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Ronnie Mcvex gets own comedy night

Just like the music industry, the comedy industry has its own set of jokers who join to get a quick buck. So by the time a bar entrusts you to start up a comedy night, it means you are serious about the business.
Alex Muhangi has been headlining comedy nights at the Bukoto-based Diners Lounge for six months now and looks like he is impressing. No wonder Benrich Lounge in Kisaasi has picked a leaf and what we hear is that they have entrusted none other than Ronnie Mcvex, a comedian who has also made a name from hosting events, to headline their Tuesday nights.
He will start off work at the end of this month with a long list of comedians including Madrat and Chiko, Amooti, Daniel Omara, Napoleon Emma, Mc Kapale, Dolibondo, Teacher Mpamire and Pablo, among others showing up too.

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