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What next after graduation?


Thousands of young people are graduating this week. Congratulations to them. But in this era of more graduates and fewer jobs, we asked Sqoop readers what advice they have for the fresh graduates

Edgar God’sLove Agaba: Im among them! But I want to assure my comrades that there is no dirty money. … Any job u do brings in clean money be it farming, be it welding. White collar jobs are very few 4 the thousands of graduands outgoing. Let’s be more than ready to pray hard and work hard.

Frank Benjavati: They should go dig en get mullah.

Peter Kyobe: Ekiliwo kyokola (Do whatever job is availbale). A degree is just for swag unless you are lucky.

Ankunda Henry: Do whatever you come across as you hope for a better job.

Joseph Lukyamuzi: For them I have good news and bad news. The good news is that there are so many jobs waiting for them. The bad news is that 95 per cent of these available jobs have little or nothing to do with the degrees they have got.
Muwanguzi James: 2 look 4 work not 4 jobs coz d work u get could lead u to d job.

Godfrey Onzima: They shld not underate any available job.

Otika Denish: They sh’d create their own jobs instead ov going 4 betting.

Mukasa Moses: We need job creators not job seekers. Congz graduates.

Mara Jimmy Wester: Be ready to get dirty so as to earn smart money i.e farming. Never limit yourself to your qualification. Never think of working in some office, let it just be a by the way. That’s how you can survive the unemployment in Uganda.

Charlie Trixie: Congratulations to them. The world after graduation is different. Let them do any job that comes their way, just like us….

Lwanga Marvin Andrew: They sh’d come 2gther 2 fight M7… en they will get jobs.

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