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Christine Nakalungi

  • Audio Visual
    The dvd: Old Boy

    The fact that the term old boy also stands for a guy who went to the same school as you had...

    Brenda BanuraMarch 25, 2017
  • Features & Profiles
    Hustler: Douglas Kawagama

    Did you do Information Technology at school? No. I graduated with a Bachelors in Economics, but I later upgraded to do...

    Isaac SsejjombweMarch 25, 2017
  • Four One One
    Salvado ventures into events management

    Not only is he one of the best comedians in the country, Comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi also has some ideas in...

    Christine NakalungiMarch 25, 2017
  • Connie Tiffs
    I really long for the day people learn to mind their business

    Have you ever tried to have a “switch off” moment in public only for your neighbour to be the biggest inconvenience?...

    Connie NankyaMarch 25, 2017
  • Four One One
    Search for Uganda’s funniest comedian

    Comedian Kenneth Kimuli alias Pablo through his Tangaza Arts Centre has started the search for Uganda’s funniest stand-up comedian. Stand up...

    SqoopMarch 25, 2017