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Ann Nixon: NTV’s “party hopper”



The Login face: She started out producing a children’s show, and when she was asked to sit in for Login, the nerves set in. Months down the road, Login is the best thing that has happened to her. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with the TV presenter.
Tell me about yourself?
My name is Ann Nakawombe, aka Ann Nixon. I will be turning 25 in June this year.

Who is Ann Nakawombe off TV?
I am a very vibrant, cheeky, ever-smiley and quite talkative person.

What is that one thing that people do not know about you?
Well, let’s see. People do not know that I still live at my parents’ house.

Does that bother you in any way?
Why would I? In fact, I feel proud because growing up in a typical conservative home, I will only leave when I am getting married.

Does that mean you are still single?
No I am not. I am dating but it is not yet official that is why I am still at my parents’ home.

Most social events happen in the night and end pretty late. Is it okay with your parents for you to return home late?
It is not okay but they are supportive. They know that this is the career I chose so they always have my back. Their main concern is the security, but NTV drops me home every time we have late assignments.

What were you doing before joining Login?
I have been working at NTV since my second year at campus. I was producing all the children’s shows here, from Planet K, Kids Talent Search which was a reality show looking for talent in children aged below 13. I was also producing a few documentaries for NTV and Login sometimes. So I have been around, although behind the scenes.

How did you end up presenting Login?
When Robin Kisti took her first maternity leave, the Login producer asked me to fill in for her and because I had never been in front of a camera before, I was nervous. But looked like I pulled it off and I kept presenting until Robin returned. When she left for her second maternity leave, I was the nearest option.

There is rumour that Robin left because of you. Is it true that you guys do not see eye to eye?
No it is not true. Robin has always been helpful in my career. She is a great friend and we still communicate up to now. She gives me tips on how to go about the programme. She willingly left and I was not responsible for her departure.

What perks come along with the status of being a Login presenter?
The most important thing in this job is meeting important people – call them the A-listers of Kampala; the VIPs, CEOs, Ambassadors. Like recently, I attended Sudhir’s housewarming party. If I hadn’t been a presenter, of course I would not have attended, so it is such things that excite me. Another thing is being able to be in all these places that other people wish they could be at, for example red carpet events, parties, where you get to be upclose and personal with people, dream stars and many other things.

How would you describe a good presenter?
First and foremost you need confidence. It is very important to build confidence from inside by managing your nerves. You need to have steady eye contact and a relaxed face while presenting. Another thing is the need to connect with your audience so that you make sense. You also need to have content on your fingertips. You cannot go on air looking unknowledgeable because it won’t really look good and also have the courage because it is not easy to stand in front of the camera or in a crowd to do animations with your face.

The show seems rather too short yet there are times when there are a lot of entertainment programmes going on.
We don’t really have plans of extending Login because the show is meant to give you highlights of those exciting events that you miss or you attended and you want to watch again. So we basically give you recaps of events as they happen every week in the comfort of your sitting room but I will talk to the management and see.

There is a certain period when the entertainment season is dry. What do you do in such a scenario?
It is true there are months that are dry, for example January, but everything is planned.
We introduced segments such as our new 21 questions segment that is fun and exciting. It is a quick fire interview with different people in the entertainment world that we think our viewers would be interested in.

What has been your biggest challenge doing this show?
The biggest challenge I faced was the first time I decided to take on this TV job. I did not know what to expect but I just decided to go all in and the results were remarkable. I am actually not regretting the decision.
How does it feel to replace Robin Kisti who had become one of the best presenters in Uganda? Do you at any time feel like her shoes were too big to fill?
“Replacing” gives it a different meaning all together. Robin did her part and did a tremendous job. Now I am also doing my part.
I believe change is good and that is exactly what happened.

How do you spend your free time?
I stay home and watch comedies, sometimes I go out and enjoy band music with my friends or go out to the cinema. Sometimes I stay home and watch the E Channel all day.

Who is that presenter you love watching do their thing?
That would be Douglas Lwanga of The Beat and MC Kats of Xposed. Those guys are so natural and love what they do. They make presenting seem so easy.

Has Login helped you in any way since you started out?
Yes. I have met so many important people; CEOs, VIPs, Ambassadors, politicians and celebrities, among others. I would still be the same backstage Ann who used to produce a children’s show if it was not for Login.

Should we expect anything new from Login this year?
Of course a lot is going to change. We are going to bring you more international content. We shall be travelling abroad to bring you things that will change your lives. I do not want to go into details yet, but just watch the space.


Schools attended?
Kitante Primary School, Joy Primary School, St Maria Goretti Katende (O-Level), St Joseph’s SS Nsambya (A-Level), and Uganda Christian University, Mukono (Mass Communication).
Best meal :Rice and liver
Favourite colour: Black because everything looks good in black.
Ideal look: Dresses.
Dream destination: Disneyland.
Idols: Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic.
Favourite quote: “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate,” Oprah Winfrey.

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