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Fashion & Beauty
  • App : Tinder

    Tinder has attracted a lot of attention thanks to how easy it is to set up and use. All one needs...

    Joash yoseNovember 21, 2014
  • Fashion tip : with Gloria Haguma

    Burgundy: The colour of wine is so in when it comes to fashion The Kampala fashion week happened last weekend. I...

    Gloria HagumaNovember 21, 2014
  • Gadget : Pebble steel smart watch

    Smart watches are the next big thing today, especially since they keep us connected, informed and better yet makes you feel...

    Joash yoseNovember 14, 2014
  • Fashion tip :  The double-breasted jacket

    The double-breasted jacket: Jackets tend to give power to a dull look, but this doesn’t mean any jacket. The double-breasted trend...

    Gloria HagumaNovember 14, 2014
  • App : Doulingo

    The fact that we live in a global village, learning a second or third language would boost one’s survival in this...

    Joash yoseNovember 14, 2014