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Celebrity look-alikes

Siblings from other parents. Here are those look-alikes that may soon need to take DNA tests to know their true parentage, lest we have another saga like that of the woman who claimed singer Irene Namatovu was her long lost daughter, writes Ian Ortega

Hon. Nsereko  and Ibin Ssenkumbi

Nsereko and Sekumbi

Nsereko and Sekumbi

Guess you did not see this coming. Next time you see Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi commenting on Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko’s arrest, don’t bother yourself, it’s probably just sibling rivalry. In fact if Nsereko got arrested and he borrowed a police uniform, he would escape from CPS as junior officers salute him thinking it is their spokesman.

Judith Babirye and Mama Fina
One is a gospel singer and the other is a traditional healer. Talk about siblings taking completely different career paths. While Babirye says her Father is in heaven and Mama Fina says hers is in the spirits’ world, these two could be having the same biological father. Lend Babirye some of Straka’s weight or let Mama Fina hit the gym and you will see that we are not making this up.

Mama Fina and Judith Babirye

Mama Fina and Judith Babirye

Navio and Craig David



Navio is one of Uganda’s finest rappers and son to former Uganda Investment Authority Executive Director Dr Maggie Kigozi. There is however very strange resemblance to Craig David, who was all ther rage in the early 2000s.

Kevin Lyttle and Toniks
Kevin Lyttle is a singer from the Caribbean islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The singer behind the Turn Me On song was in Uganda about five years ago and he surely turned on Ugandan chicks. There were rumours that girls flocked the singers hotel room Enter our own Toniks who not only sings like Kevin Lyttle but looks like him. We are yet to get reports of girls lining up at his house though.

Patrick Idringi and Idi amin Dada And Shrek
Forest Whitaker may have played as Amin in Last King of Scotland and even won an Oscar for it, but comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvado would have done it without make-up.  Just like the late Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, Salvado hails from West Nile. He might have to do a background check to see if Amin is perhaps a relative. Facebook jokes also made rounds that Idringi looks like cartoon movie character Shrek and Idringi posted on his wall asking if it were true. You be the judge.

Kenya’s Wahu and Cindy

Cindy and Wahu

Cindy and Wahu

One of Uganda’s greatest female artistes may actually be a sister to another big Kenyan  artiste. Though she hails from Bunyoro, Cindy was actually born and raised in the Eastern Uganda town of Mbale that is close to Kenya. And a woman in that very country looks just like her. These two need a DNA test. Not only do their look alike, but their vocal range is the same.

Henry Tigan and DJ Shiru

Tigan and Shiru

Tigan and Shiru

Henry Tigan the artiste resembles Club Silk’s acclaimed DJ Shiru. Tigan ws a hot musical cake a few years ago but things have not been going on very smoothly of late. Maybe his brother should help him out and play his music. Next time you are in club and DJ Shiru does not play Tigan’s music, please hold him accountable.

Gaetano Kaggwa (above) and Generations’ Khaya Motene, (real names Akin Omotoso) (below).

Peter Miles and Jackie Chandiru
I had not noticed this from the onset of this story but when you give Peter Miles one of Chandiru’s hair weaves and make him stand close to Jackie Chandiru, you will notice that they look like siblings.  Software that automatically does resemblance simulations gave them a 95 per cent likeness score. Amazing, isn’t it?

Bobi wine and Bounty Killer
Now these ones are super twins. When I saw Bounty killer on TV, I was surprised, I thought Bobi Wine had finally stopped his fake Jamaican patois rantings like “Me a bad man from Kamwokya” and become the real deal, only to realize it was Bounty Killer. Bounty Killer (born Rodney Basil Price June 12, 1972 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay. He is the founder of a dancehall collective, known as The Alliance whose members one time included Mavado, Vybz Kartel and Busy Signal. His Ugandan look-alike also has his own “alliance” the Firebase Crew.

Captain Dolla and Mun G
They both have hit songs at the moment. Mun G has Mbwase while Capt.Dolla has Emesse. If you are to observe clearly, the two actually look alike.  What makes matters worse is that their flow is actually the same. Actually many people thought that Emesse was Mun G’s song before they heard of a certain Captain Dolla. Their parents might have some explanations to do.

Coco Finger and Mr Flavour
Now if you enjoyed the Ashawo song, then you should know that Mr Flavour the man behind it has a look alike in Uganda, who is none other than dancehall singer Coco Finger. See, you had not noticed that before.

Mesach Semakula and Betty Nambooze, need we say more?

Nambooze and Mesach

Nambooze and Mesach

Toolman and Jamaican dancehall singer Shaba Ranks.

The lips, the nose, the hair … amazing.

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