase at the major fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London.
Good luck, Xenson.

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Celeb for a day

Sumayah Nakato and Sharifah Babirye are second year university students. They like making friends, singing, dancing and travelling. They also have special interest in fashion, art and design.

Wanna be a celeb? For a day? Just e-mail yo snazzy photo to Don’t forget to briefly tell us about yourself  – your hobbies and what you do.

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Songstress Grace Nakimera’s latest hit Kawonawo is really rocking. However, the singer is not so happy with few fellow musicians whom she accuses of being copycats.

During a conversation with Sqoop, Grace expressed her dissatisfaction about how Chameleone copied her style in her Kawonawo hit to come up with his club banger Vumilia.

According to Grace, besides just the style, Vumilia is the Swahili/ English version of Kawonawo. From her tone, Grace was not so happy by Chameleone’s move. However, trust women, Grace just got a perfect way to console herself; she says she doesn’t have to beef with Chameleone because he just made her a trendsetter on Uganda’s music scene!

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Mega Dee to bring back Mr Vegas

Some people just enjoy working in their comfort zones – and Mega Dee is one of them. He brought Jamaican singer Mr Vegas for a show in Kampala two years ago and they became friends. They even did a collabo, a remix to his song Pasola.
And now, Mega Dee says he is brining Vegas yet again for another album launch in two months’ time.
Mega Dee will be launching his album Ina De Dance and he wants Vegas to headline the concert.
The last time Mega Dee launched, it was a flop with just a handful of revellers in attendance.
Questions is…er, nothing!

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What ugandans are fed up of

Social networking site Facebook is one of the most popular websites and  Ugandan Facebookers have a platform to vent their frustrations and what they dislike on a page called Twakowa, writes  Raymond Mpumbani
Julius Gamisha’s Twakowa is probably one of the most popular Facebook pages started by a Ugandan. It describes itself, not too grammatically, as a page where we can “Expose those things that IRRITATE us and that we ARE FED UP of in this beloved country of ours called Uganda.” Twakowa is a Luganda word that loosely translates to “we are fed up,” and on Facebook it’s a prompt for users who subscribe to the page to have their say about what irks them. Most posts are in unbridled Luganda in keeping with the pages’ name, and anyone who dares to protest is quickly told off. I visited the page recently and came away with what I thought were its greatest hits.
1. Nkoye abantu abelaba mu mirror ya Cairo Bank. That’s not a dressing mirror (I’m fed up of people who check themselves out using the Cairo Bank wall pane. It’s not a dressing mirror).

2. Nakowa peeps that come to Facebook with studio pics in that ka Kampala village pose of crossing the legs and the arms on the laps with those bu Chinese river/stream backgrounds. Ain’t U photogenic enough? Why do U have to prepare for a photograph … we want to see you in your natural self.

3. Twakowa all those that romance in taxis.

4. The way Sylvia Owori puts bu models in her glossy magazine and then adds “Top:85,000Ushs” when the top is 6k in the basement of Mutaasa Kafeero. Twakowa ababbi.


6. Sikaakyi naye enyimba ze ki protestant zikoya…..oba ku nyimbe oba mbaga oba Christmas….the same songs…..nebikusobela! (Why are Protestant hymns so boring and unvarying; the same songs are sung at funerals, weddings and in Christmas services. I’m fed up.)

7. Twakowa ebinigeria esp the scenes nga they are opening the gate for the car to come in. Ako ka part bwebakasalako movie tebelawo? (We are tired of Nigerian movies, especially the scene where the guards are opening the gate for cars to enter. Can’t the movie proceed if that part is cut out?)

8. Chicks with big feet. We even fail to buy you fitting shoes because we know females have small feet.

9. Old NRM politicians who have no retirement in their vocabulary! Maria Mutagamba,Sam Kutesa, Namirembe Bitamazire, Amama Mbabazi, Sevo etc. I’m so tired!

10. Radio presenters who pretend they can’t speak Luganda!!!  Someone calls speaking Luganda and the fool answers in English….. Touch FM presenters style up. You should know better what the white man thinks of us.

11. Muslim names like Maimuna, Asirafu and Afuwa etc.

12. Twakowa the new 1k notes which get old quickly!!!

13. The word “Wolokoso” nakyo nkikoye. (I’m fed up of the word wolokoso.)

14. Nakowa people who are always telling me that I’m small. Munveko, (leave me alone) you think I want to have city tyres, drooling bums, legs like pestles, fresh diary and no neck. No thanks so keep the crap to yourself. Nakowa…

15. Twakowa all that stuff I hear mbu Hidden Passion, La Tormenta…. What the hell?

16. The guy seated behind me on a taxi is koyaring me with Ronald Mayinja’s ziki…kale ankoyeza nyo nyo (The guy behind me is tiring me with Ronald Mayinja’s music). A follow-up comment told her to buy her own car.

17. Twakowa writing nonsense. Can’t you guys write sense like twakowa bad roads instead of twakowa neighbours having sex in the morning, chicks who are ugly! If you are tired of ugly chicks on earth go to a planet of only beautiful gals…

18. Nkoye those bu girls who carry big handbags yet there is only a hankie n’ Shs700. Even abayaye (thieves) no longer snatch your  ga-bags because they know.

19. Some dudes and babes be having like 1000+ buddies on Facebook, you might even think they are celebs and stuff but how come I don’t know them. I suppose they be sending friend requests to everyone and accepting each all day.

20. Twakowa Kahinda Otafiire. Mbu I have the capacity to start a war and stop it! Silly.

21. Nakowa bu emails mbu “if you do not send to nine people something bad will happen to simanyi “if you are not ashamed of Jesus send to 20 people.” Ebintu sibya kukaka (Don’t force people).


23. The word is Love! What the hell is lv, luv, lov? Well, maybe better, I dunno! I feel like it is bicupuli (fake) love when it is misspelt! I Love English!!

24. Banange nkoye Ugandan wanabbe Rastafarians and artistes who speak silly Jamaican patois; it sucks….Kati Butchaman biki byeyayimba mu Inna De Dance? (What’s that Butchaman was singing ‘Inna De Dance’?) Silly nbakoye.

25. Twakowa abantu abalina ssente ezigula omwenge ogwa mitwalo kumi naye nga tebasobola kugula deodorant ya kanana! (I’m tired of men who spend over Shs100,000 in bars, but can’t sacrifice Shs8,000 to buy a deodorant.)

26. Nze nakowa bu fake chaps/chicks who go “outside countries” for two weeks & come back with heavier accents than the bazungus. Grow up u show offs!!!!

27. I’ve kukowad this chick who is ever borrowing my cousin’s charger. Since last semester, borrowing, borrowing, borrowing…. Even during the long holiday, she did not buy one but still keraz (comes early) at our door to borrow a charger. Ye oba yabaki (What’s wrong with her)?

28. Nakowa men with small, feminine voices… Bambi, it’s not your fault but still nakowa.

29. Someone please help me with some maths; QN: A school has stocked enough food to feed 1,500 pupils for 45 days. If after 15 days 500 pupils drop out, for how many more days will the food last? You can generously send me the solution on Thanks.

30. I’m tired of the twakowa page. It’s now for every Tom, Dick and Tumbavu.
Gamisha, in a profile done about him on September 5 in Sunday Life promised to throw a party for his fans in case the page accumulated 10,000 followers. They are well over that, but not all believe him like the one who said; “Nkoye Twakowa promising us hot air. Mbu when we reach 10k we shall have a do, now we are 11k what’s keeping us from happening? Kale nkoye okulinda ka party….”

About the twakowa creator
When I called Julius Caeser Gamisha to set up an interview he was obliging. However, he gave me only one condition; we were not to meet physically. He said I could only interview him on phone or online. I tried my best to pitch for a face-to-face meeting, telling him he could pick any place he felt was safest, assuring him that I would bring no cameras, but he stuck to his guns. “Pass it by your editor and see what she says,” he said. She was disappointed we wouldn’t have his picture, but agreed anyway.
“I don’t want my face getting out to anyone. You know I diss alot of famous and powerful people on the page. I have received a number of threats from various directions,” he rationalised. The page he means is Twakowa, on Facebook, a page he started and moderates. It’s popular among Ugandan Facebookers, more specifically a certain demographic of Ugandan Facebookers, not least because of its humour and predominant Luganda posts.
Scrolling down Twakowa, especially the comments following the posts, is a great way to unwind that’s if you understand Luganda. One disturbing thing stands out however; most posts on the page are bawdy and foul-mouthed.  I asked Gamisha what he had to say about that, or if he considered it freedom of speech. He said he doesn’t like obscenity, and that “some fans of the page mistake obscenity to be freedom of speech. And that’s why when they get banned, they complain saying their freedom of speech is being suppressed. But that’s where they get it wrong. I am a believer in the notion that absolute freedom is always dangerous. Absolute freedom always leads to anarchy. And anarchy always leads to the breakdown of civility and order. So when this happens, especially on the Internet, you end up having vulgar scuffles and online skirmishes between various individuals throwing all sorts of obscene remarks. So I try as much as possible to eliminate the obscene and vulgar individuals from the page so the rest can enjoy it in peace. The majority are decent folks.”
The majority are decent folks. Probably right; I can vouch for the decency of my Facebook friends who are fans of the page. Yet, I read a post where one fan said that “rudeness is one of the qualities of a good Twakowa member.” Gamisha however disagrees with this. “As a smart administrator you should know you can’t allow tribalism and vulgarity on the page because it takes away its relevancy and usefulness. I started the page to give people an avenue to rant about stuff that irritates them in their daily lives in Uganda, but sometimes it can get out of hand and then abuse, vulgarity sets in. Sometimes I have to ban people from the page.”
He declined emphatically, in uppercase and bold type, to tell me which ‘famous and powerful’ people he’s dissed before on Twakowa or the type of threats he’d received. He’s wildly popular on the page, or his posts are; they are the most commented upon, and the most recent one I saw had over 120 responses.
Gamisha joined Facebook from MySpace in mid-2006, part of the exodus that saw MySpace cede social networking supremacy to Facebook. He has a degree in Information Technology from Makerere University, and has always been well-informed about Internet trends. “I knew about Facebook almost as soon as it was launched in 2004. At that time I had just joined Makerere University where the IT faculty ensured that we were always aware of new developments on the tech scene,” he says. He told me he develops web applications and works freelance, but declined to reveal any application he has helped develop.
Twakowa now has over 13,000 fans. Three weeks ago they were just over 8700 members, and I asked him how he manages to moderate such a heavily-visited page: “I check on it every two hours to see if everything is okay, and maybe throw a few comments, and then get back to my work. Juggling between maintaining a day job and administering a popular Facebook page is not simple.” Yes, it isn’t and it shows on the page; colourfully named users, language that would make fans of twin-hatching ceremonies cringe in shame. It defeats his best efforts to maintain decency, his self-exulting post on the 18th of this month I came across on the page.
Julius Caeser Gamisha: “Where have all the vulgar chaps gone?”
Twakowa (Gamisha as the administrator): “Banned.”
Julius Caeser Gamisha: “Yo Twax, what about the irrelevant ones?”
Twakowa: “Banned.”
“Twax we need those guys back coz they make da page more fun…hehehe. Unblock them,” a user who commented after him said. Whether he has unblocked them or not, it remains an intriguing and humorous page. And imitated too. There are a number of copy-cat pages on Facebook, names beginning with the word Twakowa, but they have failed to garner the following Gamisha’s has. He says some of the founders were banned from his page, and felt that by imitating it, they could cripple his. They have failed, and Twakowa, remains the top page Ugandan politicians and service providers should visit regularly. But please keep the threats to yourselves.

