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Hustler : Mathias Kalule


What is the name of your business?
Shoe Man International. I deal in first class used genuine leather shoes for men with varying designer labels like Clarks, Bally, Lloyd, Next, Ecko and Kickers among others.
I also deal in all types of golf gear including golf clubs, designer gloves, shirts, trousers, caps, three-quarter pants, tees, stockings, spiked golf shoes, shorts for all sexes and balls among others.

Why are you involved in these items?
It’s very profitable. Originally, I used to sell only office shoes but one of my clients (Jeninah Nasimolo) told me to get her a pair of golf shoes. She then connected me to other people and as they say the rest is history. Golf is a rich man’s sport and the profit is always humbling on a good day.

How much do you earn on a good and bad season?
Golf is played throughout the year. But on a bad day, I get Shs100,000 in total profit while on a good day I cash in on Shs700,000 in profit. And that is after sales and balancing my books.

When did you start selling these items and how much did you invest in this business?
I started selling shoes in 2005 and then started the golf business in 2008. My initial investment was Shs1.75m of which Shs250,000 was used for classified adverts in the leading local dailies. It’s now worth about Shs15m.

Do you rent out your golf gear?
I don’t rent out things but I offer credit. Problem is that the people who take things on credit either don’t pay or take annoyingly way too long to pay.

What are your price ranges?
The cheapest item is Shs1,000 (a tee) and the most expensive item is a golf set with the cheapest set going for Shs400,000.

What advice can you give someone who wants to start a business like yours?
The only I advice I can give to someone who wants to do the same business is that they have to be patient, get links to suppliers and make sure they provide genuine equipment.

How can someone reach you in case they want your services?
I am very accessible. I have no permanent office because I offer door to door services. All one has to do is call me on 0772 318 085 or 0712 078 164. My job is to ensure I make office people fashionable and also make sure my golf customers tee off their game elegantly.

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