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My mission is to inspire – Phyllis

Phyllis (L) in studio with her fan Bivalean, whom she told her inspiration was Oprah. PHOTO BY Abubaker Lubowa

ON THE RADIO: Phyllis Namuwoya, one of the presenters on D’Hook on KFM is living her radio dream. How she got there, is a story she gladly shared with her fan Bivalean Akinyu, an S.3 student at Ndejje High Secondary School.

How did you join radio?
Ever since I was young, I admired being a journalist, so when I grew up I went to India for my degree but unfortunately when I got there admission for Mass Communication was already closed. My friends advised me to choose another course rather than wait for a year to enroll for Mass Com. I ended up doing Bachelors of Commerce but when I returned to Uganda, my passion for journalism was still strong. I did a short media course at Media Pro, which was then being headed by Roger Mugisha. There I was taught the dos and don’ts of radio.

Who inspired you?
Oprah Winfrey. I used to watch her show when I was young. What drew me to her most was how she talked about fat people. I was really fat at the time and people used to tease me, calling me “Big Masavu”. Oprah was going through the same thing as I, so I related to her. I wanted to inspire people like her.

You sound so sweet on radio. Is that you or it’s just an act?
The time you have been interacting with me off radio, do you find me different? (Laughs). Uhhm… that’s me, I’m real. If there is one thing I have learnt in life it is that it does not hurt being nice. I try as much as possible not to be surrounded by negative people because my mission in life is to inspire others.

Most celebrities don’t respond to Facebook requests, how come you do?
I get shocked when people thank me for responding to their friend requests but being a radio personality does not deter me from responding to people on Facebook. I remember one day a certain caller asked me for the name I use on Facebook and I told her. It was amazing.

Unlike other radio presenters, you live a humble lifestyle style, how do you do it?
I promised myself that when I get a radio job, I would still act and live a normal life, which is why you see me footing and using bodas. I even shop in Nakasero and Owino and sometimes I hear people shouting: “Oh My God that’s Phyllis walking!” I just stop and say hello.

Which other radio shows do you present?
I do the The Heart and Soul on Sunday. It starts from 6am to 10am.

How do you start your normal days?
When my children are on holiday, I wake up at around 6am, say a prayer, take water, do some laundry if there is, take breakfast and make sure that I am at work by 9am such that I can prepare for my programme. However, during school time, I set an alarm for 5am, prepare them such that their school van finds them ready. When they leave, I continue with my usual schedule. On Sunday, I wake up by five, say a prayer, shower and wait for the company car to pick me up. When I finish my morning show, I go for the midday service.

Are you married?
I don’t want to say I am separated but I am a single and happy mother of two beautiful daughters; Buju and Popo. I love them so much and they make me happy.

What is your origin?
I am a Musoga. Both my parents are Basoga.

But you don’t look like one.
(Laughs) That is what you think.

How they hooked up
Bivalean is a big fan of D’Hook show on KFM. She connected with Phyllis, the show’s presenter on Facebook, where she asked to meet up.

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