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Fashion Tip: Home grown fashionistas

Heard & Kleith

We don’t have to look at international celebrities for fashion inspiration. Afterall their day’s outfit could cost someone’s six months’ salary. But we don’t have to stoop so low to copy bizarre fashion like Straka’s hair even when it costs just a couple of sodas.

Tired of having to look at Beyonce and the like in their impossibly expensive outfits for style inspiration? Honestly so am I. Does that mean we wing it and all end up dressing like Bad Black and Straka, our home-grown celebrities? Gosh no!

Because right here, we have some celebrities or rather people in the spotlight that dress decently and manage to catch attention without having to sew on three weaves of different colours. I have particularly noticed two noteworthy people, not your typical singing or acting celebrity, but they happen to turn out at several events. Kleith who presents T Nation and Judith Heard. Yes Judith Heard. I know, I know, you wonder heard what? Well, we are not sure what Judith heard except, maybe the voice of the fashion gods.

If you are keen, you will notice almost all her outfits in the recent past are selected for a purpose of turning heads while at the same time oozing perfection. Classic clean cut designs, perfectly done make up and sophisticated accessories is the summation of her outfits. Whether it is a floor length dress for a red carpet even or a mini for a less formal event, her outfits are tasteful.

And Kleith, young, pretty and bursting with the exuberance of youth and from what her outfits show, fashion sense. She falls in the category of girls who are not afraid to dress her age, character or her playful side. Whether it is a dress or a pair of Capri pants, Kleith never fails to stun. So what tips can we pick from these fashionable women.

It is never too late to reinvent your look. Lady Gaga outrageous is so out. Simple classy is so in and Judith Heard is living proof.

Less is actually more: You do not need to look like a rainbow, or go extreme to make a fashion statement.

It is never too early to start. Dress to impress always. A big smile goes with everything.

You do not need to dress like a Las Vegas showgirl to look good.

Being creative with fashion doesn’t necessarily mean wearing chicken feathers on your clothes or cow horns for earrings. You can play with different styles and trends to come up with your own look.

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