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Comedian Dolibondo and crew camp in Jinja


Revellers at last year’s Camp Comedy in Entebbe. Photo by Lawrence Ogwal

Cracking Ribs: Jinja will be on fire this weekend, not literally though, but as comedians led by Dolibondo crack ribs in a campfire setting. Lawrence Ogwal writes.

When Comedian Felix Jesero known to many as Dolibondo Unstressor decided to come up with an annual event dubbed Camp Comedy Blowout, he said it would take place in different venues. The first venue for the debut show was at Botanical Gardens in Entebbe.
In just a space of eight months, Dolibondo will hold his second edition of the annual Camp Comedy Blow out show today at Forever Resort in Jinja; the event will go on until the next day on Saturday. Camp Comedy Blowout for starters is an event which entails a night of laughter and at the same time a night to at least learn a thing or two about nature conservation. The event also involves revellers coming for the event with their own tents because it is more about camping. Even for those without tents, they will be on sale at the venue.
Idea of Camp comedy
According to Dolibondo, the idea came late last year during one of the comedy on water events that he was a part of. When we were at Mutoola Beach, the boat thatwas supposed to pick us took long to return and so everyone was bored and worried about how they would get to the other side of the lake. He then asked management to set up a camp fire and Mc Kapale was the first to crack jokes, the next thing they knew, no one wanted to leave.
Gates to the event will open by 6pm but the first session of the event will start at 8pm to 11pm, it will have the lined up comedians do stand-up comedy for the revellers. The other session will then involve people sitting around different campfire logs in different groups. Each group will have a comedian whom they will engage in jokes. Not only the comedian will crack jokes but the fans will also be free to chip in.
Why Jinja
Since the show is about adventuring and preserving nature, Dolibondo decided to take the second season to Jinja. “Like I said in the beginning, I want to preserve nature in different parts of Uganda,” he said, adding that it was the reason the first show was in Entebbe and the second one is going to happen in Jinja. The venues for the subsequent events will also be communicated as time goes on.
Some of the comedians who will perform at the event include Napoleone Emma, Bright Onak, Fun Factory, Salvador, Mc Kapale, Jaja Wasswa, Mendo Sevo among others.
Entrance to the event will be 30k, which comes with a free bottle of Club Shorty.


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