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Hustler : Isaac Ssesanga

It’s not every day that you find a man involved in ladies’ wear business, but Ssesanga says it’s what he has experience in and he makes good money off it. He talks about his lady’s boutique.

What name did you give your business and why?
I call it Fashion Locker because we started out in a tiny place, which is usually called a locker, but we made sure we offered everything to design women, so I carried the name along when I started my own business.

When did you start up this business?

How was the beginning like?
It wasn’t easy at all because I had limited capital, customers were few and the location (Jesco Plaza) wasn’t accessible, but we were determined to make it work.

How much did you invest in this business when starting up?
Only Shs1m.

What lady’s stuff do you deal in and how much do you sell each item?
We sell clothes like dresses that go for 70k to 200k, tops and jean trousers that go for 35k, blazers, skirts and formal trousers cost 50k and shoes start at 50k, up to 150k.
Where do you buy these items from?
China and UK.

But I heard Ugandans especially those who transact businesses are denied visas these days. How do you manage to travel over there?
If you have proper documentation, it’s easy to travel to China but in most cases, it’s the women who are denied visas because instead of travelling to China to do shopping, some of them engage themselves in prostitution.

How is business at the moment?
Sales are low at the moment.

Why do you think this is the case?
Usually we sell in seasons. February and March are hard months for us and the best months are November, December and January. During the tough months, we make little money for rent, re-investing in the business and looking after ourselves, but we don’t save during the tough times.

Why do you think someone would buy from your boutique, with hundreds of boutiques in town?
I speak the truth. If you are not smart, I tell you so that you choose the right item for you. Also, my prices are affordable.

Where can one find you?
At Mabirizi Complex, shop number B14 in the basement.

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