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The track : Pocket Money – Desire Luzinda

Music that gets bad to the ear is that which has no message attached to it and worse when the artiste tries to incorporate cultural influences that don’t apply to her audience. This is all evident in Luzinda’s latest song.
For an amazing talent like this songbird, there is no excuse for having done this song. The lyrics as so horrible. For example, a line in her bridge to the chorus goes like “But there’s something that I can’t forget from you. Giving me money, and I take my self for shopping. Like my mother and daddy used to cater for me” … who wrote this weird song? This track sounds more like a gold digger’s anthem. In fact all she sings about is getting material things to keep her in a relationship. In her chorus, the lyrics get worse as she sings, “… if you don’t give me pocket money then am not there for you.”
Besides being an annoying song, Desire tries to hide her amazing talent under the Nigerian Afro-pop culture shadow. Not a good idea. She can do better and I guess she knows it.

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