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Pallaso survives lynching at Busabala


Many artistes who were expected to perform at Bobi Wine’s concert last Saturday were a no show. But singer Pallaso turned up unexpectedly and he caught everyone, the event MCs inclusive, unawares. Pallaso just showed up on stage as comedian Dicanio- the night’s MC prepared to announce the next act.
The crowd cheered wildly thinking Pallaso was going to entertain; but they were wrong. Pallaso instead started up an argument with Dicanio over why his minders and upcoming musicians from his Team Good Music had been denied access to the stage.
Dicanio tried to explain to Pallaso that time was up for upcoming artistes, but the singer couldn’t have any of it. Twenty minutes later without any action, Pallaso tried to invite his artistes on stage. However, Dicanio stood his ground and ordered Pallaso and his DJ off the stage, but Pallaso refused and instead said he would only get off the stage on Bobi Wine’s orders.
“I am a big artiste, I was jailed in the US for three years, I hustled my way out and now you want to trash me in my own country,” Pallaso said as tears rolled down his cheeks.
When he realised the DJ and Dicanio were untouched by his emotional outburst, Pallaso lost his cool and tried to get physical with both of them. But some members of the crowd that were irritated by his actions, equally lost their cool and decided to intervene and teach Pallaso a lesson.
But the singer quickly sensed danger when he saw a mob rushing his direction and together with his minders jumped off stage and ran as fast as they could for dear life.
They all managed to get away unhurt, but Pallaso must have slaughtered a cock to celebrate his survival.

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