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Hustler : Kenneth Mutabazi

Mutabazi is into farming.  PHOTO BY I. SSEJJOMBWEWhat’s the name of your business?
Mutima Business Farm.

What is your business all about?
We rear chicken, both local and exotic birds.

When did you start this business?
I started it in November last year.

How much did you invest?
I invested Shs750,000.

How much is your business worth now?
About Shs2m.

How much do you chicken go for?
Local birds go for Shs16,000 and broilers go for Shs10,000. A tray of local eggs costs Shs12,000.

What challenges do you face?
Feeds are expensive and you feel the pinch when the birds are not yet ready for the market. The birds are also susceptible to many diseases. It is also hard to find market.

What benefits have you achieved doing this kind of business?
I get money which helps me to take care of myself and family. I am planning to open up a piggery out of this business.

Where is your business located?
In Kiwanga, Bweyogerere.

How much do you get from this business in a good and bad season?
In a good season, I get a profit of Shs400,000 and Shs150,000 in a bad one.

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