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Pastor Bugingo needs to come correct

Embattled House of Prayers Ministries International (HPMI) pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his estranged wife Teddy Naluswa. COURTESY PHOTOS


Sometimes I wonder why we give such people the attention of day. Cheaters are celebrated, nudists are celebs, pastors are a bunch of hypocrites yet we sit and waste our data bundles on their drama. Fact is that scandal sells like gold, especially if it involves Ugandan pastors. It is a whole soap opera. And how Pr Alloysius Bugingo came to rule mainstream news for a whole week, I will never know. For what exactly? Not fake miracles, or extorting the congregation but cheating. Surrpriseee! You cannot touch some of these pastors, I tell you. Their sins are grand.

While I have never been one to judge, some pastors make it impossible to believe anything they say in church. They are plain embarrassing, to say the least. All that kaboozi about sticking in marriages till death does them part is indeed that, kaboozi. The humiliation Teddy Bugingo, the wife has had to pain through just makes you wonder if there is more than meets the eye with all these pastor’s wives who will kill to project a happy perfect family to the public. It all seems too good to be true. You know, the charismatic pastor with a wife who is a darling to everyone. They smile at every opportunity, while they wave at their adoring congregation, take part in charity causes and everything else.

They are a photographer’s dream. Often too good for the gallery but suspiciously slack off reality. Talk to one pastor’s wife and you would be shocked by the web of lies and deceit that many of these so called ‘men of God’ are embroiled in. Imagine your pastor whose ministry you have followed for years having some ka side chick to hum some Hallelujahs for his extra-curricular pleasure. Obviously, such things have been going on for years but such news always slaps you hard.

So Bugingo reportedly abandoned his family, went and built a plush mansion for his side chick and began a new life. All this while ministering to his adoring flock. Dude come correct or go home. Strangely,I am entertained by the fact that his wife has denied him a divorce. He deserves everything his marriage vows have weighed on him. It is funny how these pastors get wealthy from their church while their flock continues to regress in poverty. And then this small wealth makes them feel like deputy gods. Bugingo, it is time to stop the talk and go be the man you preach about in church.

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