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SQOOP readers pay tribute TO KERON

bobi-weedSqoop: Musician Bobi Wine released the song Dipo Ze Saada announcing that he had quit smoking marijuana a few years ago. The Ghetto president then joined Uganda Police to help preach the gospel against drug abuse. And surprisingly, last Friday, at the burial of fellow singer Juliana Kanyomozi’s son Keron Kabugo, in Matugga, Bobi Wine turned up wearing a cap professing his love for weed!!!!! Bobi is also a “parenting ambassador” for Twaweza, an NGO that promotes education. This is surely not being a role model! What’s your comment????

Ayinea Aron: He’s jst making name as usual.

Ruhanga Ivan Naville: A saying goes like….”do as I say but don’t do what I do.”

Kintu Derrick Kent Mwanje: He wants popularity and h may also be addicted to da weed …

Lunghabo Vincent: Define weed before you comment.

Kambeho Ian: Do as I say not as I do, how many parents have beaten their kids due to alcohol drinking yet themselves are inseparable with bottles?

Shin Shifah: Temutukoya u went to read wat z written on people’s caps or burial?

Jameshizo Skillz: I also saw him blazing the weed.

Kalulu Escoe Charles: Just listen 2 songs lyk #Ganyoke & #Higrade, u can’t even believe it.

Kamugisha Augustine: No way plz! Last time I met someone wearing a T- Shirt wz a poster “I am a dog.” Did it mean he was? Respect the prezzo.

Kiconco Mildred: That dude doesn’t behave lyk an elite, nze nakoowa.

Andrew Khaweka: The cap did not say “ I love Weed” It said I weed…. Sqoop reading letters in envelopes!!!

Job Prince Ossuret De’Job: I like Bobi in that way, he gives you pipo news.

Asiimwe Natasha Kitore: Oh my God… Bobi has no problem. Sometimes we put on clothes written on America, does that mean that the person stays or loves America? Obviously no… when u become a born again and u have been taking alcohol, does that mean that u burn of break all the cups and glasses u have been using? Obviously no… so?

Shafiq Tiago Rota Mc: Weed is a herb.

Zayna Omuziibu Z’zy: Wat z da purpose of a cap? Ts to protect him 4rm direct sunshine…. #period.

Sunday Charles: #Ghetto gladiator just loves weed because his songz like Ganyoke ft Nubian Lee and Highgrade ft Mr G explain it all…

J’ope Kiganda: Did u want his cap to read Sqoop?? Shaaa Freedom of dresscode!!

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