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the acute angle : You can’t just be yourself!

ford-largeMbu just be yourself. Ohhh pleeeeeaaaaase! I had always wanted to meet the guys who coined such a ridiculous phrase. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were all nothing but a bunch of boring and mediocre people. These jokers proclaimed that for as long as you were yourself, the world would all of a sudden stand still for you, lay a red carpet for you and you would be somehow accepted. Total nonsense and that’s my problem right there. The concept of being yourself gives you nothing extra but more of a limit or pass mark above which you cannot assert yourself on the world stage. Being yourself is just an excuse to be comfortable with who you are and we all know that comfort and mediocrity are first cousins. The thrill and excitement to enjoy ourselves or to have a lasting effect on people isn’t in just ‘being yourself’ but stretching who we are to places we thought we could never go.If you are playing  the “being yourself” card all your life, the urge to try new things will never grip you and you will forever be that one bored chief complainant. A mediocre life is inclined to just being comfortable with the things within and around you meaning you have set a standard for your life that cannot be adjusted or enjoyed at a certain different level.
The power of leaving lasting impressions is hinged on being another version of you… A better you that cannot be achieved by well… just being you. Being yourself should only just be a basis. Of course there can never be another you but being yourself just gives you a feel of who you really are, the things that define you and basically the things that make you happy. Being yourself should be able to give you a stand point and not a fall back. Being yourself makes you completely average with not much to offer the world but being a better you always leaves a big impact on yourself and people around you. The people who told you that being yourself when you are going to make a pass at that girl you like lied to you. Being yourself can’t take you far unfortunately.
My most memorable experiences strangely have come when I was totally another version of me.The times I decided to be better or greater are the times people have wondered,” ehh but who is that guy?” The times when I made it a point to radiate the best of my qualities to the world are the times I have felt happiest. It’s with courage that someone can choose to snap out of their comfort zone and bring out the best of themselves and life in general. Whether it is for you, a relationship or work, bring out the best you and see how things work out. So my dear, you can go and carry that “be yourself” nonsense to the trash can and dump it there. Mbu be yourself … Lollllll!

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