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Watch out for the smart crop of Kampala beggars

So we have real, genuine beggars (who beg because they do not have and out of sympathy we share what we have with them, poor people). Then we have another sect that is cropping up at a fast rate and I am not sure I have the perfect name for them. I do not know if they are conmen or just a bunch of job creators living in a world where anything can happen. I guess I will call them the professional beggars. Yes, the category that brings drama from the theatre to the streets of Kampala. The people, who wake up in the morning, dress up and leave their homes to come and act mini skits for their prey just to get money out of them.
I do not know if you have come across people of this sort but I have and frankly I have had it!
The other day, as I dashed out of Dominos with my mouth watering and eagerly waiting for the first bite into the yummy burger in my hands, I was brought to a standstill by this strong pat on my back by a man, probably in his late 40s. Believe me when someone gets me unawares in such a manner, anyone around can get to witness the Heart Attack chorus by Weasel and Radio live in action. Just know that I took off and entered the car of course checking to ensure that I had my burger and handbag. The man followed me and started to knock at my window, while calling out, “My daughter, my daughter….”
Okay, those lines grabbed my attention and I quickly put the windows down a little to listen. In a humble way, he requested that I help him with transport back to Soroti. I hear he had come to town (Kampala) expecting to see someone but he had been stood up so he was just bumping into anyone for some little money to head back. Out of concern, I asked him where he was going to spend the night and he quickly confirmed that he did not care as long as he had transport back.
Obviously I could not carry him home with me but I imagined somebody else could have because he seemed decent and desperate. Anyhow, I gave the mzee some little money and wished him well.  However that was not all. In another situation a younger man played the same trick, still along Jinja Road and amidst confusion I gave him some money but after I did, while I was reversing, I realised that he was jumping up and down as he yapped and gestured at the askari, “ I am off for today!”  and believe me, it did not seem like “I am relieved that I am heading back home”, no it was more of, a sarcastic kind of expression. I got so pissed off in that when another young lady confronted me while at a supermarket in Kireka with the similar lies that her boyfriend had stood her up and she needed transport to head back to her home in Banda, I so paid a deaf ear.
Not even that common line of, “oli mukazi munange kisobola okutukako” meaning “You are a woman like me, this can happen to you too,” as if cursing, could make me pay attention.
Now, I do not know what to make of this because for each passing day, one is bound to come face to face with such situations. And if, it is true that all these people probably got stood up, isn’t it ridiculous that we still have such naïve human beings that move with money to their destination alone without being certain of how they are going to head back? I think I was just lenient with all these fellows and thank heavens I learnt my lesson because from now on, a deaf ear it shall be! Otherwise one cannot be expected to wake up in the morning and as they plan for their day, have to include a one careless or tactful somebody who is ready to play mind games and earn a living by being a parasite to people who are not even their family!


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Sylvia Owori breaks up with fianca after 14 years

She’s a renowned fashion designer and the proprietor of African Woman magazine. Sylvia Owori’s business empire has been on the rise in the recent past but as we came to know, her love life hasn’t been a very lively one. Early this week, we received information from a reliable source that Owori had decided to end her 14 year relationship with fiancé Per Munk-Nielsen. According to the source close to the former model, Owori packed her belongings and left her marital home in Luzira. Nielsen has a children with Sylvia and is also a shareholder in African Woman.

“Nielsen is the CEO of African Woman. Sylvia insisted that they will maintain the work relationship to ensure African Woman remains at its level of success,” the source added. “She left along with her two children. I don’t really know why she left but I think she was getting too busy for the relationship,” the source said. We learnt that Sylvia who frequently flies in and out the country to oversee her business in Nairobi, is quite busy with a few other projects. We’ve been told that Owori is renting a house in the posh residential Kololo  area. Efforts to get a comment from Owori were fruitless as she couldn’t pick up her phone. Meanwhile, we also learnt that Owori is working day and night to make sure her new club Black Pearl located at the Golf Course hotel basement opens up. “She also has a new project with Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive foundation.” The source revealed.

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Redsan is tired of his Hummer

Several local artistes all over the region would love to cruise a serious machine like a Hummer. In fact it took our very own ‘Big size’ Bebe Cool years to acquire one, which to date hasn’t been fully cleared. Well you can call it pride, bragging and all you like, but Kenyan dancehall “pioneer” Redsan, is tired of his Hummer!
“It’s too big! It’s too high!” Redsan said during a phone conversation last week. The singer said that he now wants to come back to his smaller but sleek Mercedes Benz. Redsan received the Hummer as a present from his longtime girlfriend Delilah. The singer who was driving a Mercedes Benz by the time, has since cruised in a Hummer on the streets of Nairobi.
“I’m thinking of driving a Mercedes Benz E220. I think I’ll have it very soon,” Redsan said

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Seanice back at Sanyu

Seanice Kacungira is back at Sanyu FM as a presenter and Programmes Director, sources tell us.

She left Capital FM Nairobi where she was Programmes Controller to settle with her Uganda-based beau, Christian Gronlund and some of us started thinking it was the end of her radio career.
But the smooth-voiced lady is back.

With Angela Kalule on a three-year study leave and most definitely planning to do something different, Seanice’s return is timely.

We’re not sure of what show she will be doing but we’re sure she goes on air this week or early next week.

However, she has already started her duties as Programmes Director. Fat Boy is the Programmes Controller at Sanyu and we don’t know the difference between the two posts. We’ll keep you posted!

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R. Kelly coming in December

Saving your pennies for Christmas? Wait a minute; some of us are saving for what promises to be the biggest concert of the year – it’s R. Kelly coming to tawo baby!


We can exclusively confirm that the American R&B and soul singer-songwriter will jet into Kampala for a show scheduled to take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval on December 12 – just a week after Beenie Man has performed in Kampala.

R. Kelly charges around $300,000 (around Shs600m) for a show. The 42-year-old occasional rapper debuted in 1992 with the group Public Announcement before going solo in 1993 and launching a successful career starting with the album, 12 Play.

Kelly is known for a collection of hit singles including Bump n’ Grind, I Believe I Can Fly, Gotham City, Ignition, If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time, The World’s Greatest, Fiesta and the hip-hopera Trapped in the Closet.

With his mixed pack of gospel music and songs with highly sexual innuendos, we wonder whether staunch Christians will be tempted to attend the show.

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Ezra pulled over by Dubai police

Relax everybody; Mike Ezra has not been arrested for his alleged fraud cases. A source in Dubai told us, in a text message, that the tycoon was arrested last week for over-speeding in his Ferrari F430 Spider.
Ezra was reportedly driving along Sheik Zaid Road in Dubai and he was put in for a few minutes on what Dubai police called “exuberant driving” and endangering lives in the process.

His driving permit was allegedly suspended for three months and he was fined 20,000 Dirham (over Shs10 million). Ezra is a resident of Lallak Road in the Emirates Hills, which is the equivalent of the Beverly Hills of California. It’s a residence for affluent expatriates, celebrities and corporate executives.

In Ezra’s neighbourhood is the home of former Pakistani prime minister the late Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in 2007 (although her family still lives there). Efforts to reach Ezra for a comment were futile but we welcome him to our Facebook or twitter pages.
Over to you, Mike.

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Ngon’s Pato wedding soon

Relax everybody, those bells you hear are not jingle bells because it’s not Christmas yet; they’re wedding bells and they’re coming from the direction of singer Pato.

The Ngoni lead singer is set to wed his long-time girlfriend only identified as Sarah, the Sqoop team can reveal. An insider spilled the wedding beans over the weekend and even told us of how Pato is having sleepless nights thinking about the big day.

The wedding is scheduled to take place in the first week of December and the couple will fly to the UK for a two-month honeymoon, according to the source. Meanwhile, the two are now staying together. We even spotted them together at the recently-concluded Miss Uganda at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala. Things are serious, indeed!

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Heavy downpour rules out Yori Yori concert

Rain in the African setting is largely perceived as a symbol of good luck from the most high but on Saturday, the organisers of the Yori yori concert had every reason to curse the downpour. At about a 9.30p.m., the skies opened up, ruling out an anticipated good night out with the Nigerian Bracket duo whose Yori Yori hit has earned them continental fame.

