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Gadget : Apple Watch

This gadget is one full of surprises first with its name, apple watch, because many thought it to would be called the iWatch. Secondly is the price tag that is set at $17,000, a whopping Shs50m. One wonders what is in this gadget that would cost you a Prado.

The watch comes in three editions apple watch, apple sports watch or apple watch edition. The finishes of this watch include 18 carat yellow gold, space black stainless steel, space gray aluminium and 18 carat rose gold. There are also a collection of straps to choose from including link bracelet, sports band leather loop, classic and modern buckle plus a Milanese loop. These variations make the smart watch appeal to a large audience.

User interface
Unlike most smart watches with a tiny display where a user has to manipulate the visuals with their fingers, the apple watch has a digital crown where one swipes through the icons on a minuscule display. This digital crown is more like the iPhones home button. One can click it to get the home screen or even zoom in and out.
This gadget also has the Force touch technology which allows one to access different apps with the different intensity of touch. Apart from that, the gadget is has a health kit and can be tethered with ones iPhone to ease use.

• Gorgeous design.
• Multiple variants to appeal to many people.
• Well-designed User interface.

• Priced a lot higher than some will be prepared to pay.
• Only compatible to iPhones.

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