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Time to build your personal brand

The best item you can sell to the entire universe is yourself. It is how you package yourself that determines just how people will treat you. When you walk out looking like a good at half-price, that is exactly what people will take. Half-price! You are discounted at value. Nothing to grab attention or set you out from the competition. It is many things that can make us distinct from the rest. It is about defining ourselves and using this definition to create a brand. I think personal branding is powerful. You cannot just be like anyone.

Many of our peers are keen to make investments in different things particularly assets but forget that you are your biggest asset. How you look after yourself is just the same way another person will look after you. It’s simply natural. We all know that one guy who has made so much money but often looks shabby then you wonder why. Mbu he is down to earth. What kind of nonsense is this? It doesn’t cost much to clean up nice and look the part. No one wants to associate themselves with a riff-raff. People need someone to trust, especially in business.

The way you unveil yourself is priceless and could either take you far or break you. Invest in your brand. Guys, buy that ka deodorant and don’t show up for meetings smelling not so attractively. Ladies, save your thighs for the bedroom. No one wants to see them. Invest in healthy living. Hit a gym or work out relentlessly
Make sure to invest in knowledge. Read or study something. I know Ugandans would never read even to save their lives. Let’s face it, a person who is knowledgeable stands out. It is just that they simply take interest in learning and making themselves better .It is part of nurturing your brand. People need to associate you with something. The mention of your name needs to spark a unique thought about you. Who is Ian? Probably the most exquisite dresser. (By the way, this is true).
Brands cannot survive on their own. Find people who think and do things the way you do. It is good for personal growth I believe. Do you have a brand? Today might be the day you start and build your own.


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