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DJ Roja and Slick Stuart

celeb1Dancing to the tunes they spin: For the first time in the entertainment industry, Uganda has a DJ duo whose aim is to see the industry united for the better. DJ’s Roja and Slick Stuart meet fans Collin and Joseph Ssemanda at Laftaz.

This is the first DJ duo we have heard of in Uganda. How much do you charge for a show?
That depends on the show and place but for simple parties, we charge 500,000 and outside Kampala we charge between Shs2m and Shs3m.

Why did you decide to become a duo?
We wanted to create something that has never been there before. Bringing out the fact that two deejays can actually work together and unite the industry. We have worked together on almost all major events and we are one.

What challenges have both of you faced as DJs so far?
The main challenge is that DJs are  generally disrespected. There is a lot of exploitation. Many deejays are paid little money to play for long hours, yet foreign deejays are payed a lot of money. Musicians also disrespect us yet we play a big role in making them. There is no artiste without deejays since we are the ones who play the music.

What concerts or shows are you proud to have worked on as a duo?
We have worked on quite a number of concerts like all Jamaican artistes who had shows down here, we have contracts with companies like Kadanke, Buzz Events, Krackers, Smirnoff, Nile Breweries, Pepsi and we have also featured on Airtel events.

Don’t you have a combined name?
Not at the moment. We just use Roja and Slick Stuart.

What is your view of the deejaying industry in Uganda?
We are really trying and we believe its heading in the right direction. We have deejays representing us everywhere. Aludaa was a few weeks ago playing in Big brother, Apeman is on and off the plane, Bush Baby and BK and Peter Kizito are in better positions in the respective companies they work for.
Where do you see yourselves in the next five years?
Hopefully, we will still be together. We will be the talk of town, we will have inspired and mentored lots of deejays in Uganda through our company called Legal Entertainment. Currently we are calling on female deejays who are interested to feature on our projects.

Roja, tell us about yourself?
My name is Rogers Kitaka. I was born to Hajji Nsubuga Ganga and the late Ms Agnes Nankabirwa. I’m the first born of two children. I went to several schools including City High, Kanjuki SS, then did a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in refrigeration and air conditioning. I learned deejaying from Blaster Sound Kitintale through DJ Ronnie and I have played at Blu Haze, Rouge, Laftaz and Venom, among other places.

And Slick Stuart?
I go by the name of Stuart Kavuma. I’m the second last born of five children. I was born to Ms Joyce Nalukenge but my dad passed on. I went to Vincent Alex Primary School, Shimoni Demonstration School, East High SS, Kawanda SS and then Makerere University for an IT course, but I dropped out in my second year.
I come from a background of deejaying with my late dad having owned Soul to Soul Disco. I got the name Slick from High School after I used to break school rules by sneaking in gadgets at school. One time a girl said I was so slick with gadgets. From then onwards, the name stuck. I have been doing professional deejaying since 2011 and I have worked for Silk Events, Venom, Laftaz and Barbeque Lounge, among places.

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