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The dvd: Barely lethal

There are so many things to like about this movie. One is the different plot it has, it might be unique but at least it is not the usual. It tells a story of the young girls that have been locked up away from the influence of the happenings of the world. While in their “space”, they are taught to be the best assassins there can be. It is crazy and inhuman what they have done to them. They are given dolls and the aim is to punch as many holes they can in them – that is supposed to teach them not to get attached to anyone because they are not on a “rescue mission” like their leader Hardman (Samuel L. Jackson) keeps on telling them.
Instead of names, the girls have numbers. One girl, agent 83 (Hailee Steinfeld) keeps on trying and failing to let the outside wild be. So once when she is suddenly left behind during a mission, she grabs it as an opportunity to catch up with the childhood she missed.
She tries so hard to fit in an even finds a foster family that gets her doubting if she can really have a “normal” life especially since she cannot get herself to check off her past and those from it. It is an engaging watch. The movie is so much like Agent 47 and they were both released at about the same time so it is hard to tell if it was a case of great minds thinking alike or copycatting.

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