Bracket will return for a make-good show at the end of May. “Because of rain, we have been forced to cancel the show. It is unfortunate but we’ll be back to rock Kampala during Bracket’s Africa tour in May. This tour will also include Juba and Tanzania,” Nigerian promoter Brant Hezekiel of Palm String, which was in charge of the concert told Daily Monitor.

Even if they couldn’t perform due to an incessant downpour, Bracket came to Steak Out to meet, greet and take photographs with fans who were still at the venue by midnight. Meanwhile the deejay kept it a purely Nigerian night, playing music from the West African state till about 2.a.m. There were Nigerian dishes too for West African revellers and locals who wanted to enjoy the culinary adventure.

The downpour aside, the entrance fee (Shs25,000) was on a little on the high-end in that by the time it started raining, only a handful of show goers had turned up.

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Rachael Kay turns to Rock!

Rachael Kay has taken an interesting musical turn down R&B road and come out on Rock street. Yep, it seems she’s all about the wild stuff and horror effects these days.

The word on the grape vine is that she’s started shopping for rock star wear – because she wants to become the first Ugandan rock star. A source told Sqoop: “Rachael has always loved rock but had this fear that maybe it wouldn’t sell in a country like Uganda but with people getting exposure to rock stars like Coldplay and Linkin Park, she’s taking heart.”

“She’s a fan of rock and thought that would be an interesting and exciting way to go.” In fact,

Rachael has released a rock song and it’s understood she is working on a full rock music album to be done in Luganda, Swahili and English. The jury’s still out on this one.

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The Nyakaanas are General Happiness members

R. Kelly performing half of his songs and leaving stage very early was not something to laugh about and therefore we thank Mr and Mrs Nyakaana for providing us some drama.

The couple left many of us dumbfounded as they made their way through a jam-packed crowd where people paid Shs30,000. We expected the couple, like the rest of VIPs, to be in the Shs250,000 section or at least in the Shs125,000 but they were part of the ordinary crowd at the concert.


Holding each other, the Nyakaanas stood on their toes to be able to watch the action on stage. They looked sweaty but they were also beaming with joy as R. Kelly belted away a few of his hits.

We suspect they had the VIP tickets but wanted to get close to the action, so they moved closer since Platinum was several metres away from the stage – just thinking.


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How R. Kelly ‘beeped’ Uganda

R. Kelly must be already in the US but if he could turn back the hands of time and remember what his Ugandan fans said at the end of his show in Kampala, maybe he would return and complete his act.

A section of fans chanted “we want more” as the Pied Piper of Rn’B said his goodbyes after just 60 minutes on stage during the Zain-sponsored I Believe concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Friday.
Hordes of disgruntled fans left the show fuming.



“I’m really a big R. Kelly fan, but that was crap,” one fan identified as Solomon Esco Mukasa complained. “I thought this being his first visit to East Africa, he would leave a mark, but he has let us down. He should have sacrificed more time.”
Some fans had paid up to Shs250,000 to watch the show from the Platinum wing while Gold went for Shs125,000 and regular tickets were sold for Shs30,000.


Around 36,000 people had turned-up by 10.20p.m. when Kelly started performing yet there were many fans still struggling to enter by the time Kelly left stage.

Kelly had engaged the audience and set the moods high before spoiling things with an ‘early’ exit.

His entrance was dramatic as he walked onto stage in darkness only for the audience to realise he was standing on stage after lights were switched on.

The excited fans gave him a rapturous welcome and he also quickly engaged the audience with direct communication asking them if they wanted the show to continue. The answer from the crowd was obviously “yes” and he made a promise that he never fulfilled by saying that he would perform each and every song of his. Instead, he just sampled most of the songs each for about one minute – justifying why he did so many songs in just one hour.

He also left out popular songs like Storm is Over, World’s Greatest and Burn It Up among others.

He started the show with a number of his Hip-hop songs to set the tempo before turning to his slower tracks. Then he talked of his flight phobia before introducing I Believe I Can Fly. Then he got into his sexual innuendo business with songs like Sex in the Kitchen, Bump n’ Grind, Honey Love and Make It Rain – and the audience seemed to love every bit of it.

He was backed up by a fine collection of musicians and blended thudding basses with louder rock elements making beautiful sound.

The stage was bright and the sound was loud enough to send monkeys running for dear life and the man on the lights must have taught the local lights-men that actually lights can speak without the artiste saying a single word.

Kelly also sang Down Low, Fiesta, Hotel, Ignition, Slow Wind, Snake, Happy People, Step in the Name of Love, That’s That, Thoia Thoing and Thank God It’s Friday among others.
The audience danced and sang along to all Kelly’s songs and cheered whenever he ended a song.

But cheers soon became complaints when Kelly announced that the show was over.

People first thought he was pulling their legs until technicians started wrapping up their equipment and stage lights switched off.

A few people started leaving but a big number stayed behind and when they left they went complaining and blaming the organisers for not telling R. Kelly which songs the audience wanted to see him perform.

Zain Uganda’s Jamal Sultan said that actually R. Kelly’s contract was for a one-hour performance.

“You cannot blame him (Kelly) because that was the agreement that he performs for 60 minutes,” he said. “The only problem is that he came on quite early and yet Ugandans are used to shows that run until late. We’re sorry.”
Opening acts Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Good Lyfe, Peter Miles and GNL also gave as much as they could and they were applauded during their short sets. Then there was a 45-minute break before Kelly came on stage.

He stopped performing when some people were still struggling to enter.
Where you at the show? Share your experience

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Playboy sues Drake

Playboy the American men’s magazine empire is making an unexpected move and filing a lawsuit against Drake. The rapper’s hit record Best I Ever Had is earning him more than just platinum plaques and will force him to face a possible court date now that Hugh Hefner’s signature company has filed a copyright infringement complaint against him. According to the legal documents, Aubrey Graham b.k.a. Drake, Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group are responsible for infringing upon the use of the song Fallin In Love by Hamilton, Joe Frank and Dennison/Reynold. The original song, whose rights are owned by Playboy Music Inc. and Playboy Enterprises, is reportedly the song heard in the beginning of Drake’s track and was used without permission.
Playboy says that Drake and the other defendants quote: “Knew or should have reasonably known, that the sound recording was protected by copyright…” and that “each Defendant continues to infringe upon Plaintiff’s rights in and to the copyrighted sound recording.” The company also says that since the infringement is “continuing” and “ongoing “ they want an injunction to stop the sales and distribution of the record and Drake and the defendants held responsible for Playboy’s costs and attorney fees. Playboy would also like a portion of all gains, profits and advantages made off their original production.

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Goodlyfe boys remix Shanks’ Bundu

Perhaps on a mission to revitalise his career like they did with Chance Nalubega, the Good Lyfe has remixed Shanks Vivie Dee’s song Bundu. Both Steve Jean and Shanks’ vocals are retained in some parts with Mowzey lending a new chorus and Weasel adding a new rap verse to the song which was one of the biggest local hits of the late 90s.

Shanks who was arguably the biggest Ugandan artiste in the late 90s returned to the country two years ago hoping to pick up his career from where he had stopped, but he was soon to realise that it was a different ball game all together and he has been struggling to get back on his musical feet. The Goodlyfe boys might just revive his career with this move.

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Pastor Bugembe gets Prado

Pastors have proved to be the hardest people to predict. Just the other day, gospel story teller and preacher Wilson Bugembe was cruising in a Corola A100.

Before we knew it, the brother was cruising a Subaru Forester. But that’s all history; Pastor Bugembe who recently returned from Obama’s land shocked his flock when he parked a Land Cruiser Prado at his church in Namungoona.

We are not so sure whether the Kani-singer got the vehicle as a present from his fans in USA or he just purchased it on his way back to Uganda. But what we know is that Pastor Bugembe is cruising a serious ride.

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UBC Luganda TV re-ignites TV panic

Panic has struck TV stations again following news that Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) will be launching their Luganda version of UBC TV very soon.

The station is set to go on air in the first week of February 2010. Hundreds of applications have been sent in by newcomers and TV veterans to join the station, but we’re told the station is interested in mixing raw talent with some experience the very reason why the other stations are fighting nail and teeth to keep their presenters.

Every time there is a new TV station opening, there is a lot of movement amongst TV presenters and that is set to be the case come next month. We can only wait to see what happens.

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pandora jewelry

pandora jewelllery has many beautiful charm beads.our blog introduced many kinds of Pandora jewellery ,such as Pandora bracelets,Pandora beads and so on .you can find your favourite jewellery here .

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Bebe’s poor fasting habits

One evening he’s enjoying a good time in a bar and the next morning he boldly swears to be fasting! You must be wondering what kind of Muslim that would be! But yes, that’s singer Bebe Cool! We bumped into the singer having a nice time with several friends last Tuesday at Steak Out Bar. But Bebe shocked us the following day when he made a post on his Facebook page alleging that he was busy fasting! We kept wondering what kind of Muslim would hang out in a bar during Ramadan but still claims to be fasting! However, Bebe Cool who leaves for further treatment in the US sometime this week argued that he wasn’t just hanging out, but was working! “I don’t drink alcohol anymore; I was there to promote my new songs. That’s my job and I was at work,” Bebe said.  We weren’t satisfied with Bebe’s reasoning but we were informed that sick people and people with complications are exempted from fasting!

