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My Hublot watch is the most expensive item- Crysto Panda

Herbert Kityamuweesi, aka, Crysto Panda

MY STYLE. Herbert Kityamuweesi, aka, Crysto Panda is the T-Nation presenter at NTV, an MC and fashionista. ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE caught up with him about his sense of fashion.

What style describes you?
Jeans, bling, T-shirts and dope shoes because I always want to look simple but trendy.

When did you start dressing like this?
Since I joined media business in 2014.

What made you to choose this dress code?
I want to be unique and be myself.

What is likely not to miss in your wardrobe?
Trendy shoes. I literally have a pair of every trendy pair of shoes from brands such as Yeezy and Nike.

How much did you buy these sneakers?
I bought those two pairs at Shs250,000 each.

How often do you go shopping?
I shop during the week because I always want to wear something new on the show.

Where do you shop from?
I mostly shop from Raw Denim, Ham Towers basement.

in your wardrobe, what is the most expensive item?
My Hublot watch. I bought it at Shs1.3m.

How much did it cost and where did you buy it from?
I bought it from London, UK through a friend.

And the cheapest?
The cheapest is a T-shirt I bought it at Shs40,000 from downtown Kampala.

What is the most outrageous fashion trend?
I cannot stand sagging pants.

What designer perfume do you use?
Rosewood by Arabian Oud and Backpack Outdoor Sport by Estiara.

Where do you buy them from and at how much?

The perfumes were given to me as birthday gifts, but they cost around Shs500,000 each.

Do you dress for an occasion or to please yourself?
To please myself because at the end of it all, it is up to me.

What are your three must haves as a man and why?
Dope designer shoes, a dope belt and watch plus a good scent.

Do you go to the gym?
Yes, every morning.

Where and why?
At Ham Fitness Centre at Ham Towers because I want to keep fit. I pay Shs250,000 per month.

What exactly do you do there?
It is body building workouts with my trainer Ken.

You keep changing your hair. Why?
I just want to be trendy. I want to look good at all times.

What inspired the new hair style?
I am a fan of Chris Brown.

How often do you visit the salon?
I go to Sparkles Salon once a week.

How much do you spend on every visit?
I spend Shs50,000.

Tell us about your diet?
I have one heavy meal a day at 2pm, then in evening I take yoghurt or juice.

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