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Quick CV: Catherine Ntabadde Makumbi

Quick CV

Communications Director, Uganda Red Cross Society

First car
It was a Vitz

Current car
I drive a Mercedes Benz E 200 Master Piece. It is comfortable, firm on the road, efficient breaking system and it is fast.

Dream car
Mercedes Benz ML 4matic.

First job
I was a reporter at The New Vision. I worked there for six years

Current job
I am the Communications Director at Uganda Red Cross Society. My job looks at public communication, media relations, branding, networking and Public Relations.

Got where I am by
I received good mentoring and training while in the newsroom. I learnt to work under pressure, meeting deadlines and with limited supervision. The need to extend my experience in a newsroom into practicing PR is the reason that drove me into what I am doing now.

Fav gadget
Interestingly despite the many gadgets that I could use or carry, I can never move without a pen and note book in my bag, that’s a typical journalist in me.

Fav movie/series
The 24 series. Jack Bauer was spot on in those series.

Fav meal
I like matooke and g-nuts with mushroom sauce.

Worst habit
I speak my mind out. Not so many people like it, but I do it because I hate pretenders.

Inspired by
I love challenges because they enable me work harder, but I also initiate new ways of doing things.

Best quote
It is in the book of Jeremiah. “God has a plan for you, plans to prosper and not forsake you…” I believe everything has its timing according to Gods plans.

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