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Playing mummy and daddy

Once upon years gone when Bryan (me), was eight years of age, there appeared two ladies who stole his heart! It’s better to call them girls than ladies because they were just a little older than me. One was three years older than me and the other was two years older than me.  These girls were sisters and they had come to baby sit my uncle’s kids.
They looked pretty before my eyes and I liked them all. But looking back right now, they weren’t  all  that good  but they were somewhere close to beauty. Honestly, all of them liked me, and I liked them both.
It so happened that I was home with just one of the girls one day. We played all games to the maximum and of course the ‘Daddy and Mummy’ game didn’t miss out. Actually, it was the last one we played don’t ask me what happened next but to cut it short we found ourselves in bed, just like mummy and daddy do. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a lucky day for us as we were caught playing our game.
What happens to children who are caught playing adult games? Simple, you are totally disciplined to the maximum and that’s what happened to the two of us. I promised not to do it again and we were forgiven.
But adult games are tempting. This time around, it was the other sister. They sent us to buy tomatoes and we ended up playing ‘Mummy and Daddy.’ We were not caught so we dicided to play the game again the next day. This was her idea and I had to accept it because I also wanted. We played the game for sometime but this time God wasn’t on our side and we were caught.
Thank God I was not punished this time. Our elders thought about it and they realised that it wasn’t my fault, it must have been the girls who were luring me because they were older than me. Too bad for the elders because I was now deep into their adult games. I learnt that if I played ‘Mummy and Daddy’ at home I would get caught so I started giving excuses of going to hunt for birds. Ever since I invented that lie, I was never caught.

Bryan, Makerere University

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Pastor Bugembe defends himself on slapping a woman

Once again, Pastor Wilson Bugembe has come out and stressed that he will soon be walking down the aisle. The soft spoken man of God pushed the date of his wedding from 2010 to anytime between now and December 2011. “I’ll not rush; I’m taking my time for the right person.

Even if it means growing old,” Bugembe said before adding. “Many people have been asking me that question But I’m patient. They should know that it will happen soon. The world will see Miss Right before the end of 2011.” Pastor Bugembe added. In fact Bugembe is yet to release a song titled Kaniinde, to that effect. 

On the other hand, the gospel story teller also defended the ugly move that saw him slap an unidentified woman a few months back. According to Bugembe, though the move was a terrible one, it has helped him push all possible stalkers away. “They (women) now know that I’m not a guy to joke around with.”

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In the bridal suite

On their first night to be together, the newlywed couple go to get changed. The new bride comes out of the bathroom, all showered and wearing her beautiful robe. The proud husband says, “My dear, we are married now, you can open your robe.”


The beautiful young woman opens her robe, and he is astonished. “Oh, oh, aaaahhh,” he exclaims, “My word, you are so beautiful, let me take your picture.
Puzzled, she asks, “My picture?”

He answers, “Yes my dear, so I can carry your beauty next to my heart forever.”

She smiles and he takes her picture, and then he heads into the bathroom to shower.

He comes out wearing his robe and the new wife asks, “Why do you wear a robe? We are married now.”

At that the man opens his robe and she exclaims, “Oh, oh, oh my, let me get a picture.”

He beams and asks, “Why?” She answers, “So I can get it enlarged.”


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Batabazi return with good news for orphans

On Saturday June 5, US-based
Ugandan singing group Batabazi
held a successful fundraiser concert
for orphans of Kigalama,
Mityana District in Boston US.
The charity concert attracted a
big number of Ugandans and
East Africans living in the US who
donated towards the cause. The
youthful singers are back home
and unlike their debut visit last
December, when ugandan were
not familiar with their music, the
Batabazi are back with a hit titled
Uganda Nka! The song which features
big names like Rabadaba
and Ragga Dee is a dedication to
the orphans in Kigalama.
The group is set to officially
launch the Uganda Nka music
video which they say was produced
by leading video producers
in US. Uganda Nka is a hit
amongst many Ugandans in the
US because of its lyrical content
that glorifies Uganda as a nation
as well as Kampala’s night life
and the simplicity of life.
The Batabazi are also set to visit
Kigalama and deliver the donations
they collected during the
fundraiser they held in Boston.
However, that will be after their
tour that will see them perform in
different regions of the country.
“Our tour will be mostly focused
on schools. We want to
inspire the young people to stay
in school and have a positive attitude
towards life in general,” the
Batabazi said in an e-mail. The
Batabazi will also release more
songs off their album that they
want to release later in the year.

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Invasion of wanna be designers

Okay, first we had the music industry evolving to the level that we are at now and like Bobi Wine sings “…Man made money but money made man mad…” the dimes made from this industry are already driving many of these artistes mad!
I wonder, could we say the same about the fashion industry and the upcoming fashion designers? I mean look around you and critically analyse the groups of fashion designers. We have Sylvia Owori who through hard work and persistence has managed to have a good number of people say, “…. My role model, best fashion designer is Sylvia Owori because of abcd…” Then we have another group who among others includes the likes of Anila Alibhai and Xenson that have gone to school, studied fashion, participated and done well in different fashion competitions.
Thanks to them, many believe that talent backed by one’s professional qualification can be an interesting venture.
And next we have the last category which is a kayola of all sorts. This includes, all fashion designer  wannabes, dreamers and boutique owners who think that having a boutique is another name for fashion designer. There are also others who believe they are trendsetters because their friends and family believe so.
Would it be right for me to say that the industry is now booming when I see the likes of Judith Heard, Brenda Nambi, oba what’s her name? Yeah, Sheeba formerly of obsessions and Natasha Sinayobye, either show casing, or threatening that they are joining or already are into the fashion business?  And if I may add, is it a case of quality verses quantity or quantity verses quality? I will let you be the judges on that.
And while you are at it, I will ask you to think about the meaning of the word fashion designer or having a clothing line. I believe it entails a lot of hard work, designing, making outfits for people to buy, wear and look smart.
It is not an affair of attending numerous fashion shows, watching lots of E!, FTV, The Style Network or being able to dress up family including the pets and finally arriving to the conclusion that you are a fashion designer who should consider having a clothing line. This whole mentality of dreams come true and if Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham etc, can so can I, only to pick a bunch of clothes collected from different places, ironed and put together for some models to wear doesn’t make you a designer.
I appreciate those who do it right but I will not lie that I do not laugh my head off when I see an evidently already made dress on the so called Ugandan runaways and moments later the bold self-acclaimed fashion designer shows up to give a Louis Vouitton bow before their esteemed guests!
I think they forget that the average Ugandan is sharp, exposed and hates to be taken for a ride. Obviously, it is due to such evident lies that many still slope down to Mama Goretti, a one Younga in owino, Kiyembe to purchase or have their clothes designed and made for them leaving the high end “fashion designer” to wear their clothes as opposed to selling them.
If one has failed to get creative and decides to copy and exploit an opportunity to earn a living, we shall say, it is okay with us. We shall not shoot in the air, riot or cause chaos because being a copy cat is so Ugandan. However don’t decieve yourself that because you have acquired some ka lime light you can deceive yourself and the public that you are a designer. We shall not believe you.
If you doubt this, try asking your neighbour, if and how they know Mya for example… if they do not say, she is the light skinned dancer from Blu3, they might go like… ummmmn, “she is the new Blu3 member, formerly of Kombat whose new track I am eagerly waiting to hear because I am not sure she can or cannot sing.”  I am sure this kind of uncertainty will or is already surrounding the growing fashion industry. Not cool bambi!


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Brandy coming this December

Ok, let’s all go… “When you feel your heart’s guarded, and you see the break’s started, when the clouds have all departed, You’ll be right here with me…” Ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves for American award winning Rn’B star, Brandy. We can reliably confirm that the Departed singer will be performing in Kampala sometime in December. We have been reliably informed that a new entertainment company called Mixed Tape Ltd is behind Brandy’s coming to Uganda. Mixed Tape Ltd is co-owned by telecom engineer Ken Ntaro, also former hubby to singer Desire Luzinda. When contacted, Ken refused to comment but did not deny the  allegations.

Brandy Rayanna Norwood, lithe singer and actress, was one of the biggest names on the music scene in the 90s. With the rate of international musicians performing in Uganda having gone down this year, Brandy’s coming will surely be timely. For now all we have to do is to wait for Ken’s word.

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Mowzey asks for baby’s privacy

Now that we all know Mowzey Radio is the father of Lillian Mbabazi’s baby, the Ngenda Maaso singer is asking that the probing ends there.

In other words he wants the public to respect the baby’s privacy. We tried talking Mowzey into some baby details like his name that but the Good Lyfe vocalist was not going to say anything more than, “Yes, he is my son.”

With the admission, we don’t expect to hear anybody discuss the issue of “who is the father” anymore and we’ll leave the baby alone until he is ready for the press – unless Lillian thinks otherwise.

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The matron made her break up with me

No one can hide emotions. That’s why in any gathering be it in a church, school, attending a funeral service or even attending a political rally you may end up getting your Hellen Of Troy. It so happened that my distant uncle had passed away and I had to attend the funeral service. He was to be buried at his home village in Bumamu on Saturday.

I travelled from Nairobi in the morning and I arrived at night and there was a heavy downpour. When I arrived, the compound was crowded. I took a chair and sat in the tent. Soft religious music was playing and the whole place was engulfed with sorrow. He was a nice man anyway. By 10p.m., heavy wind was blowing so I matched into the house to pick my jacket and while  was coming back, I stumbled over a stone and fell. “Sorry,” I heard someone say  a soft voice. I looked up while  down and saw some slender, girl standing next to me. “Thanks,I said. “You’re welcome, let me help you up,” she said. “I’fine,” I said. “Please,” “Okay then,” I gave So she helped me get up and as was pondering what to do next, brought me some water myself up. “I’m Vivianne,” she “I’m Moses.” “Pleasure to you.” “Pleasure too.” “So where you come from?” asked. “I’from Nairobi, this my uncle who passed away.” “Sorry Moses,” said. “I’ll be okay, and what you?” asked. “I escorted a friend mine,” she replied. “That’s good you,” I told

We had a lengthy chat Vivianne. I learnt that she was student. I cannot lie but the girl beautiful and we instantly fell in with each other. After the burial, parted ways but she started me using their school matron’phone .We met frequently had and didi all sorts of Then one day the school called me, telling me that Vivianne’money had been stolen and she was requesting that I send some ‘colour’. I was not and persisted saying that wanted to talk to Vivianne but matron couldn’t allow me to. gave so many excuses sure she wanted to dupe me of money. If only I had known I would have cooperated with matron. without talking to each other. the school term came to an end I did my best to hook up with On seeing me, she was with anger and

“Moses, I trusted you. Why you have to do all this?” “What?” asked. “Stop pretending, you what’s up.” “I’m not pretending,” told her. “Okay, let me remind When the matron called who picked

your phone?” she “Nobody picks my calls,” I “You are a liar, a cheat  a womaniser as well. One of your so called girlfriends picked and she told her that you are his fiancé and that you are soon getting married,” she said. “It is all lies,” I pleaded. “No, that is the truth and for your information the matron never lies,” she said. “Viviannne,” I pleaded. “Please stop mentioning my name and from today, forget you ever met me and never dare to come back here to see me. You can take your leave please and I regret ever meeting you. Goodbye,” she said. I tried to plead with her but all was a wild goose chase. I thought of calling the matron but that couldn’t have solved anything. Once a woman makes up her mind, it’s hard to reverse it. So that was it, I let the bygones be bygones and that’s how we separated with Vivianne just because of the school matron. It was a painful incident.

