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App : SobberApp

It is dangerous to drive after drinking. Hence when one is out somewhere drinking, it is beneficial to have an estimate of your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) so that it’ll give you a fair idea as to whether you are fit to take the wheel or not. SoberApp for Android takes into account your weight and how many drinks you have had, and then evaluates the possible blood alcohol level therein, helping you decide whether you should drive or not.
SoberApp for Android lets one enter their gender, weight, what one has been drinking and when, and the app will tell one if he/she can drive now and how long will it be until one can no longer handle the wheel and in case one crossed the BAC limit in their country. The app got a large database of drinks and brands (over 3,100) with high-quality photos instead of general picks, so one could pick exactly what they have been drinking. The app automatically detects one’s current location and adjusts itself to the local law for accurate calculations. Interestingly, there is also an option for a reaction test that measures one’s reaction time.
One can pick the drink from the database or enter their brand if necessary. One must enter the size of the drink, and the time one consumed it. After entering the required info, hit the ‘can I drive’ button and the app will calculate the BAC and tell you if it is safe to drive or not by legal means. One can also share one’s favourite drinks with others.
On the other hand, if SoberApp decides that one is still within drinking limits, one can continue drinking or even help one look for pubs nearby. The app uses Foursquare to scan nearby areas for pubs. SoberApp is compatible with Android OS versions 1.6 and up.

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