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Hustler: James Sserunya – Jamo Artworks

What in art’s name can you do?
I can do a lot of things; modelling vases and pots, sculpting, painting both humans and nature. I also make crafts and teach interested people the basic principles of art.

For how long have you done art?
Since childhood, however I started earning off it during my S.4 vacation because I was teaching Fine Art at a certain secondary school. I also worked at the Ceramics Department of Makerere University.

How much capital did you start this outlet with?
About Shs1m, from savings and handouts from buddies. A gentleman called Principle Wamala of BRIBTE let me use this building for an art gallery/ workshop. And, of course, plenty of hard work because in art if you don’t work, you have nothing to show for yourself.

Have the returns been relative to the capital?
Man business is tight, art is not of great attribute and appreciation in Uganda, materials are expensive, I am into small-scale production because I don’t have efficient tools and the high cost of living makes the returns quite low compared to the capital.

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