Moses, Naalya

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My heart is still with Haiti: Wyclef after disqualification from presidential race

News broke last Friday that Wyclef Jean had been denied a bid for Presidency because of residency issues.
The Haitian government requires that candidates live in the country for a minimum of five years before running. Clef, a roving ambassador for the country is a legal resident of the U.S. and resides in New Jersey. Haiti’s electoral commission approved 19 candidates and rejected 15, including Jean.
While not admitting that Wyclef’s bid for Presidency was denied due to residency issues,  the board instead approved two leading presidential candidates, former Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis and Yvon Neptune. Speaking out on his shattered dreams of helping his country, Clef has released a statement to The HuffingtonPost saying,
It is with a heavy heart that I tell you today that the board of elections in Haiti has disqualified me from my run for the presidency of the country. Though I disagree with the ruling, I respectfully accept the committee’s final decision, and I urge my supporters to do the same. We must all honour the memories of those we’ve lost, whether in the earthquake, or at anytime, by responding peacefully and responsibly to this disappointment…
“I want to assure my countrymen that I will continue to work for Haiti’s renewal; though the board has determined that I am not a resident of Haiti, home is where the heart is–and my heart has and will always be in Haiti. This ruling just tells me that I can’t officially seek the office of president. More importantly, there is no one who can tell me to stop my work in Haiti, and there is no one who could. I think of my daughter, Angelina, and it makes me want to redouble my efforts to help give all the children in Haiti better days…
Rest assured, this isn’t the end of my efforts to help improve my beloved country but only marks a new beginning.
Signed, Wyclef Jean”

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Kevin and Elizabeth ‘œcomical’ engagement

Never was watching BB All Stars eviction show on Sunday must have seen last year’s BB winner Kevin and fellow housemate Elizabeth Gupta talk about their engagement.

But very few know how the Nigerian boy got engaged to the Tanzanian babe. Reports from Nigeria state that the pair officially got engaged on August 21 while at the Ogus Baba Laugh Goes On comedy show in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The pair first got up on stage and performed their duet Una Pata Mambo before Kevin went down on one knee and proposed to Elizabeth in front of a 2,000 strong crowd. He said, “Elizabeth, will you marry me?” and the crowd started screaming, “Say yes, say yes, say yes” and obviously she did.

Surprisingly during the show, Kevin evidently wanted Elizabeth but she said she was not interested adding that Kevin was “too short” for her.
But whether it’s the Shs400m prize money that changed her mind, we all know that if only things we said about people who turned out to be future girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands/wives were caught on tape, we would all be so guilty.

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Ne-Yo says he started wearing hats to hide hair loss

Ne-Yo is speaking candidly on his trademark collection of hats. According to the R&B singer, his family has a history of thinning hair that often would get him teased as a child so he began to wear hats to hide his hair loss.

Now however, the singer/songwriter says that his signature garb has become a part of his normal routine and he’s no longer ashamed of his look. “My initial hat wearing thing started when I was very, very young – I was still in high school…All the men in my family started losing their hair really, really young so my hair started thinning around 15 and you know, high school children can be very, very cruel.”

Ne-Yo says now however that he’s more confident than ever and he feels “naked” without his signature headwear. “So I started wearing hats because of that but then as time progressed and I started developing my thick skin it didn’t really matter anymore what people thought, but at that point a hat felt normal. Now I feel naked without one.”

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D’banj, 2Face coming

My bradas and sistos, we de bring you good news from Naija; first, let’s all sing …Omo, you don make me fall in love, Fall in love o, Fall in love o…  Or should we sing …you are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams, you take me where I’ve never been…?
Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about two of Africa’s biggest artistes, straight from Nigeria: 2Face Idibia and Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo aka D’banj. We can reliably reveal that the two artistes are set to rock Kampala come July 30.
The two artistes are coming to the country courtesy of Aly Allibhai’s Talent 256 Entertainment. “The artistes are confirmed, the venue will be Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. We are now working on a few other things,” a source said.

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Introducing MC Percy!

MC Percy will be walking from the stage to the altar come June 11 2011.
The Club Silk entertainer will be wedding his fiancée Jennifer Kijjambu.

Jennifer introduced Percy to her parents in Kansanga on Sunday.
The emcee was escorted by a plethora of entertainers including society scribes who travelled with him from his home in Busega to Kansanga.
Percy told Sqoop that he feels happy that he is “now officially recognised” by Jennifer’s parents.

“It’s a good feeling indeed,” he said. “Now let’s wait for the wedding next year, it should be one of the best moments of my life.”
Congs, Percy.

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Ugandan TPF runners up

Maureen, Carol and Leah think one of them could have “easily” won the Tusker Project Fame III if it was not for the nerves and a few other issues in the academy. As they spoke to their fans during their homecoming press conference on Tuesday, the trio boasted that they were the better candidates but only lost ground towards the climax of the show.

The girls reached the top six stage with Leah leaving first followed by Maureen while Carol finished in third position behind winner Alpha and runner-up Ng’ang’a.

Carol said Rwanda’s Alpha deserved to win because he managed to remain composed throughout the show.
“He (Alpha) deserved to win as much as any of us did,” she said, “You can forgive me because it was not easy to be on probation all that time; six out of eight times.”

Maureen said everybody was good but Kenya’s Ng’ang’a had unique talent in the academy. “Actually, Ng’ang’a is a great entertainer and to me he was even a better singer than Alpha,” Maureen said.

Ng’ang’a started the show as a comedian with little singing aptitude but ended up flooring everybody on the final three shows. Maureen also said Judge Ian Mbugua was fair in his comments towards her, especially about her fashion sense.

“Ian speaks his mind and he was right but you cannot blame me for not looking smart because we had a stylist on the show, we had no choice on what dress or hairstyle to wear,” she lamented .”

However, all the girls were grateful that the show opened the gates to stardom for them and said they were planning to kick-start their music careers soon.  Maureen said she would start recording in four months whilst Leah said she has songs already written and would go to the studio sooner than later.
Carol, who came third and won a recording contract, said she will wait for the communication from her sponsors.

They also said they’re planning to do a collaboration but said they have no intentions of forming a group.

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Remmy Lubega settles in Rwanda

Many of you must be wondering where Remmy Lubega has disappeared to. Our informers in Kigali tell us that the Obsessions director has settled there for business.

We’ve been told that Lubega has befriended one of the richest guys in Kigali to do a number of entertainment businesses including a discotheque.

The tycoon wants Lubega to manage the nightclub but the actor/events’ organiser is still undecided because he still wants to give maximum attention to Obsessions.

The only worry is that Obsessions is not making much money so Lubega might get tempted to ditch the dance group and concentrate on managing the Rwanda business.

However, his co-director Ronnie Mulindwa says Lubega is in Rwanda for short-term contracts and he will return to work with the Obsessions. Fingers crossed, and we’ll keep you posted!

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Types of Music Podcasts

Many music podcasts are available online, distributed by podcasters who want to share their collection with the world. Some of these are distributed by independent musicians, groups or individuals who enjoy creating and sharing their music but have a small fanbase. For them,  a podcast means closer contact with their listeners, and the blog that usually accompanies a podcast often allows for the comments and opinions of the listeners to be shared with the musicians.

The listeners often appreciate this close contact, and some become resentful when their favorite groups gain widespread popularity. Musicians may find that the music podcast they share is a way to build a following and gain an audience that is loyal to them. Since many of the musicians who podcast do so as independent artists who lack the sound the music industry is looking for or simply haven’t been noticed yet, a music podcast may build a following that attracts attention to them and gives them an entry point into the music industry.

For others, a music podcast may be the chance to become a dj, and the episodes they share will contain mixes of different songs, highlighting obscure yet accomplished artists and taking their listeners on a tour every episode. These amateurs podcast merely because they enjoy the activity, as most independent podcasters do. Yet another type of music podcast, however, involves the online radio station. While some radio stations have taken the leap to the internet by offering streaming connections to their current playlist, others have accepted the podcast as a way of sharing their
music. Such a style is very similar to the amateur dj, but brings a level of professionalism that is not found with the amateur podcasters.

A music podcast may also be a way to sample works by more well known artists before purchasing. Some musicians and groups will podcast their new music, or portions of the new pieces, in order to peak interest in the songs before release. Fans get to listen to the music and find out what they might like before purchasing the whole album.

A possibility, however, is that music podcasts become subscription based, and musicians begin charging for access to the feed. The online sale of music has proved its popularity, with Apple’s iTunes reaching its one billionth paid download recently. A music group could conceivably offer a feed to its fans that they could pay for, and regularily update it with new songs that would be downloaded directly to the fan’s computers Although this distribution model is not yet in place, it seems to fit with the over all trend. Already, some nonmusic groups have agreed to podcast
their files, on the condition that a paid subscription is bought.

