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Quick CV: Mustaque Abdallah

Quick CV

Director of Photography, Twisted Filmz & Video

First car
It was a Toyota FX, my mum gave it to me.

Current car
Toyota Altezza Sport. It’s very sporty, fast and makes heads turn…especially the girls of course…lol

Dream car
I would love the G500 Mercedes Benz. Amazing machine.

First job
I was a life guard at the American Embassy leisure centre in Makindye during my S.4 vac.

Current job
I am the Director of Photography at Twisted Filmz & Video. I also work with Fenon, Camz en Grips plus Addmaya.

Got where I am by
People overlooked this camera work and the people that do it. So, me and a bunch of guys, coincidentally all from Namilyango Junior Boys School, found ourselves having the same interest and goal; so, we went ahead pursued our dream.

Fav gadget
iPhone 4S.

Fav movie/series

Fav meal
Rice and chicken.

Worst habit
I am always joking; I think I don’t seem serious to some people…lol.

Inspired by
When I look 10 years back and I remember what I was and where I am today, I am motivated to work harder.

Best quote
My mum once told me that sometime you have to be mean to be kind to yourself. That’s my favourite quote.

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