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The track: Njogereza – Navio

If it is not in the media, the easiest way to know what is happening, is to just get a boda boda. Those riders always have information. So one night I get on a bike and start talking about music, and before I could say much this guy asked me if I had heard Navio’s latest track.

Of course I had but I pretended not to have. One fact he shared was that this jam will sell Navio across audiences. Well this song is just another production by Paddyman whose touch is undeniably good to the ear.

Navio’s story line is simple; he sings of trying to tell the woman he loves how he feels about her and see what comes out of it. In the first verse he introduces himself to her, promising to take her allover the world if she allows him to. The second verse is all about how he is a well-groomed man to an extent that he should marry her as long as she doesn’t keep him wondering.

Since Navio is a rapper known for singing in English this song came as a surprise to many. The vocals on the track are surprisingly awesome. One thing for sure is the downside of this song was over shadowed by the prowess he shows. He brilliantly used the aspect of culture to better his art. He uses the Kiganda instrumentals together with indigenous chants in the background as seasoning. Listening to the track alone won’t let you enjoy the pleasure, but dancing to the beat will satisfy your music buds!


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