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Pemba sets up big business in Dubai

Jack Pemba has been silent these days but what we understand is that he’s in Dubai where he expanded his Jack Pemba businesses.

Not everyone can set up a business in the middle of Dubai. One has to be extremely wealthy or has to be dealing with some of the big wigs over there. Jack Pemba, you might say is between both as what possible reason would he have to open up offices in one of the most expensive places in the whole world.

It is said that Pemba set up offices dealing in JP Logistics, a general freight company that deals in worldwide shipping and logistics. The well-furnished offices will be accessible starting next week.

“Being a businessman, I found it important to expand my brand to other places in the world. And because I have friends in Dubai, they made it easy for me to set up offices here. So for all the shipping and logistics business, we are open,” he said.

Pemba under his Pemba Sports Africa has been involved in sports philanthropy in the recent past and is involved in supporting body building, martial arts and basketball among others.

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