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Date with a Celeb: Surprises at third mixtape party


Party makers: DJ Roja, real name Roger Kitaka, and DJ Slick Stuart (Stuart Kavuma), are arguably the top deejays in town. The two have achieved in a short time what other veteran DJs have failed to do in a longtime. Roja and Slick Stuart are the first deejay duo in Uganda, the first to successfully hold two mixtape parties. The third is scheduled for tomorrow. The two tell us what to expect this time round.
What keeps this duo going?
We have been working together since 2012. We are not just friends but rather consider ourselves family. We have won numerous awards together, laughed together and succeeded together.

You were the first Ugandan deejays to win a Nigerian Entertainment Award. How does it feel and when are we seeing the award?
Thank you. We are so happy and privileged to be global winners. It shows that our work is also appreciated beyond borders. The award will reach Uganda soon, someone is bringing it.

DJ Shiru disregarded the award on NTV’s The Beat show. Is there any bad blood there?
Shiru is a household name in the industry. We respect him because he is one of our mentors. We have been highly inspired by him but his statements are his personal views and he is entitled to them.

Where did the mixtape idea originate from?
The idea originated from Roja. We wanted to do something different. We had seen artistes hold concerts every year yet we are the people who make them, so we tried our luck and now we are in the third year.

What different thing should we expect this year?
A lot. The security and organisation have been doubled. We have surprise deejays on the list; we have a couple of artistes coming through. So just be at Laftaz tomorrow.

Laftaz seems to be growing small for you. Any plans for a bigger venue in future?
It is true that Laftaz is growing small and people have been complaining about it but plans are in the pipeline to have it shifted to another venue, next year hopefully.

We have heard you collaborating with artistes on some songs. How does this work?
What happens is that we go to studio with an artiste, he does the voicing, we do the rest with the help of the producer. We have done projects with A Pass, Nutty Neithan and Jamal.

What are some of the notable events that you have appeared together?
We have been at events such as Buzz Teenies, Kadanke, Busy Signal, Konshens and Eddy Kenzo’s concerts, among others.

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