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App: Deezer



Deezer is a music streaming service that launched in France and has since expanded to nearly every corner of the world, with some pretty impressive statistics. Available on both Android and iOs, Deezer works like any run-of-the-mill streaming service.
This app comes in two packages; premium and Elite. To get started, you will create a login that they will use across all of their devices, and pick one of the umpteen platforms to start jamming out on.
Premium users might find the best luck starting out with the web player or on either major smartphone platform. Elite members, on the other hand, should shoot straight to their Sonos systems to check out their favourite tracks in ultra-crisp HD audio.
One of the first steps to building a better experience is to highlight particular genres, artistes and songs that you like by “hearting” them. With more than 30 million songs to pick from, almost any artiste you can imagine is in the archive somewhere.
Unfortunately, finding anything takes a bit of patience. Search isn’t perfect and far too often I found the “top tracks” section of an artiste’s page anything but wanting. Still, if you can stick through the headache of finding music, you will be rewarded with glorious 16bit, 44.1kHz FLAC files that are pretty much heaven on earth for music lovers.

The good
• Well featured
• Good catalogue
• Wide platform support
• Local MP3 syncing
• CD quality streaming available

The bad
• Mobile apps need work
• Elite service is restricted


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