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Sqoop: Pastor Wilson Bugembe held a Celebrity Sunday bringing celebrities of all denominations for prayer at his Light The World Nations church in Nansana. There were born agains, Catholics, Protestants, Seventh Day adventists, Muslims and even traditional healer Mama Fiina. What’s your view on the Celebrity Sunday?

Erik Kademe: Let’s come & b united regardless of religious grounds.

Tagnile Tee Transformed Atweeta: Ts what da man v God has done.

Arnold Paul M: God of all.

Shon AK: He did a very gud thing unifying all religionz en itz a gud image 4 2gethanes!

Geoffrey Ajoba Pa’Mango: Coz of Desire n Zari, Bobi n Bebe, Sheeba n Pallaso.

Prince Phantus Junior: Le him go ahead.

Lwanga Marvin Andrew: Praiz God… Team Radio en Weasel, mo fayaa.

Ivan Wetaka: Man 4 himself but God is 4 all.

Mjn Moz: Hw I wish he made a politicans’ Sunday 2 bring Mbabazi, Lukwago, Musisi, Sevo, Besigye together. Can’t wyt 2 see dat. kudos! Pastor.

Oyenybth Dorah: Dats nice, even Christ was close 2 sinners & preached unity 2 bring them close 2 God’s kingdom. Dat’s encouraging.

Stephen Nsubuga: These so called celebrities tend to be so busy to even worship their creator, so I think it’s a good idea by Ps. Bugembe to organise them and give them some sense of direction!!

Kingo Kizito Okokoro: Dat’s great. Next should be these politicians and street beggars. That shows that we are one in Christ despite the mere earthly differences.

Sharny Dosh: It’s great,God for us all.

Seth Kyle: Hmmmm! They can want to make news… there’s nothing serious… Pastor ayyonoona buddebwe..

Shina Patrina: Wow dats great, praise GOD.!

Mwebe Mariam: That’s great.

Nassanga Dianah: God doesn’t discriminate.
Bukomba Ronald Dennis It is the only way to bring back the lost. Pastor Bugembe deserves to be emulated by his colleagues in that direction.

Samz Mbowa: Dat’s gud 4 some celebz who don’t usually go to church.

Workerbee Jordan Pent: Anonya offertory enyingyi ……datz y he made it a celebrity Sunday.

Qalmaani King’s: No Muslims !!!!!!! No Muslims !!!!!!!!!

Aisha Bint Mubaraka: That’s great.

Sandra Arach: Mscheeew, kilabika anonya fame, twakowa!!!!!

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