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Rising talent: Beckie 256, a dream that started at school


Rap singing: She started her music journey in 2010, but has been on and off due to finances. And now that her bank account doesn’t look so bad, Beckie 256 is not about to stop.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a rap singer, songwriter and actress.

What do you mean by rap singer?
Rap singing is a fusion of rapping and singing at the same time. It is a style I created for myself so that I can be unique. I believe I am the only rap singer locally. But I think I have paved way for many rappers who are starting to rap sing, which is good, because it is also helping to widen the market for rap music.

Who are some of those rappers?
I cannot say. They might feel offended.

Tell us the story behind the name Beckie 256.
My real name is Beckie Nakirya. Beckie 256 is just my stage name, which I created using my name and my country code.

When did you start doing music?
I started out in 2010 but I have been on and off because when I started my career, I was still at home and my family could not finance my career since music is expensive. I needed to record, shoot videos, transport myself to shows and so on, yet I had no money to do it consistently. But now that I earn some money and stay alone, I can afford it.

Do you do anything else besides music?
I recently teamed up with a friend, Charity Flaksy, and we started CML fashions, which deals in makeup, styling and dressing people for photo shoots or videos.

How many songs do you have so far?
I have seven; Nibinshasha, which already has a video, Be With You ft Andre and Gift OG khaddo, Akakutte, whose video will come out soon, I Miss My Village ft DJ cent (a South Sudanese) and this too has a video out , Nze Yenze which was my first song in 2010 and it won me best female hip hop in the Diva Awards that year, Omukwano Gwo, ft Mr Woods, which went to number one on the East African countdown, and No More Selection ft Dr Brain (the guy who wrote the Musawo song by Winnie Nwagi).

What inspired you to join the music industry?
I joined music after doing some free styles in school and it was actually my friends who pushed me to follow that path because they thought I sounded good.

Speaking of school, take us through your education background.
I went to Kennedy Primary School, Kennedy Secondary School for my O-Level and then Trinity Senior Academy for my A-Level. I also had a short stint at Nkumba University.
Did you cut it short?
I left Nkumba in 2014 before I completed my Information Technology course because of reasons I am not comfortable disclosing here.

Which Ugandan artiste keeps you hooked on the radio or TV when their songs are playing?
Afrigo Band. I love them because their music will forever live and that is the kind of music I want to do, Godwilling.

Tell us a bit about your family background.
I was raised in Namulanda on Entebbe Road by my grandmother, the late Ms Nanfuka Temaligwe.

Every artiste has targets. What does Beckie 256 plan to achieve in this industry?
I want to make music that will leave a lasting impression in people’s lives, 50 years and more from now and that is why I take my time before releasing songs and with God’s grace, I’m going to achieve that.

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