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The acute angle : Sex tapes: Behind the scenes

When many of these celebrity sextapes leak, they are greeted with surprise and the actors who are often victims of a love gone sour are treated with scorn and bouts of judgment from the public. Fans feel betrayed by the same people they are supposed to draw inspiration from.

When your favourite musician goes around vending her nudity on video, she becomes public enemy number one for a few weeks then everything suddenly takes a twist. The shamed celebrity starts to be glorified. It’s from these sex videos that careers of international ‘icons’ like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have been born. Locally, people like Desire Luzinda have seen their star rise so much that Desire has got to be the most booked artiste on the local music scene at the moment. People are dying to see her Kitone.
Whichever way you look at it, nudity is the fastest selling commodity and easily the most profitable for the actors. What we tend to forget is that these celebrities are equally human and are caught in webs of fantasy and passion just like many of us mortals are. When people are alone with just their loved ones, so much can happen and don’t pretend that this hasn’t happened to you. Before the camera starts rolling, its normally two people who are at the peak of a love experience. At that moment, nothing really matters and not even a single thought of a break-up or fall-out could even come to mind. Love seems to blind people that they become stupid and celebrities cannot be an exception.
When one of the adults jokingly asks the other to have pics taken of them, they will initially hesitate before accepting. The guy will probably ask his girl for a video to be taken of them doing God-knows what before he travels as this is the perfect reminder of the kind of woman he has got. Since the woman is head over heels in love with this guy, she will stretch like an acrobat, pose like a porn star for the man she truly loves. All this is done with full conscience and hope that a fairytale wedding and eternity together is guaranteed.
Love is stupid and the lovers are even more stupid. The once lovey-dovey couple gets to that patchy time in a relationship and the celebrity who usually wears the pants in the relationship will call it quits. The mortal who will take the break up badly will decide that they were treated unfairly. The power of emotions will normally get the best out of the two and that’s when the person with footage of sexual encounters in their phone gallery will feel like they possess the power to control the other at the moment.
The celebrity will normally taunt the ‘mortal’ about how they were only doing them a favour by being with them and this will piss the other person off so bad that you expect the worst to happen. Before you know it, what was supposed to be a secret dark fantasy is brought out to the public for their consumption and opinion. The celebrity is torn to shreds by the media while the ‘mortal’ can afford to sip on a cup of coffee as the scandal boils over. There you have it. End … Movie starring couple of a ‘Celebrity’ and a ‘mortal’. Nice weekend guys.


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