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Who is the fairest girl in the land

Many followers and fans of Miss Uganda will intimate that there could possibly never be a Miss Uganda beauty pageant more glamorous and classy as was the case when Sylvia Owori was still franchise holder of the biggest beauty pageant in the land. She put her whole in it and made sure that year after year, Miss Uganda was a permanent fixture on the local entertainment calendar and maintained as one of the top events.
Despite a deliberate campaign to revive the fallen glory of this event, egocentricity and managerial shortcomings have almost been synonymous with the subsequent organisers and in fact last year’s suffered bad publicity, first with an undercover reporter who reported quite a bit of the inadequacies in the camp and then the final outcome on the gala night when reigning Miss Uganda-UK, Maria Namiiro, emerged as Miss Uganda 2009.
Well current franchise holder, Joyce Church cares less about the bad press and in her words, she is here to present a deserving beauty the Miss Uganda crown and to attest to this, after a period of silence, in which people kept guessing whether the pageant was ever going to take place this year, she paraded the 12 contestants who are vying for this year’s crown. There is a £1,000 cash prize (about Shs3.5m), a fully-paid trip to London and a chance to raise the Ugandan flag at the Miss World 2010 pageant on October 30 in China.
The pageant is taking place tomorrow evening at Imperial Royale Hotel and Church promises that it will restore people’s convidence in the annual event.

Gloria Atuhairwe,
23 years old
I am a self-employed designer and my strong points are that I am beautiful, love swimming, travelling and cooking. My weakness is that sometimes I don’t take things and life that seriously; I prefer to take things lightly. I am not comfortable discussing my education.

Sheba Nyakato, 23 years old
I am a student at Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono, pursuing a bachelors degree in education and fine art. Besides being a student, I am also a part-time model with Ladiva models, a local modelling agency. Some of my hobbies include dancing, listening to music (all apart from slow music because for some reason it puts me in a bad mood), and I also do freelance modelling.
I love seizing opportunities that come my way and despite my bad temper I am in control of my weakness and I will cool off very quickly and easily.

Clara Nazziwa, 21 years old
I am a student of Social Sciences at Kyambogo University and some of my hobbies include modelling, which I do under Arapapa. I also love writing songs though I have only written for myself. I love meeting new people who become my friends. Some of my strengths are that I am very determined, lenient, tolerant and focused though very stubborn.

Heyzel Nansubuga,
25 years old
I am currently working as a sales executive with Kiboko Enterprises. I love going out on long journeys and discovering new things in life. I like being encouraging and as such I love to encourage friends. On the other hand, I am over ambitious especially when I set out to do something that I feel I am able to accomplish or succeed at doing. 

Sylvia Namutebi, 23 years old
I am currently working with Arms of Grace International as a volunteer. Some of favourite hobbies are watching documentaries, playing beach volleyball and chess, which makes me smart. I have the ability to impact and influence people as well as create and develop ideas through good interpersonal and communication skills. I’m a kind person by nature and this is my weakness.

Doreen Kabakeebe,
20 years old
I am currently a student at Nkumba University and a first runner-up at the recent Miss Nkumba University. I was also the second runner-up at the Miss Inter-university beauty pageant. I am pursuing a bachelors degree in public administration, and I’m in my second year.
I love swimming and reading books. I love sports and I play netball and volleyball. My strength is that I don’t easily get angry and I can also describe myself as a go-getter no matter the hurdles that might present themselves in my way. Like any lady, sometimes I get emotional especially when I get disappointed.

Beth Kabahuma, 24 years old
I am a graduate of Makerere University with a bachelors degree in Mass Communication but I’m currently working as a sales representative. My hobbies include counselling, listening to music and I am one lady who never gives up. I also do some freelance modelling. My weakness is that I am short tempered but I know how to control my temper.

Sheila Nuwe Atwine,
21 years old
I am currently a student at Kampala Polytechnic Mengo where I am pursuing a diploma in civil engineering. I love singing, watching movies especially adventure as well as travelling, cooking and reading. I get my strength from God and loving people for what they are. I don’t like it when people lie to me because that makes me cry.

Aisha Nagudi,
21 years old
I am currently a second year student pursuing a bachelors degree in education at Makerere University. I love cooking, playing basketball and interacting with old people so that I may be able to learn from them. I am confident and a workaholic but extravagancy is my weakness.

Caroline Sserwadda, 22 years old

I currently work with an Ngo that rehabilitates people with mental illness and drug addicts, and as such, I am interested in issues that are treated as taboo for example issues to do victims of mental illness. I like reading, fitness training and watching news about what’s going on around me so that I’m always informed about what’s taking place in my society.

Zipola Atuhairwe,
21 years old
I am a student At Makerere University Business School where I am currently pursuing a bachelors degree in office and information management. I’m  in my third year. Some of my hobbies include playing the guitar, dancing ballet and salsa as well as swimming during my free time. By character I am strong and flexible, which are traits of a good leader, but I am short-tempered and I am a person who easily trusts other people.

Barbra Kula,

22 years old
I am a student at Uganda Christian University (UCU), Mukono doing Social Works and Social administration (SWASA), in my second year. I am also a model working with Sylvia Owori. I like to play golf, help the needy, and I easily get along with people. I am a thoughtful person and think I deserve the Miss Uganda crown.

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AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS: Taylor Swift wins five awards


Country crossover star Taylor Swift overshadowed the late Michael Jackson at the American Music Awards on Sunday, winning five prizes including artist of the year.

Jackson, who had been expected to enjoy a clean sweep, ended up with four awards. He and Swift went head-to-head in the artist of the year race, the ceremony’s final prize.
Other multiple winners included hip-hop acts Jay-Z and the Black Eyed Peas, with two each.

Swift, 19, was also named favorite female artist in the pop/rock and country categories, and favorite adult-contemporary artist. Her 2008 album “Fearless,” the best-selling release in the United States this year, was named favorite country album.

She accepted her awards live via satellite from backstage at London’s Wembley Arena, where she will perform a concert on Monday.

“Music has never been ultimately about competition,” Swift said, after winning the artist of the year prize. She said it was an “unimaginable honor” to be cited in the same category as Jackson, and thanked the Jackson family.

Jackson was named favorite male artist in the pop/rock and soul/R&B categories, while his 2003 hits collection “Number Ones” was named favorite album in both those categories. The album is the No. 2 seller this year in the United States.

His brother Jermaine, accompanied by sons Jeremy, Jaafar and Jermajesty, accepted on his behalf. At one point, he thanked Allah “for blessing my entire family.”

Rapper Eminem, making a rare awards-show appearance in the wake of his four nominations, went home empty-handed. Glam-pop singer Lady Gaga, rock band Kings of Leon and jailed rapper T.I., who earned three nominations each, were also snubbed.

The Black Eyed Peas were named favorite group in both the pop/rock and soul/R&B categories. Jay-Z won favorite male artist and favorite album in the rap/hip-hop categories. His wife Beyonce, who was performing a show in Dublin, was named favorite female artist in the soul/R&B category.

Punk rock trio Green Day won the favorite alternative artist. Rascal Flatts won favorite country group for the fourth year in a row.

The performance-heavy show included some notable scenes. Openly gay “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert kissed a keyboardist of indeterminate gender and rubbed a male dancer’s face in his crotch. Jennifer Lopez, meanwhile, landed on her bottom after jumping off the arched back of one of her dancers.

Nominees are determined by radio airplay and retail sales, while members of the public determine the winners through online voting. That’s why Jackson got so many nominations, even though he didn’t release any new material.

List of winners at the American Music Awards

LOS ANGELES, Nov 22 (Reuters) – Following is a complete list of winners at the 37th annual American Music Awards, which were handed out on Sunday at the Nokia Theatre.

Taylor Swift

Favorite male artist – Michael Jackson
Favorite female artist – Taylor Swift
Favorite band, duo or group – Black Eyed Peas
Favorite album – “Number Ones” (Michael Jackson)

Favorite male artist – Keith Urban
Favorite female artist – Taylor Swift
Favorite band, duo or group – Rascal Flatts
Favorite album – “Fearless” (Taylor Swift)

Favorite male artist – Jay-Z
Favorite album – “The Blueprint 3” (Jay-Z)

Favorite male artist – Michael Jackson
Favorite female artist – Beyonce
Favorite band, duo or group – Black Eyed Peas
Favorite album – “Number Ones” (Michael Jackson)

Favorite album – “Twilight”

Favorite artist – Green Day

Favorite artist – Taylor Swift

Favorite artist – Aventura


Favorite artist – Mary Mary



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Pablo live on to show on WBS

Looks like famed standup comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo just performed one of his rib crackers when he gave us the Sqoop that his Pablo Live standup comedy show was set to show on NTV.

Well, we bumped into Pablo shortly after he performed at the WBS end of year party at Kati Kati grounds last weekend and he gave us a totally different story.

Pablo gave us the Sqoop that his show Pablo Live is set to start showing on WBS TV in January. “It will be showing at 8:30pm every Tuesday and will have a repeat at 6pm every Friday,” Pablo said.

On why its WBS and not NTV like he had earlier told us, Pablo said that, he didn’t want his show to seem like some sort of competition with his former employers Theatre Factory who already have a show Barbed Wire that shows every Monday on NTV.

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links of london jewellery

links of London Accessories brisk, simple style to style simple and clear and not ordinary, reveal personality style atmosphere, cleverly reflects the independent President of modern aesthetic taste in the pursuit of quality.

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Lindsay Lohan behind bars

Lindsay Lohan is adjusting to life Maroon 5 behind bars and she has even found a friend or two, according to her lawyer. On Sunday, the actress’ legal counsel, Shawn Chapman Holley, told Access Hollywood, “She has made friends.” Holley added that Lohan “is not getting special treatment and she hasn’t asked for special treatment.”

