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Four One One
  • Hit Man

    An executive with a new young wife and a love for golf decided to spend the weekend playing. “Honey, next Friday...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001
  • Move

    THE MUSIC VIDEO: JOHN K. ABIMANYI It comes packed with his usual platoon of back up crooners and sexy dancers who...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001
  • Kato Lubwama to open new theatre

    Well, looks like the re-opening of CBS FM is taking a little too long. Being the hustlers they are, some of...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001
  • Friday Nyte out with Sqoop

    VENUE: Blu HazeEVENT: Friday Nyte Out with Sqoop THE DEAL: Celebs entertaining and partying with Sqoop readers. The Nu Lyfe dancers...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001
  • Peter Miles and Cleo sighted

    There has always been a rumoured affair between singer Peter Miles and African Woman’s Cleopatra Koheirwe. The two have always insisted...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001