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Fashion tip : with Gloria Haguma

EAR CUFF. Turn heads with this ear bling. How to pull it off? Here are the dos and don’ts.

If there is one thing you can never have enough of, it is accessories. You always need a new set of earrings, shoes, hair combs and even bags.
With particular reference to earrings, it is time to step up a notch with your ear bling and invest in some trendy pieces for your ear lobes.
The ear cuff is the accessory to own right now. Many of us are wearing the same pair of little studs from Monday to Sunday, so for a change it would be ideal to invest in a few ear cuffs to switch up your look a little.
The ear cuffs are very stylish and eye catching, so you will definitely be the girl that steals all the attention in the room.
This ear bling is perfect if you are dressing for an outdoor event such as Blankets and Wine, a beachside wedding, or even if you are heading out on a road trip and you feel the need to be  a little over dressed. Oh, and did I mention that this piece can totally nail it on the red carpet?
There is one major rule though, when it comes to rocking this accessory; you have to wear one piece at a time. That means you can only wear it on one ear.
This look only works on casual looks, that are Boho chic themed, so do not try to wear it on a suited up look to the office, unless you work at a clothing store.
The pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and this makes it easy to add them to your look.
If your hair is toned down, then you can have the piece very elaborate, complete with a draping chain. If you have a very distinct hair look that you need to show off, then I would suggest you keep the ear cuff toned down, with a few stones.
Any shop around town that is specialised in selling women’s jewellery will have pieces of this trendy accessory.

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