“The deputies have treated her respectfully (and she them),” Holley added. As previously reported on AccessHollywood. com, Lohan was sent to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California last Tuesday to begin serving her 90-day sentence, the result of violating her Driving Under Influence (DUI) probation.

However, she is expected to serve only around a shortened two weeks of that sentence behind bars, due to jail overcrowding and behavioural credits.

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MAMAs date set

Like we told you a few weeks ago, Lagos, Nigeria has been selected as the host city of this year’s MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs). It will be the second time in three years that the awards have taken place in Nigeria, following the inaugural awards ceremony, which was held in Abuja in October 2008.

This year’s event is scheduled for December 11 at the EKO Expo Hall, Lagos. Nominees are expected to be announced in the last week of October. Voting will then be open to the public via a mobile-site ( and a website ( in the days that will follow.

The 2010 MAMAs features 12 categories including Artiste of the Year, Song of the Year, Best International Act and MAMA Legend.
Best Lusophone Act and Best Francophone Act have also been added to the categories, giving recognition to Portuguese and French-speaking artistes working on the continent.

The inaugural MAMAs took place in 2008 in Abuja followed by last year’s event in Nairobi and this year’s event was scheduled for Kampala only for the sponsor’s to switch opting for a wider market – Nigeria that is.

However, reliable sources tell us that Kampala will host the event come 2011.

We’ll keep you posted.

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Chameleone to miss Bobi, Bebe showdown

Let’s hope everybody has secured their ticket for tonight’s concert (Bebe Cool’s or Bobi Wine’s). Anyways, we shall be at both shows and you can rely on us to break down what went on at both concerts, plus a few comparisons. However, we’re just concerned that one of the guys who has been calling us to go for these shows is missing – Jose Chameleone that is.

The Vumilia singer lent his voice to Bebe Cool’s advert for the Agenze launch whilst Bobi Wine included him on the list of artistes to perform at his launch as well. However, we understand that Chameleone flew to Netherlands for concerts on September 26 and 27 at a cafe in Amsterdam and he is still there.

A source staying with the lanky star says Chameleone has two other shows to perform at in

Denmark this weekend. We couldn’t get Chameleone to comment but there is also a rumour that he could have stayed in Scandinavia to compensate for a show he missed last year. The concert had been organised by a Netherlands-based Ugandan lady identified as Allen Kizza. She sent e-mails to different media houses branding Chameleone a conman for allegedly missing two different concerts in Netherlands. Chameleone rushed to defend himself and blamed the promoters for failing to complete “paper-work” in time. So there you are!

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Gal Level coming

Ladies and gents, please join us in welcoming Namibia’s hottest music duo…Gal Level. Daphne Willibard and Frieda Haindaka will be in Kampala to grace the first Top Model Trend (TMT) event in Uganda come November 21.

According to the organisers of TMT, Gal Level will be one of the many international stars expected at the event which will introduce flourishing fashion designers, hairstylists and models to the world market.

The event will take place at Serena Hotel and Gal Level will perform some of their hits including Shake It and Go Back To Her. The award-winning R&B girl duo from Windhoek, Namibia is very popular in Southern Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and many other African countries.

They are produced and managed by continental music producers Ogopa Deejays, who have produced the likes of Jose Chameleone and Amani. So, now you know what kind of music to expect, dontcha?

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Mowzey Radio’s hat-trick

Kenzo sang it but it’s Mowzey who has it – stamina, that is. The Ngenda Maaso singer is expecting to become a dad three times this year alone.
Well, a reliable source in Good Lyfe confirmed that Mowzey has three girlfriends who are pregnant including Blu3’s Lillian Mbabazi.
According to the source, the second girl is called, Jen and she stays in Jinja town. The source told Sqoop that Mowzey impregnated Jen while on a music tour in Jinja six months ago. We’re also told that Mowzey’s Mzungu girlfriend Kieran is four months pregnant.
Actually, last week we overheard Mowzey talking to Lillian on phone as she asked him to take her some tablets because she was “feeling funny”.
The source says that Mowzey has shown responsibility and he cares for all his girls.
“It has been taxing for him and you can clearly see that he is kind of stressed but he has not stopped to support them,” said the source. “The Mzungu has also had some encounters with Lillian but he has made them accept each other.”
He must be sweeter than kuku, indeed!

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Maalo @ goat races

Kampala city never ceases to startle me. It is one of the few places where you will find very interesting personalities. Talk of people as old as 37 years and above getting psyched up at the mention of a social event. Don’t get shocked to find a 40-year-old mingling happily with the teenagers at the Buzz Teenies Awards for example or a teenager flaunting her 15 year old body at a night club. Things like slang, embracing different style trends whether they suit one’s age or not have never been a strange thing at all.
And the goat races were proof of all the above. For starters, the uniformity from the women was simply overwhelming. You would think the organisers had banned any other form of footwear apart from gladiators. Tell me, who set foot there without a pair of gladiators and did not feel misplaced? Babes from all corners had to have their gladiators on and my dear, it did not matter if they were a designer pair or the ones from Katwe.
As for all those old dudes, the veterans that have failed to leave the social scene for whatever reasons, man, what can I say?  Why don’t they just take a break and give chance to the young blood? As usual, all that they carried as the family members were their marital rings. The rest did not matter. I mean at one point I asked myself, don’t some of these guys ever miss their wives? Because as I looked around, the faces that I saw composed of the usual suspects that one can be sure to find loitering at the counters of most hang out joints in town with the rings and nothing in form of a significant other standing by their side.
And once again, there they were, standing or sitting at the edges of every tent to which they were invited, feeding their eyes with everything around except for the goats and wetting their throats with champagne…Ugandans! Will they ever grow up? I wonder!
And to make matters worse, 80 per cent of the people present knew nothing about the goat races. To them, it is an event where one can go, show off, wear a hat if they can, enjoy free goodies and get drunk. I can bet that apart from the goat owners and a few who know a thing or two about the goat races, no one cared to at least watch the race and get to know which goat lost or won.
All that one could hear were piercing hi’s and hellos from all over as if one was announcing their presence. Of course this was coupled with questions like, “Can I see you later? Damn you never miss out on such things naawe. meanwhile in which tent are you? Ooh, sorry I cannot come over, those guys will bounce me but just holla me on ma celly I’ll just bounce out in a jiffy, cool love?”  Mtttssss (that’s a jeer in case you didn’t get it), irritating, if you asked me.
As for the lads that experienced the helicopter rides, I have no words! I swear if there was a swarm of bees passing by, trust me they would have assumed that the widely open mouths were hives and entered just like that! Why couldn’t some people hide their excitement? It was a mixture of those who have never enjoyed the experience of flying up in the sky then  some who probably have never seen a helicopter live,  and of course others who have at least been there done that and were simply pissed off at the noise and sight of the helicopters flying to and fro!
And what was with some dress codes? I mean at one point I could not keep my eyes open, because some sights were quite embarrassing to the wandering eyes. From legs in fishnets to dresses that go as far as the hips coupled with sky high heels. The winners were the many loungers who were too excited to fluke an invite to any of the tents that they decided to keep the tags on as accessories. I understand it might have been necessary to keep the tags on while at the races but why have the same tag at the club or bar that one chooses to relocate to? I could not help but wonder what was going on in some of these people’s brains.
Keeping the tag on would not make any form of statement except for the fact that you were invited by a certain company to be at their tent and for the record, yeah, I may not be the kind that judges a book by the cover but trust me, it can be very easy to tell who fluked and did not fluke the invite. In most cases, such habits belong to people that are experiencing some of these little pleasures in life for the first time hence cannot hold back the exhilaration.
Get my drift? Man sometimes one’s better off hiding some of the maalo.

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Seanice’s wedding is off again

Just when we were thinking Seanice Kacungira has reached a landmark in her life – there came the sad news. The Sanyu FM presenter has told Capital Lifestyle magazine of Kenya that her wedding with her fiancé Christian is off – but she added that they are still best friends. Seanice and Christian were set to wed this year, sorry last year, but the wedding has been postponed several times for different reasons and this time around, she says both the engagement and wedding are off – for now. But she told the magazine that “there was no drama” when the wedding was called off and that it was a “mutual decision and we are still very good friends…” Seanice told the magazine that she is now focusing on making a difference in Uganda. No comment!

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Bebe accused of failing to pay for food

Just last week, we told you about how Bobi was accused by a one Mukasa Kisitu over trespassing on his land at Bobi’s Busabala-located One Love beach. Now, Bebe also has a case to answer at Wandegeya Police Station.

This might sound a little bit funny, especially for a man with a title of Big is Big, but the truth is Bebe was reported to Police over failure to pay for food he had eaten in an unidentified restaurant.

The sqoop we got indicates that, Bebe went and ordered for food, but on getting it, he rushed to his car and drove off without paying.

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Qwela Band: Playing to the rhythm of life

Just four years down the road, it has become one of the most sought after             bands in the high-end entertainment category. This evening, they will be performing at their maiden concert at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Band leader       Joseph Kahirimbanyi spoke to Edgar R. Batte about their journey
group name; what exactly does it mean?
Qwela is a short word and it’s easy to grasp. It’s cool and sounds nice. Besides, we chose it for it’s meaning. While in my mother tongue, Rukiga, qwela would mean something bright or something pure, in Zulu it means making music using the flute or to arise. So our name means we are bright, arising and making music.

You have a concert tonight, perhaps the first of this magnitude, and you have called it rhythm and life. What’s the idea behind it?
Essentially, the reason we called it Rhythm and Life is because there is a concept behind rhythm being a sign of life, everything that has life has rhythm. When someone is born, the first sign of life is rhythm of the heartbeat; from the day you’re born to the day you die there is a constant rhythm in you, so rhythm and life cannot be separated. Music is about rhythm.

Tell us about the kind of music that you do.
In a broader sense it’s about life, rhythm and being in time and the way things are supposed to be. Most of us have our roots in church, so because of that, we have a deeper spiritual inclination, so a lot of our music is telling us that there is a higher power; there is a way things were organised, there is a way things were made.

