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  • Celebrity Profiles
    Keko who?… we moving on to Recho Rey

    RAP GAME: There was a time when Jocelyn Tracy, known to many as Keko, was the baddest female rapper in Uganda....

    Lawrence Ogwal January 25, 2019
  • Four One One
    Hip Hop Awards return

    The third edition of the MTN Hip Hop Awards, which are meant to celebrate the best hip-hop music released in 2018,...

    Isaac SsejjombweJanuary 16, 2019
  • Four One One
    Is rapper Mun G now into gambling?

    His music career might not be as vibrant as it used to but Mun G is millions richer. If the information...

    Isaac SsejjombweAugust 11, 2018
  • Audio Visual
    The track: Sejjusa – MUN G feat Grey Naava

    Just like there is a lot of bliss in ignorance, there too can be a lot of comfort in living in...

    John K. AbimanyiOctober 18, 2013
  • Audio Visual
    The Music Video: Sejjusa – Mun-G ft. Naava

    Mun-G’s videos always deliver on one thing, and that’s comedy. The Sejjusa music video (no connection whatsoever to the renegade general),...

    Ian OrtegaOctober 10, 2013