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  • live ya lives

    hey,hommies ya better live ya lives otherwise  ya 2 miss out when ya in coffins,catch ya durin’ festivals.lols

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001
  • We should learn to value lives

    For every single day that I spend on the roads of Kampala, I learn or see something new. Some discoveries are...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001
  • Who invited Bobi to Chameleone’s home?

    Chameleone and Bobi Wine sure know how to attract attention. They used to do it by fighting every time they met...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001
  • Hit Man

    An executive with a new young wife and a love for golf decided to spend the weekend playing. “Honey, next Friday...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001
  • Move

    THE MUSIC VIDEO: JOHN K. ABIMANYI It comes packed with his usual platoon of back up crooners and sexy dancers who...

    sqoopadminNovember 30, -0001