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Behind the scenes at Timaya gigs

The regional Club Mega Fest concerts featuring Nigerian singer Timaya were held at the weekend in Jinja and Entebbe. The shows were not sellouts, but they were averagely attended. We attended both shows and saw a few things off stage.

Timaya chauffeured in an Ipsum
Although back in Nigeria he cruises like a Jordanian king- Timaya didn’t get to enjoy similar conditions during his visit to Uganda. The Sanko singer instead received a nsenene-vendor like treatment as he was chauffeured around in a convoy of two Toyota Ipsums. Timaya seemed uncomfortable as he tried to hide from our cameras while in the back seat of a white Toyota Ipsum. Back  in Nigeria, Timaya owns a fleet of luxurious cars that include a Bentley and a Mercedes Benz Wagon. Timaya who owns a mansion in Lagos and recently completed another in Port Harcourt, also ushered in this year by unveiling a 2013 Lexus GX 460.
But the Kayan promotions bosses didn’t ‘want to know’ any of that; they lowered Timaya to the level of an Ipsum. Even Diamond Platinumz was chauffeured in a Limo when he visited last December. Chameleone’s technical rider always demands a European-made SUV as the means of ground transport in any country he visits. But we are still as baffled as Timaya himself on why Kayan Promotions had to choose an Ipsum for transporting a celebrated African singer.

 Suudi beaten, bounced
During the entire Timaya concert preparations, we were told that promoter Suudi Lukwago of Suudiman International was simply a booking agent. We were told that Kayan Promotions was the company running the show. But to our surprise, Suudi was seen trying to issue orders at the gates in Jinja.
Suudi accused some mugged fellas of smuggling in people that hadn’t paid. However, Suudi was either overstepping his boundaries or he truly didn’t have a place at the gates. So, one of the mugged fellas decided to put the US-based promoter in his place. He ordered Suudi to vacate the gates, but the promoter instead ordered the military to arrest the kanyama.
The kanyama retaliated to Suudi’s orders by showering the promoter with slaps and punches. Thank God the Military chaps jumped in and saved Suudi. The kanyama was arrested and dragged away to an unknown destination.  Suudi went back to the gates and continued issuing orders, which left us wondering; was he just recouping money he demanded from Kayan Promotions, or he just chose to extend a helping hand?
Timaya stands on chair to watch Radio & Weasel perform
Timaya flew back to Nigeria on Monday morning. But the singer must have flown back with memories of our dynamic duo. Radio & Weasel set the bar so high for Timaya after they performed for about an hour at the Jinja concert.
The show’s headliner – Timaya only afforded 35 minutes on stage. And during the Beach Concert on Sunday, the dynamic duo simply stole Timaya’s show right in his face.
Timaya couldn’t resist to catch a glimpse of the duo as they stepped on stage amidst wild cheers. But since he was not tall enough to watch from backstage, Timaya stepped on one of his teammates’ chairs in order to watch the duo. He watched Radio & Weasel do their Magnetic hit and later stepped down.
Radio & Weasel didn’t just close Timaya’s show, they stole it and even got the headliner struggling to watch them.

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