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Hustler : Billy Mwesigye

Mwesigye says his biggest challenge is competition. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Mwesigye says his biggest challenge is competition. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Daring the competition: He joined the business life at a tender age, by helping his mother at her shop. Little did Billy Mwesigye know this was paving way for his future. Now the man who started with Shs100,000 earns more than Shs1m a week.

What kind of business are you involved in?
I am into printing, branding and stationery. I make receipt books, print T-shirts, stamps, stickers, banners, wedding cards, business cards, brochures among other things.

Where did you learn this kind of business from?
From Nasser Road. Besides that, I studied Science in Marketing at MUBs. I used the skills I learnt to take on the roles that come with the business, such as identifying business packages and print design projects.

Why this line of business?
I got to know about business during my time in primary and secondary school. Then my mother would leave me in her wholesale shop. She always sent me to buy stationery for the shop at Nasser Road and other stuff such as music, press machines, paper cutters, numbering machines, stamping and keyboards. I got to learn how to make paper bags, books and graphics at Nasser Road while in my first year at the university.

How much did you invest and where did it go?
I started with around Shs100,000, which I used to print and buy the materials to deliver to different destinations. I also sub rented a shop with a certain lady at Shs50,000 per month. This is how I managed to save and get my own place.

Where is this business located?
On Nasser Road, Fair House Room S12.

Nasser Rd is the home of stationery and branding. Why not find another place with minimal competition?
It is easy to get materials at Nasser Road. It is flexible, plus Nasser Road has many suppliers for all the paper products.
What challenges do you face doing this business?
Competition! There are thousands of people doing the same business, some with cheaper prices. Also, machines are so expensive and the taxes are too high.

What are your charges?
Charges differ according to the order of the items. Those who purchase books in large quantities, for example, are charged a little less than those ordering less. Different products have different prices.

When did you start this business?
In 2013.

How much do you earn in a week from this business?
In a week I can earn profits between Shs800,000 and Shs1m or even Shs1.2m.

How safe is this business for someone who is thinking of starting up?
It requires little capital and it is very profitable.

Do you do all the work yourself?
No. I cannot manage on my own. I have five employees.

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