How do you categorise your music style? 
We would say world music.

Well that’s in the broader sense, what’s your precise style them?
We do Afro-fusion, which means we have African music, African rhythms, sometimes African Instruments with African lyrics but then underneath, its layered with jazz and soul. The instruments are mostly western; key boards, guitars, saxophones, jazz drums, and so on. When you put it together, it is a unique fused sound, which we call Afro-fusion.

How do you describe your primary target audience?
I’d say, mostly we target a music lover, someone who loves well thought-out music, so this might be the corporate class.

So where do you guys play regularly?
Katch the Sun on Tuesdays, Boda Boda on Wednesday, Barbeque Lounge on Thursday and Emin Pasha on Fridays.

So how did Qwela start?
The band started at the first gig that we did. Actually, what happened is that we came together as a group of friends and said let’s play because we needed a band for a grand 60th birthday dinner and so we got together and we performed and it was really fun. Everybody seemed to like what we had done and encouraged us to do more of ‘this kind of thing’. I thought about it for a while, sourced around for financing, didn’t get the financing but the idea was already in my head. At that time, I was running a graphics company and was a bit busy. Along the way, we got together again and did another gig and the more we played together, the more the idea came together. I eventually quit graphics and decided to put all my focus on the band, also because the graphics thing wasn’t going the way I wanted. But I’d always wanted to get into music and when I started doing it, I thought to myself that I could do it all the way.

Are these current band members the group of friends you started with?
The group of people we started with is not the group of people that we are today; some people left, some couldn’t keep up with the schedule and some left for other reasons. It has been a process of developing the band for about four years. There was a time I gave up the idea for about six months, so I’d say we’ve been a band for two years.

How many people constitute Qwela band?
11 members but when we started out we were five. Along the way, someone comes and forces you to pay attention to them; you may feel that now we are a full band and team but someone comes and they play one gig with you and add so much value to the team and it cannot be the same again, you just have to have them on the team.

How much travelling have you done outside Uganda?
So far we haven’t done a lot of travelling. We’ve only recently been to Kigali and we were well-received and hopefully we’ll be going back sometime soon. We are planning to go Nairobi next month. We were planning to travel for this year’s Banyakigezi Forum in the US, but we didn’t have enough time to process visas, so we’ve put much of that aside, but next year we should do a lot more travelling.

So what should we expect at the concert?
Expect a show of a kind. We have done enough rehearsals and technically we are working with Fenon Records for the production aspect. It’s going to be a multimedia interactive show.

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Muhangi’s lavish honeymoon

Just a few people can spend their honeymoon flying in a private jet from one place to another for a week. Step forward Charles Muhangi.

The rally ace wedded the mother of his three children Patience Muhangi at a lavish wedding in Bushenyi before setting off for an incredible honeymoon tour of East Africa.
Insiders tell us that Muhangi and his pregnant bride flew in a chopper from the church at Ruharo in Mbarara to the reception in Bushenyi on Saturday before proceeding to Kampala where they stayed briefly and headed for Nairobi.
They left Nairobi for Zanzibar on Tuesday and then went to Bujumbura and Kigali before returning to Munyonyo on Thursday.
For the six days, the chopper was at hand to move the newlyweds.


It doesn’t takes a few bobs to have this chopper at your service so we can imagine the millions Muhangi spent on his honeymoon.

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The Chameleone – Museveni connection

Jose Chameleone just made one of the hardest decisions in his life and he’s hesitant to comment. The story is that the self-proclaimed heavyweight has been contacted by State House personnel asking him to re-do his latest hit Basiima Ogenze in Runyankore.

It’s believed that President Museveni likes Chameleone’s song and asked that the singer re-does it in a language the people from western Uganda understand better.

Basiima Ogenze is Luganda for, “They appreciate after you’re dead” and its Runyankore version should be, “Nibasiima Wagyenzire.” Chameleone admits somebody from State House dropped him a line but he says it was confidential. “I’m not biased in any way and I’m not political but I’m in this world to entertain people and also live well,” he said. “I can’t say anything about the Basiima Ogenze remix because it is confidential but people should wait, time will tell. They will be able to conclude for themselves.”

Chameleone has performed before President Museveni several times and the head of state previously admitted liking another Chameleone song Tebaasiga Nsigo which hits at people who wait to reap where they didn’t sow.

“Chameleone’s music knows no boundaries and I would sing in any language regardless of the situation,” said the singer, who has also sang songs in Swahili, Kinyarwanda, English, Lingala and Shona, a Zimbabwean dialect.

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Jackie performs in Arua-with Cindy!

Jackie Chandiru recently performed in her home town in Arua district. The show was successful as thousands turned up to show support to their own. But then came the shocker; Jackie who is allegedly still a Blu3 member, did not invite any of her fellow Blu3 members.

Instead, Jackie travelled to Arua with Cindy, who happens to be a former Blu*3 member, but claims to have been forced out of the trio. Upon Cindy’s exit from Blu*3, Jackie and Lillian had no kind words for their former ally.

In fact according to several media reports, Cindy put it clear that the other two members- Jackie and Lillian had forced her out of the group.  But time has gone by and Blu3 is almost no more. Lillian and Mya are both expectant mothers, leaving Jackie as the only Blu3 member still performing. So with not so many options left, Jackie looked back to former ally Cindy for help.

And the two put up quite a good show in Arua. However, unlike in the past, Jackie had to pay Cindy a handsome fee to be part of the show. And with Jackie’s lawyer friend or boyfriend Alaka standing in the financier’s corner, the show went perfectly well!

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Thomas Sabo Jewellery

Its said about charms that they represent our craze and obsession. If you want to make a person feel good and look different amongst the crowd, thomas is a perfect choice.

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Muhangi wedding on

Its called a lifetime commitment, and looks like rally ace Charles Muhangi is next on the list of people that are getting into a lifetime commitment with their partners.

The Horizon coaches proprietor will this weekend walk his longtime fiancé Patience Mbabazi down the aisle at a colourful ceremony that will be held in Muhangi’s home in Bushenyi.

Several sports fanatics and business personalities are expected to grace the wedding which coincides with WBS Late Show host Straka Mwezi’s wedding with singer Ceasarman.

However, we are afraid, Muhangi and Patience might not enjoy their honeymoon as the bride will be getting ready to compete in a rally just the following weekend.

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Yatta joins Fireworks

It’s not news anymore that WBS Showtime presenter Barbara Yatta is quitting the silver screen. The issue now is where she is headed to, and we have the Sqoop.

Yatta has actually already started work at Fireworks advertising agency. With several years of partying under her belt due to the nature of her former TV job, Yatta is now in charge of events at Fireworks.

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It’s not another fight, but it’s still another beef-related story about singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone. This time round Chameleone is set to prove his muscle as he takes on some sections of security that recently branded the singer.

There have been rumours that Chameleone is wanted by security for having appeared in his latest Vumilia music video brandishing an AK 47 riffle.
Anybody would expect Chameleone to be scared about the fact that he is wanted for possession of a fire arm, which is not a small case by the way, but Chameleone thinks otherwise.

During an exclusive conversation, Chameleone denied having knowledge about any such summons; “You know there are two types of diplomats: there are legal and illegal diplomats. I’m an illegal diplomat and I’m still Dr Heavyweight Chameleone Atagenda, so if anybody wants to ask about the gun or wants to arrest me, let them come to Seguku, Chameleone road, Chameleone close and Chameleone place, I’ll be there waiting for them,” Chameleone added.
What say you the security?

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Pablo live on NTV

It’s no longer news that renowned stand up comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo started up his own comedy show dubbed Pablo Live that happens every Friday at Open House on Buganda Road. Well, the show seems to be getting better by the day.

For those that haven’t been there, Pablo does his usual stand up skits and climaxes the show with a celebrity performing and participating.

If you haven’t gotten the picture yet, we got some good news for you; Pablo Live is set to become the second comedy show to be aired on NTV after Theatre Factory’s weekly Barbed Wire show.
Just like Barbed Wire, Pablo Live will be screened once every week, with a repeat during the week days. A source gave us the sqoop that Pablo has already handed in the first four episodes and they will begin showing next month.

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East Africans mingle at Nonini big concert

It was full house at the monthly UG Utake night held over the weekend at Steak Out Bar and Restaurant as renowned Kenyan hip-hop star Nonini worked revelers with a string of tunes.

Nonini treated the UG Utake night fans with his hits like Keroro, Manzi Wa Nairobi, Nibebe, Moyoni and Lazima.

The crowds’ screams became even louder when Nonini tried out Lugaflow rhymes, tunes that have popularly been tagged to the likes of GNL Zamba and Rabadaba. Nonini coupled his hits with his latest dance moves and the audience moved to dance like him.

The party, which featured DJ’s and other musicians from the East African region, started at around 7 p.m. and it was full house by 10 p.m.

The venue was crowded with Kenyans, Tanzanian, Ugandans, Rwandese and a few Bazungu who bonded as Uganda’s Lugaflow, Tanzania’s Bongo Flava and Kenyan Genge hits ruled the air.

Free cocktails of Uganda Waragi, the night’s sponsors, were handed out by the organisers to the revelers, who had parted with Shs5,000 as entrance fee.

The Steak Out management said the UG Utake night gives their customers “an experience that creates a shared moment for them and their peers.’

Next month, as we get closer to the festivities, Uganda Waragi would also organise a big UG Utake night, which will sum up as the Utake year-ender night.

Meanwhile, the management of Uganda Breweries Ltd is leaving no stone unturned in its bid to launch the UG December Gifting campaign aimed at giving back to its customers as the Christmas festivities close in.

Ms Phoebe Nakabazzi, the brand manager of Uganda Waragi, said: “We intend to hold the campaign through which we will continue to reward our consumers for their loyalty through giving them UG merchandise.”

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