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The track : Dembe – Bobi wine

If there is any artiste who draws his inspiration from social issues, then it is Bobi Wine, who for over the years has decided to be a voice of the voiceless. He calls his genre Edutainment. From the killer pot hole on Old Kiira Road which he ranted about on social media, he is now singing about the coming elections in his new song titled Dembe. This song was earlier criticised by the UCC, with claim for inciting violence among the youth, and knowing Ugandans, they rushed to conclude that the song had been banned from getting airplay. However, Bobi Wine rubbished the rumours, clearing the air on his Facebook page. Musically speaking, it is a song with a message. Bobi Wine speaks to listeners against violence during the election period and opt for peace. In the first verse he speaks of Uganda’s political history being characterised with violence, and urges leaders to push for cordial elections. “…violence is backwardness while peace is godliness..”. In his last verse he speaks to all Ugandans to show patriotism in action and police one another not to act in any way that would stir trouble. This song is sensitising and at the same time soothing to the ear. The instrumental is a combination of the xylophone and slight drums that sync perfectly with Bobi Wine’s vocals and flow. Of course, you should not expect much vocal prowess from the Ghetto president but one thing for sure is he is very audible and one won’t skip a word. For the election period, this is a good song to gain airplay.

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