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hustler : Rosco Kizito

hustlerPopularly known as Esco Mc, he earns from talking, as an event emcee and a radio and TV show host.

When did you start emceeing?
I started during my S.5 in 2004. It was easy because I was always talking to my age mates. This helped me up my game.

What makes you different from other emcees?
I’m easy to deal with, simple in my work, confident in handling my events and organised in the presentation of my work. I can also market concepts, build and stage my own events.

What qualities make a good Emcee?
Confidence, smartness and organisation are key in emceeing and also being open minded to learning new things everyday is key as well.

What are your rates?
I would say that depends on the event and time of work. I charge Shs1m or more for a wedding. If an event will last more than three hours, I ask for Shs600,000 and more depending on the promoter or event organiser. But usually there are no fixed prices for my services and we usually base on the bargaining power of the client.

Who inspired you to do this kind of work?
Dr Mich Egwang. He forewent his profession of being a veterinary doctor to earn from his talent. That is a ray of inspiration to reflect on.

What perks come with being an Emcee?
Fame, friends and more… what l do has always been the best stress reliever in my life because of the different moods of people you meet all the time. I access all happening places at no cost and of course I earn from beeing a emcee.

What can one do to make it big in this business?
With this kind of work, face value matters a lot. Promoters and event organisers always want to associate with people who have been in the game for a long time, so if you get someone to give you a platform, don’t get concerned about how much he has given you because if you are good, he will definitely give you more work and the platform he gives you is also a form of free advertising. You must be ready to work day and night. Have a dream and work towards achieving it.

Is this the only job you do?
I host a TV show, Turn IT Up on WBS TV every Friday night at 11pm. I also host a radio show on Wavah FM 102.1 from 1pm to 4pm every Monday to Friday. I also do marketing for a couple of entertainment spots like Spennah Beach, Mask lounge and I also stage my own events.



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