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Who wears short shorts and dances paka chini for Kabaka?

Cindy performing at Kabaka Mutebi’s 62nd’s birthday dinner.

“With so many kids in the music industry now, I try not to leave much room for criticism. By the time I put my music video out, I am sure that it is at its best. I have been around for some time —close to 10 years— so really, I have to keep it going right,” said Ugandan musician Cindy Sanyu during an interview on NTV’s The Beat music show last week.
Well, for someone who tries to leave little room for criticism and has been around for close to 10 years, what was going through her mind when she set out to grace the Kabaka’s 62nd birthday dinner in Bulange Mengo gardens with her “off performance”?
I mean, who does not know the detail that culture commands at such functions? Isn’t it in order for artistes to put their audiences first as they prepare for such performances? Now in this case she was performimg for the Kabaka of Buganda himself. Clearly the stakes were really high. Wasn’t it obvious that the best way to honour such an invite was by leaving her guests with bright smiles as opposed to the impromptu departure amid disappointment?
Despite her kind of music and strong performances, fellow artiste Sheebah Karungi has previously made some good effort to fit in well while performing for the Kabaka at a similar function by dressing fairly and fine tuning her performance to blend in with the pre-requisites.
Oba that is a simple skill of compromise and knowing one’s audience requirements at all times that seemed like rocket science to Cindy! And then she says she has been around for close to 10 years hence has seen and mastered it all to manage the critics?
Like they say, pride comes before a fall. How she failed to know that she needed to rehearse for her audience and not stick to or try so hard to maintain the brand “Cindy” against all odds beats one’s understanding.
Although while we fault her, we cannot ignore the organisers who deemed her presence right for such a do. Like seriously? They want to move with trends, but again, it should not be an overkill. However if one is ready to tread such avenues then they should at least provide the dos and don’ts for these artistes ahead of time. That should manage all the risks and save many the embarrassment.
If there was any doubt about this, the short shorts and paka chini dance moves before the Kabaka and Nnabagereka of Buganda was clear evidence. We just hope lessons were learnt for the better!

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