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The summers are chopping money

Sqoop:  The summers are back with their flashy cars and accents … Now they are chopping dollars in happening places … Is it okay for them to show off their money oba it’s just maalo? Have your say.

Kagezi Brian: It’s just gross.

Tebandeke Abdallah: It’s okay.

Kimbowa Charles: Ofcoz its maalo every 1 has money.

Morris Kuhn: If it’s their money that’s none of anybody’s business other than them, they owe no one and we know all the struggles they went through to attaining it, so its nothing like primitivity. We have a jargon “mbu ebyo biboozi bya ku street”!!!

Kirya Emmanuel J Journalist: Ba dembe lya bwe. (It’s their freedom).

Bukomba Ronald Dennis: It is certainly bad to ‘show off’ money but very okay to live a better life when you have money. Enjoy your money. Kireka.

Edith Nakidde: It’s their money, let them spend it anyway they want.

Namakula Jackie: It’s their right to show off.

Tury Prosper: Man we have our money, what do you want us to do with it? You can always hide when you see us showing it off…perhaps for your safety!

Charles Cruise Mwanje: Its very okay since thy have d dimes. Y envy them?? Bcoz u dnt have???

Kawesa Dennis Urban: No one depending on them apart frm their frnds, no wonder most are just getg sme peace nw evr since ey lft Ug. maalooooo.

Kelly Belinda Shisa: Banange, stop being stupid and jealous, that is their money so work for urs and showcase ur maalo as well.

Shad Shneider Lewitt: They wana spend it, wy u getin a ka man in yo throat? chill em.

Mwalye Dan Jones: It’s their hard earned money, let them be! Enjoy yours too and mind your business!

Madxavi S. Living: Lt them live their lyf buh nid 2 know dat wat they’re doin z not new.

Kabunga Allan Katumba: Ts thea mani so u dnt nid 2 wispa 2 as coz we are less concerned.

Killigenius Killian: Its there first tym to get huge money, let them go to the zoo.

Tumusiime Arnold Junior-t: Then thats beyond #maalo… cud be #byaalo.

Joshua Wakoko: U come and I get 4 u work, it seems u r broke.

Raized Daxtan: $ r made for what?

Kingo Kizito Okokoro: U harvest what u sow, period!

Akandwanaho G Empex: They hav money….so let them chop it.

Chili Sara: Eeee its ok for them, its only those without money who are ok not showing off.

Ricky Mux Royce Hills: Life is too short….Wama enjoy ur dollars…..Hehe pipo stop beefing.

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