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Roga Roga DJs redefine hip hop


rapping: They have been together for six years and one of the things the group says has kept them together is the ability to do things different. But what has enabled the group cut across is their versatility in language; they sing in Swahili, Ateso and Karimojong.

Roga Roga DJs are a generation of musicians who came to the limelight six years ago. The Soroti-based music DJs are a local hip hop force whose talent and music prowess has attracted several hearts to their side.

The genre of music they do is not new, but their ability to blend Ateso, Kiswahili and Ngakarimojong has drawn them a fan base in Teso, Karamoja and parts of Kenya than any other local artist in the region.

Malik Malikubwa, the group’s lead member says Roga Roga is a Kiswahili word that means ‘bewitching’, although theirs is not about bewitching people to kill, but bewitching people by thrilling them through hip hop.

He believes their free style and live performances is what has created a name for them in the region. The other two members of the group are Bash Octupus and Monjona.

Malikubwa, the most muscular of the crew says between now and December, they plan to release two new albums, in time for the Christmas festivities.

“As we talk, we are engaged in a lot of studio work, trying to finalise the recording of the two albums that will be played on local stations,” he says.


Since stepping onto the scene, Malikubwa says they have recorded several albums, ranging from Oting Aswam (handle work) Poko Poko, Ekasimu, Size-Wagu and Maisai Nibaya, which have successfully earned them the name and a little fortune to tell.

The crew says one of the things that has enabled them stay afloat is their ability to write and compose their own songs.

“We look at situations and issues trending in the community and we write songs to suit the taste of the public; that is the essence of music,” Malikubwa says.

The crew adds that it is also this strategy that has enabled them beat competition from upcoming artistes trying to break into the same genre.

According to Malikubwa, Roga Roga DJs’, future plan is to mentor and recruit more artistes into their music crew and so far they have mentored some solo artistes and that is our pride.

From 2011-2012, the hip hop crew was awarded most outstanding musicians of the year at the Teso Music Award Gala.

In 2013-2014, the group were appointed Nile Breweries Limited ambassadors to market some of their beer brands.

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