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The acute angle : Welcoming 2015

Happy New Year to each and everyone out there who made it to the New Year 2015. I can imagine that the road to the New Year hasn’t been smooth but we should thank God for granting us another year to right some wrongs, deliver on promises and maximise our full potential. If you haven’t got your head wrapped around the idea of a New Year, you might be forgiven to think it was still 2014 considering last year went by pretty fast. Everything happened so fast last year that it was almost a miracle to keep up with events, work and even people. Days of the week were in panic mode with Monday always appearing closer than usual. Weekends coming through and vanishing without a single trace or memory.

If you made last year count then good for you and if you didn’t, you shouldn’t despair because a new chapter has been opened. 2015 should be treated with optimism no matter what transpired last year. Forget that you didn’t hit your weight loss target or that your grip on the cigarette only grew tighter, this year should present you another chance to try again.
While it can be disheartening to have all your plans squashed and all these dreams appearing to be hanging by a thread, we should look back with pride for our efforts and marvel at how far we have come and not torture ourselves for the heights we didn’t reach. If you failed countless times at whatever you tried to do, you should be proud of yourself for always being courageous to try again and I pray 2015 is the year you get to witness your breakthrough.
Personally, I will be looking forward to many things. It will be interesting to see how telecom networks play their cards this year. After disgusting us with their poor service provision for the last 12 months, many of these networks ought to deliver this time around. This should be their last chance to prove us wrong. With the presidential elections drawing closer, we should expect so much political drama in the buildup. Politicians will throw an avalanche of lies to have themselves voted in and I won’t be missing any of that. Amama Mbabazi will be one guy to watch. That calculative Mukiga won’t be making his bow soon and should have something up his sleeve this year.
It will also be interesting to see which socialite will want to share their gallery of nudes and send people into weeks of discussion. The socialite scourge will be very much alive in 2015. Everyone for some reason is getting married this year so that should be something exciting to look forward to. This year seems like everyone’s last chance to say “I do” so you can be ready to plunge all your savings into your friends’ weddings.
This year should be action packed with people either making it through the hustle or getting swallowed by it. But most importantly, we should work at being better people than we were last year and whatever we go through; let’s keep the Man upstairs at the centre of things. God Bless You and Happy New Year Once Again.

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