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I  don’t know about you but I am always excited about watch a movie starring Jason Statham. It is with that excitement that I started watching Hummingbird only to end up dozing off now and then. To begin with, the flick kicks off with a Statham with fully grown hair. He looks far from attractive. And then, the makers forgot to add action to the movie.

In the movie, Joey (Jason Statham) is a fugitive homeless ex-soldier who is needed for a violent incident from his past. He ends up seeking refuge in someone’s home who is away for summer. While there, he finds a job and is acquitted. He makes friends with a nun, Sister Cristina (Agata Buzek), who runs a soup kitchen.

Joey’s job is to drive and deliver illegal material, a fact that he ignores and he sends the money to a church that helps a bunch of homeless people. He ends up on a revenge mission when a young woman he knows is killed on the streets. The movie was released as Redemption in the US and Crazy Joey in France. It is not worth looking for.

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